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  • Maintenance is a big part of being a home-owner. Even if you don’t own a home, you should still be mindful of the place where you live for the sake of yourself and your family. And proper upkeep of your home isn’t a taxing effort at all. Realistically, your commitment to your home maintenance is […]

    If you haven’t heard the quickly moving news yet, your Kansas City relocation experts are pleased to inform you that today a certain groundhog in Pennsylvania has seen its shadow; spring is coming early this year! No predictions were made regarding Sunday’s Dallas Super Bowl XLV; previously the hibernating meteorologist apparently offered up accurate predictions […]

    Routine is what one may rely on in order to get through each day in one piece. Your job, routes that you drive, stores where you shop, the people with whom you regularly socialize; every day, for most people, is filled with routines. Routine is a key element of efficiency. There is a first time […]

    Here we are with just a little over a week left before Christmas. While mostly everybody is still out frantically searching for iPads, XBOX360 Kinects, and Droid phones for their loved ones (not to mention parking spaces!), you’re kicking back, relaxed because you finished your holiday shopping early. Smart shoppers always plan ahead and bust […]

    Moving your family? During the holidays!? Bummer! Fortunately, there are simple tips and tricks to make the best of any holiday season move! First and foremost; hire professional Kansas City Movers! Don’t even think about a do-it-yourself move! You don’t want to tempt Murphy’s Law. Hiring Kansas City moving professionals WILL save you money, and […]