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  • Knoxville residents experienced quite a scare this week on an otherwise normal day. Local pilot, John “Barry” Sanders, discovered engine failure several minutes after taking off in his airplane on Monday morning. As Sanders’ plane began plummeting to the ground, several neighbors took notice of the flight gone awry and thankfully jumped to action to […]

    Nestled within the country’s cleanest city is Maryville, arguably Tennessee’s best town for raising a family. Knoxville’s family-friendly suburb boasts a highly renowned school system which consistently outperforms the rest of the state, and with five-thousand-plus students enrolled! Maryville’s rejuvenated downtown area is another area perk; from the annual Foothills Fall Festival to the nightlife, […]

    Your interior décor is probably of much importance to you, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. If you’ve moved recently, chances are high that a massive interior decoration project awaits you, which can be a rather costly endeavor. There are a few shortcuts for achieving ideal interior design while keeping within […]

    If you are shopping around for… well for anything, craigslist and other peer-to-peer web-based classified communities are the perfect source. Some of the best deals can be found when people are moving! “Moving sale” is a frequently seen posting, and because people generally want to get their relocation over with quickly, the goods are typically […]

    As parents, everything that you do rubs off on your children. Everything from the way that you talk to your taste in music is handed down to your children in one way or another. Children look up to their parents. So when it comes to moving, your kids need a good role model just like […]

    People who own smart phones have an undeniable bond with their tech goodies. Your Knoxville movers here are among the millions whose lives have been made easier thanks in part to evolved cell phone technology. If you own a smart phone, you probably have a nice little protective case to go along with it; smart […]

    If you’re planning to hire professional Knoxville movers soon, time is money –more specifically– lack-there-of. Your goal should be to be well-prepared for your moving day so that your movers can move you as quickly as humanly possible. If you hire reputable moving professionals then speed will be important for both of you; the quicker […]

    Think your moving needs are too minuscule for professional movers? You may only be moving one item, possibly within your own home. Your mover in Knoxville here wants you to know that you can always call upon us for any and all relocation needs regardless of how abbreviated they may be compared to the larger […]

    Your professional movers Knoxville residents call first are always looking for talented new additions to the team. Not only are the relocation experts here in Knoxville a great team to be a part of, you are also considered part of our family! Though the job market has seen brighter times, your movers here in Knoxville […]

    Music is all around! A day without music is like a day without sun almost. Your Knoxville moving crewmembers probably each have a favorite song that gets them pumped up and ready to complete flawless moves all day long. It may even be the case that your Knoxville movers keep that power-tune in their heads […]