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  • If you recently moved to West Palm, you have surely noticed the upscale stores and services the area provides its residents. There are plenty of luxury accommodations afforded to those who live in the area. A sure sign of the county’s clout is Braman Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Palm Beach. The local dealership was recognized as […]

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    Internet access and speed have become increasingly important in our lives. Google recognizes this and has an interest in ensuring people continue to rely on the internet. Google began its Google Fiber initiative in 2010 in Kansas City. Since then, it has slowly rolled out to other areas. Google Fiber just announced Salt Lake City […]

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    New to Raleigh? Then you have to check out Nash Square, a hidden downtown gem. This downtown park is beautiful, but it always seems pretty empty. In spite of its beauty, the park does not offer a ton to do. There are benches and memorials, and that is about it. City officials are trying to […]

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    Every zoo is full of life – animal wildlife that is! However, this month was a wonderful month for the Columbus Zoo, who welcomed tiger triplets! Endangered tiger species – the Amur tiger – has had a successful year of litters and the zoo and Columbus movers urge new residents to come out and see […]

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    If you are moving to Georgia, you will be joining one of the country’s greatest men, who loved the state as his retreat and second home. Throughout history, United States presidents have had their own, personal destinations for when they need to get away for a while and escape being the most powerful man in […]

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    Earlier this month, the Gonzales City Council gave the green light to a rezoning request that would transform a former cattle ranch on La. 44 into a mixed-use community. If you are moving to Baton Rouge this year, and are considering relocating to Gonzales, you may want to look into the new zone once it […]

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    Finding quality toys can be a struggle today. Everything is plastic, everything breaks, and nothing seems to teach kids anything valuable. But this will not be the case for Tulsa residents for much longer, because Tulsa Toy Depot is going to fill the void. The quality toy store will open on June 15th, and it […]

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    Uber has exploded in West Palm. Residents use the service to travel to the airport, after a night of drinking, or when they are having car troubles. Its convenience is hard to beat. As you have probably heard, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Uber, the ride-sharing app. If you are new to town […]

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    Unfortunately, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has announced job and program cuts that will be taken into effect within the next two years. In lieu of looming budget cuts throughout the state of Wisconsin, about 400 positions will be directly affected, along with several campus programs. The drastic cuts will have a devastating effect on the […]

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    Storms that have been scouring the city of Knoxville have left behind huge amounts of damage in recent days. The most affected was Madisonville, as building official Tony Wilson states that, “it’s very unsafe right now.” Some of the damage included several trees being uprooted – not only were power lines knocked down, but one […]

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