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  • One thing you can always count on is flexibility from your professional movers here in Oklahoma City. Plans can change suddenly when you are moving locally or long distance, and your local moving company here in Oklahoma City knows that changes to your move are sometimes out of your control. If you need to change […]

    I realize quite often how useful it is to keep a daily journal. A diary, a log, a notebook… whatever you call it, the advantages are numerous. Keeping a log of your days’ events is a great way to get to know yourself better, and to hold on to little memories that your brain might […]

    Well, with all of the revelry surrounding Halloween, some may have had to push their moving in date back. If that’s you and you need to move today, don’t panic. Call a local Oklahoma City mover immediately. During the week moves are often the best time to move anyway. Typically there are fewer moves scheduled […]

    Once your Oklahoma City Movers unload your items, there are a number of things to remember as you attempt to settle in your new home. Below are just a few important reminders. Smoke Alarms First things first: install new batteries in your smoke alarms and make sure they’re functioning properly. Faulty smoke alarms can be lethal. Don’t […]

    Holidays like Labor Day are great when it comes to moving. The additional day off is a definite help when it comes to getting settled in your new home. Are you moving this Labor day? Some Oklahoma City movers are open this Monday. Call and find out. If they aren’t open on Monday, ask if […]

    In most instances your long distance move should begin with a free in-home estimate from an in-home estimator. The estimator will conduct a survey of your property. His or her goal is to map out a move plan and to provide you with fair and honest pricing. Once you’ve selected your Oklahoma City mover, you […]

    Adequate preparation is key to ensuring your move in Oklahoma City is successful. I usually recommend developing a plan of action for your move. The task of moving year’s worth of items can be overwhelming. When you employ a structured approach to moving it allows your stress to be minimal, thus providing you with a much smoother […]

    Packing is a crucial step in the moving process. While it’s a necessary component, many hate the thought of it. When you hire a reputable Oklahoma City mover to execute your move, full service packing is available. However if you prefer do-it-yourself packing, just ask your moving company to supply you with their professional packing materials to […]

    Been on the net looking for a reputable Oklahoma City mover? That’s a good place to start.  The worldwide web has become the go-to place for all sorts of services.  Most moving companies even provide an option for you to instantly receive a moving quote.  Before making your decision, skim through the list of services […]

    This is one of the busiest seasons for Oklahoma City Movers.  Most tenants relocate towards the end of the month.  Therefore its usually not the best time to orchestrate a move in Oklahoma City.  However, if your time-frame must include the end of the month, I recommend placing your moving request early.  Book your move […]