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  • Be it at the beginning or during the tail end of your move, your Ft Lauderdale relocation experts know tasks involved with relocating can quickly become overwhelming! Once you have moved into your new home, you will probably have piles of boxes to unpack which may look like a lot of work. Your towers of […]

    After a three-day-weekend, it can be hard to get back into the swing of the daily grind. Your Fort Lauderdale movers here worked hard on Memorial Day however; so even though the rest of the working world is still shaking off their weekend inner-sloth, this is one South Florida moving company that never rests –especially […]

    Ft Lauderdale has gone through a considerable amount of evolution in the recent years. The once infamous spring-break headquarters has shed its strident cocoon and emerged a modern and rather classy beach town. Over the last decade, several hotel developments have even sprouted, such as the Ritz-Carlton and W Hotel, giving a classy more mature […]

    If you are in the market for a new house, you may find yourself swimming in a sea of confusion very soon. As relocation experts, your Fort Lauderdale professional movers have quite a bit of exposure to the real estate world and hope that this information will serve you well as you may need any […]

    More quickly than some would prefer, the holidays are approaching. This leaves little time for those of us who have yet to finish our holiday shopping! Last minute shopping, just like last minute moving, can have very stressful effects on you. But last minute shopping can have its advantages during the holiday season too! So […]

    Glad you asked! Many consumers shy away from hiring movers. The number one reason is usually cost. Many individuals just assume it’s not affordable without obtaining a moving quote. Others receive a quote and figure they can save money by handling their move themselves. A word to the wise…moving is affordable and the heartache and […]

    Storage facilities are a great solution when transitioning from one home to another. Some Ft. Lauderdale movers place your items in a bin, while others tag and pad your belongings before carefully placing them in sanitized vaults. I recommend the latter. When you’re ready for your belongings simply call your mover and they will deliver […]

    Moving on time is paramount for most consumers. Several moves are contingent upon closings on new homes, time reserved for elevator usage in apartment complexes and so on. I recommend you secure the earliest move possible. If your move is the first move of the day, it’s a strong probability your movers will arrive according […]

    The end of the month blues somehow finds its way into renters lives at least once or twice a year. This is the time when most moving companies in Fort Lauderdale phones are ringing non-stop, truck rental companies are out of rentals, moving boxes and other packing materials are a little more costly and renters […]

    As with all of your valuables, packing electronics should involve meticulous care. If you’re moving a plasma, stereo, dvd player, computer etc., make sure you have adequate packing materials to secure your valuables for the duration of your journey. Your Ft. Lauderdale mover can supply you with boxes and other materials to assist with your […]