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  • There is a first time for everything, and for many people who are relocating to a new home, the ‘first time’ may be in hiring movers. It has literally never been easier researching professional moving companies than it is now! Reviews such as the one below are easy to find so that you are sure […]

    Every once in a blue moon, your white walls need a new coat of paint to look fresh and presentable again. It is very common for this need to arise when your home is up for sale, and moving is right around the corner. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your home to […]

    Today was a very special day in Florida, especially for NASA enthusiasts! The shuttle, Endeavour, was sent into orbit for its final trip into space today. Thousands of eager spectators crowded the Cape Canaveral launch site to see the shuttle and its crew off into orbit. Among the crew members is Mark Kelly, husband of […]

    The unemployment rate in Jacksonville is dwindling as more and more jobs are becoming available. Openings in hotel, health care, and warehousing businesses are among the hiring industries in the area; and your Jacksonville movers are always looking for talented additions to our relocation team as well! This year the overall growth in available jobs […]

    Here’s an idea that may sound a little wacky, but it is more advantageous than you may think! The summer is approaching and will be here before we know it, and many people will be moving in Jacksonville during the upcoming months. Packing boxes and moving furniture isn’t exactly the best method for beating the […]

    Picture the last time you had dinner at a restaurant. Assuming you were given the option, did you decide to be seated at a booth? Or did you opt for a table and chair spot? Most people prefer enjoying a nice restaurant meal in a booth as opposed to a table and chairs. Why? Well, […]

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    Are you a patriotic Floridian? Then perhaps you took a trip down to the Key West to visit the historic “Little White House” today! What more of an appropriate destination on President’s Day! President Harry Truman spent nearly 6 months of his presidency in the lite version of the White House located in Key West. […]

    For consumers, there is never a bad time to search for a bargain. Many consumers measure the success of any given spending venture by the amount of money he or she has saved, and in many cases this concept is very applicable. However; in the case where a consumer seeks a service, it is easy […]

    Music and moving are two completely different worlds apart, but one quality shared by each world is variety. Most human beings are music lovers to some degree. Even if you don’t play an instrument or know very much about music, there is music that you love because it makes you dance and sing in your […]

    As consumers, we concern ourselves with many of the same variables when it comes to hiring service providers of any sort. The most obvious and most widely applicable concern has to do with saving money. At the end of the day, the amount of money one has spent is a strong factor for how pleased […]