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  • So, you’re moving to Tulsa and you’re not sure how to budget for a long-distance move. No need to worry, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Tulsa has created this guide to help first time long distance movers. Here’s what long distance movers recommend when making your moving budget: Budget for The Unexpected The […]

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    A long-distance move is no easy job. Taking the time to plan your move carefully, will help you avoid any disasters along the way. It’s important to take the differences between a local move and a long-distance move into account when planning for your move. If you aren’t investing in packing services in Atlanta, the […]

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    Whether you are a young adult searching for your very first apartment, or someone who has been renting for years and simply looking for a new place. If you are a renter moving to Broken Arrow, OK, read up on these things to know and consider when looking at rentals in your area. One of […]

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    Just because fall is now upon us doesn’t mean that you and the family have to bundle up. After all, you didn’t have your West Palm Beach movers relocate you and your family all the way to sunny Florida just to stay inside all October long – did you? Of course you didn’t! And it’s […]

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    Salt Lake City is the capital and most populated city in the state of Utah and was founded by Mormon followers who extensively irrigated and cultivated the arid valley. The city was nicknamed The Crossroads on the West due to mining booms and the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. Salt Lake City has a […]

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    Rising like a mountain from the crystal blue waters of the Corpus Christi coast is a remarkable sight. It is the home of a 70 year old Lady Sailor, this lady is the “Blue Ghost” the U.S.S Lexington. She is a highly decorated veteran of several wars and is now the number One tourist attraction […]

    Like anybody would be, your Gainesville moving professionals are elated by the decline in gas prices. And apparently the fuel prices in Florida are expected to continue dropping! The average cost per gallon of gas in Gainesville is down 15 cents from one month ago; perhaps we’ll see fuel fall below the three-dollar-per-gallon mark before […]

    Memorial-Day-Getaways have apparently increased in popularity among Americans as a boost in expected holiday travelers has been reported. This year nearly 35 million Americans will vacation fifty-miles-or-more from home in celebration of Memorial Day. The main method of transportation will be by automobile while travel via airline will actually drop this year. Road trips are […]

    Moving is stressful sometimes. If you are uprooting your family from your current home to a new city or state, the moving stress can be especially difficult to manage. Don’t forget to consider the kids if you are moving with young ones, they can definitely succumb to stress during a moving transition. While you may […]

    Last year, it was discovered that a seemingly habitable planet does indeed exist in space. Approximately three times larger than Earth, recently discovered, Gliese, appears to have an atmosphere, and more importantly, WATER! It is generally assumed that a planet with liquid water should also sustain life. The thought of life on another planet has […]