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  • Shipping containers are not too common for local moves in Ft Myers, but for your professional movers, they do come in to play at times. These heavy duty containers make it possible for your household belongings to be shipped over seas should you decide to move internationally. Shipping crates have many other uses that you […]

    Since the year 2000, crime has dropped 50% here in Ft Myers. Particularly violent crime at that; various Ft Myers police task forces are to thank for the increasingly safer city. Ft Myers is not only a safer place to run a business, it is also a safer place to live; and local police don’t […]

    How do you start off your day? Chances are you have a routine that you follow in the morning that helps you start every day off on the right foot. Fueling up with either breakfast or coffee is part of many morning routines. I even sing a little jingle to myself to make sure I […]