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  • South Carolina and the Georgia low-country are home to one of the most unique cultures in America. The Gullah people are the descendants of slaves brought from West Africa to harvest rice on plantations. The swampy bayous of the region are a natural breeding ground for malaria and yellow fever carrying mosquitoes . Thanks to […]

    The first and only Outlet Mall in the state of Arkansas is set to open in the summer of 2015 in Little Rock. A 30 acre plot of land at the Gateway Town Center has been purchased by New England Development(NED) and they have already began to prepare the land for construction. Currently they are […]

    In strong attempts to breathe new life into Nashville’s downtown retail scene, city planners have been working alongside Seattle-local, Midge McCauley. McCauley has a good reputation for handling revivals similar to our current downtown retail restoration project. According to McCauley, we should expect a five to ten year wait before retail stores begin to flourish […]

    After moving to the Nashville area, you may want to grab a bite to eat at your favorite burger joint; but what if you were moving from far away? Finding a new favorite burger spot can be tough in a new town far away from home, but it is not too difficult in Nashville. Burger-Up […]

    I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am part of a vast majority of people who loathe the thought of posting up all day in the drive way for a pre-moving garage sale. Garage sales and yard sales made perfect sense back in the ‘80s and early […]

    Who out there hasn’t, at one point or another, longed to have his or her own personal genie to make life easier and more enjoyable?  As a child I’m sure I would have wished for something silly like the ability to fly or move at the speed of light.  As an adult, though super powers […]

    Routine is what one may rely on in order to get through each day in one piece. Your job, routes that you drive, stores where you shop, the people with whom you regularly socialize; every day, for most people, is filled with routines. Routine is a key element of efficiency. There is a first time […]

    If you don’t move very often, it is a very smart decision to have a free in-home estimate done prior to your moving day. Your professional Richmond area movers take pride in providing an excellent moving service for you; part of this service is coming up with a strategic plan for your move. If you […]

    You have choices as a consumer. Some choices are easier to make than others. When you’re moving in Pensacola, chances are you haven’t moved in years. This makes for a difficult decision when it comes to hiring professional movers. You have plenty of options if you plan to hire movers soon, and as a reputable […]

    Are you moving in Nashville soon? If you are like most people who are looking to move to a new home any time soon, your free time is very limited. School, work, family, and other obligations can really leave you crunched for time; especially during the holidays. If you had all the time in the […]