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  • Parents-to-be and avid facebookers, Lindsey and Dave Meske, have turned to the masses of fb itself for some rather unusual assistance. The expecting couple has launched a facebook page calling on users to vote on the name of their unborn child. Rather than consulting baby name books or doing a web search for fitting names […]

    Unborn baby girl, Marriah Greene, is gaining a size-able following before she has even seen the light of day, and it all started when her parents set up her very own facebook account. Expecting parents, Ellie and Matt, created the facebook profile for their daughter-in-the-womb as a creative way to spread the news to friends […]

    Moms have certainly caught up to speed when it comes to social networking. Your neighborhood Raleigh mover here keeps up with friends, family and others on several social sites such as twitter and facebook, and the growing mom-population is something that can’t be ignored! Thanks to Mom’s determination to be hip and tech-savvy, keeping in […]