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  • Sarasota’s view of the Gulf of Mexico is a glimpse of paradise and it is the reason why some people decide to move to the west coast of Florida. With cooling, salty breezes, and warm sunny rays, Sarasota is nothing short of extraordinary. Many people call Sarasota home, and if living on the banks of […]

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    As the year winds down and a new year winds up, we are in for some pretty exciting times. With new years parties, year end vacationing, family and friends; these are some of the most memorable times of the year. The end of the year is a perfect time for celebrating, to sing and dance, […]

    The holiday season can be a tricky time for most. With extra expenditures in traveling, gift giving, holiday parties and get-togethers, one is often under heavy stress during the holidays. Especially if you are moving in Sarasota during the holidays, strategic money management is important this time of year. There are plenty of methods for […]

    Damages are not something you plan for when moving. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember things do happen, so you should. When booking a move in Sarasota, I usually recommend adding additional insurance to your move. The moving industry is required to supply a minimal amount of insurance with each move. However, the required $.60 per […]

    Moving scams happen all the time. And even when they don’t, uninformed consumers coast through the process of hiring a Sarasota moving company, assuming that everything will be fine. Sadly, this ‘coasting’ approach too often leads to inconvenience and even disaster. Moving companies can be a great convenience, and can take a lot of the hassle […]

    As if planning a wedding is not enough, consolidating lives and materials can be somewhat hectic. There’s so much to consider when factoring in your things along with your spouse’s items. Why handle it all yourself? Brides usually hire a wedding planner. In the same sense I recommend you hire an experienced mover. Wedding planners […]

    As a precursor to your arrival and your Sarasota moving company’s arrival you should confirm that utilities are on, your movers have the correct address and best route to get to your new home, and go over with your family their role in the unloading process. We don’t want them to impede your mover’s progress […]

    The 2009 film “It’s Complicated,” starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin delves into the lives of a divorced couple who ends up reconnecting 10 years later. Like this popular film, life is often full of various twists and turns providing for an eventful journey-it’s complicated. Moving overseas could be considered the same. There […]

    The death of a loved-one, divorce or job loss are all forms of emergencies. Often consumers are affected by one of the above requiring an immediate relocation. Moving to another home due to divorce or another emotional tragedy like the death of a spouse or job loss requires the help of an experienced moving and […]

    This weekend is a three day weekend for most. Are you looking to move this Memorial Day weekend? I recommend phoning your Sarasota mover ASAP. Many people thought about this idea a few months ago and options for hiring a local moving company may be limited. However, consumers cancel all the time and then most […]