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  • Your Hilton Head movers are intrigued by the upcoming 16th annual Rib Burnoff and Barbecue Fest. Over twenty professional grillmasters and cooks will gather on May 19th to compete for your tastebuds’ approval! There will be a delicious variety of comfort foods to stuff your face with during the cook-off. The food isn’t even the […]

    Did you know that there have been four soup kitchens opened in and around Hilton Head within the last year? Your local professional movers are glad to know that there are people in Hilton Head who are so kind-hearted that they choose to spend their free time volunteering to feed the homeless, less-fortunate, and otherwise hungry […]

    Your local moving professionals want you to know that Hilton Head puts the “FUN” into fundraisers! Relay for Life, a local organization that regularly holds all-night benefit events, has truly reinvented the way people raise money for a good cause! “Relay Rocks” is the pre-party to beat all pre-parties when it comes to raising funds […]

    High tides and strong wind in October have caused quite a bit of beachfront erosion here in Hilton Head, and on Thursday the island experienced the highest tide of 2011 at a whopping nine feet high! If you have recently completed moving to Hilton Head, the recent news of beach land erosion may worry you […]

    The Avid Gardeners club of Hilton Head recently received two excellence awards from the National Garden Clubs Incorporated. The Avid Gardeners won first place in the “Pink Glove” category for the 2010 “Plant it Pink Garden,” which craftily utilizes pink planter pots along the borders of its Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon design. The garden has […]

    For gym buffs, planning and executing a move to a new home can really interfere with your work-out regimen with all the packing and planning involved with your upcoming transition. Moving may take up more time than your work-out habits allow; however, there are exercises that you can do while relocating that can make up […]

    Of the many words that can be used to describe a moving company, words like professional, quick, polite, and affordable seem to be what people are looking for. At least people who are looking to hire movers! You may have little to know experience with hiring a professional moving company, but with review sites such […]

    Moving back to school, many college students have a very small dorm space to look forward to, and your Hilton Head mover realizes that this can be disheartening. Though small living quarters can restrict just about everything that you do while you’re at home, there are ways to make the most out of a small […]

    One of the most important components of your moving game plan is the over all budget. We’re not all made of money, so naturally adhering to a budget is paramount when it comes to relocation to a new home. Your Hilton Head movers are full service, however; the more services rendered by your moving crew, […]

    A very serious cluster of reports has come to the surface recently, and as it rouses much concern from your Hilton Head mover here, I feel it is my duty to discuss the risks which most people virtually never consider despite the direct contact each of us likely has to these risks each day. The […]