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  • A challenge that many parents face during the holidays is finding fun events to bring their children to. As a top Sarasota moving company, we often come across families that are new to the area, looking for places to go and things to do. We love to do our part in the community and to […]

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    Whether you are an experienced mover or a newbie, most can agree that moving is a chaotic time in life with MANY moving parts. So many in fact that it is often hard to keep track of all the different things to do before moving. To make life a little easier for you, we’ve put […]

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    Craft beer lovers who are moving to Sarasota can rejoice! Sarasota has recently been announced as the host to the very first Florida Craft Beer Summit. Sarasota movers are really excited that the event will not only be taking place in the area, but it is coming in March, which is right around the corner! […]

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    With only a few weeks left of summer vacation, your kids will be starting a new school year in their new hometown of Sarasota. Sarasota’s climate can be pretty hot, so you are going to want to prep their wardrobe so that they are comfortable. Sarasota movers know that a new school wardrobe can also […]

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    This summer, plan to get plenty of exercise with the whole family with the Summer Beach Run Series. Everyone of all ages is welcomed, regardless of whether or not you are a long-time local or if you and your family are just moving to Sarasota. After all, what better way to meet new friends in […]

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    Sarasota residents have wanted a new mall for a while. While certainly not the only one in the area, The Mall at University Town Center in Sarasota is a delightful blend of high end retailers and mall favorites. Among those businesses included are Godiva, Teavana, Tesla Motors, Crate & Barrel, Tommy Bahama, Brio, and Saks […]

    For Biotech buffs in Sarasota, an innovative local company by the name of Rapid Pathogen Screening Inc. will be adding 164 new jobs to the local market within the next five years. RPS is a biotech company which specializes in advanced medical technology among other things. The company’s ‘instant test’ kits are revolutionary as they […]

    Football fans nation wide are all biting their fingernails in unison right now as the NFL lockout keeps players and league officials at odds. Every professional sport is susceptible to a lockout like the NFL faces now, and until the players are satisfied with the status of their future salaries the likelihood of the season […]

    Your local Sarasota movers are fully insured. Not just experienced, not bonded, actually insured! So what does it mean for a moving company to be insured? It can be rather confusing for the average person as moving happens maybe once every year or less for most people. One important thing to understand about moving companies […]

    As the year winds down and a new year winds up, we are in for some pretty exciting times. With new years parties, year end vacationing, family and friends; these are some of the most memorable times of the year. The end of the year is a perfect time for celebrating, to sing and dance, […]