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  • Ah, it’s almost summer! And what better season to go on a vacation than summer? Whether you are planning to go on a nice mountainside resort or you simply want to dip your toes into the ocean, the summer is the time to have fun, especially if you just moved to Knoxville! If you recently […]

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    1 out of every 6 women in the United States falls victim to a sexual assault crime or attempt. While the Progressive Martial Arts Academy believes that everyone should know self-defense, they are offering and gearing a seminar towards women defending themselves against sexual assault. If you are just moving to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, or […]

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    Knoxville residents experienced quite a scare this week on an otherwise normal day. Local pilot, John “Barry” Sanders, discovered engine failure several minutes after taking off in his airplane on Monday morning. As Sanders’ plane began plummeting to the ground, several neighbors took notice of the flight gone awry and thankfully jumped to action to […]

    Your Knoxville mover here would like to take just a moment to thank this fine city for its cleanliness! A recent nationwide examination administered by online household necessity store,, found that Knoxville is likely the cleanest city in the entire country as the average resident spends nearly seventy dollars a month on household cleaning […]

    This week in Knoxville, many locals who have signed up for the revamped (and free) recycling program have begun receiving their street-side recycling bins. In an effort to encourage recycling in Knoxville, the city has put into an effect a free recycling program which will make staying green as easy as throwing away trash already […]

    As parents, everything that you do rubs off on your children. Everything from the way that you talk to your taste in music is handed down to your children in one way or another. Children look up to their parents. So when it comes to moving, your kids need a good role model just like […]

    People who own smart phones have an undeniable bond with their tech goodies. Your Knoxville movers here are among the millions whose lives have been made easier thanks in part to evolved cell phone technology. If you own a smart phone, you probably have a nice little protective case to go along with it; smart […]

    Have you ever had a break-and-entry happen to your home? The thought of a possible burglary is a horrific thought for any homeowner, but it is still an area of concern which often suffers neglect; “it could never happen to me” tends to be the flawed type of thinking which enables burglars to literally make […]