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  • Last night “Dancing with the Stars” sent Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) home packing. Peace had the lowest score for his performance last night, but your Melbourne professional movers expect that he, along with is new Peace-emblazoned Lakers jersey, will execute much better moves on the basketball court. Artest had his name […]

    It is important, whether you have recently had a move into your house or have been living there for a while, to always remember the importance of the air quality in your home. Just because you can’t see what is contained in the air you breathe, doesn’t mean that it isn’t harming you. There are […]

    Hiring professional movers to experience the best move possible is smart. Part of what makes a moving experience great is definitely an affordable price at the end of the day. There are so many ways by which you can easily cut down your moving costs with hired relocation specialists on the job; for now let […]

    With summer in full swing, many of us will soon go on vacation, which can cause a lot of anxiety when it comes to the safety of your home. There are a lot of common practices as far as maintaining home security while on vacation is concerned, and thirteen-year-old Lawrence Rook has recently invented a […]

    Moving soon? Still searching for a new place to call home? Whether you are looking to rent or buy, the internet is a great place to house hunt. However; you may be missing out on much better new home options by limiting your searching parameters to what you can find online. Realtors generally have access […]

    Chalkboard paint has become increasingly popular as of recent, and it’s about time. If you fancy a flat paint finish, you can’t get much flatter; on top of stylish flatness, chalkboard style paint is also quite functional. If you have recently moved and you’re looking for a unique touch to add to your new home, […]

    House hunting can be both exciting and exhausting. The exciting part can be a good source of fuel for your task at hand, but can also join exhaustion in the detrimental department. You may find the seemingly perfect house, and focus on what you love about the layout and such more so than on other […]

    If you rent an apartment, you probably paid an initial security deposit before you moved in. If you play your cards back, you’ll get that security deposit back one day; typically in the hundreds if not more, the safe return of your security deposit is pretty important, yes? If you want to get your deposit […]

    Moving is not the most fun thing in the world. Moving is not part of your daily routine if you’re not in the relocation business, so there is no doubt that planning a local or long distance move can be quite the challenge. However; sometimes you detest the place where you live so much that […]

    In the relocation service industry, local moving companies are held temporarily responsible for the belongings of their customers. This is a huge responsibility that your Melbourne area movers take extremely seriously. Recently a horrifying news story caught my attention causing me to nearly cough up my morning coffee all over my computer screen in a […]