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  • So you just had your last class for the day and you’re looking to enjoy yourself, as the late night study sessions have drained you mentally. You’re looking for a hot spot, but you don’t know where to go. From the constant studying and the unpacking from your new move to West Palm Beach, you […]

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    The Marriott hotel near to the West Palm Beach Airport is launching a “Business Boost” package that will help travelers maintain a presence within their business while they are away. Rates at the Marriott near the airport will be $149 per night, with complimentary high speed Internet, free local & long distance phone calls, and […]

    Moving is serious business. Your premier West Palm movers are a family owned and operated outfit; moving is quite literally our life. No matter where you are, reputable movers are hard to come by. This rare quality of greatness, as far as it applies to moving companies, is why your professional West Palm movers make […]

    The holiday season has come around again, what better time to party?! Your West Palm local movers know that some of you are wrapped up in a frenzy trying to juggle trying to plan your move AND the necessary holiday events that make this time of the year what it is! If you are moving […]

    Have you ever realized that while preparing for a move, there are a number of items you want to keep, but don’t have space for them? For this reason, many consumers place their extra furnishings in storage. Did you know that the same West Palm local movers can also handle storage for you? So, don’t […]

    The busiest season of the year for movers has officially ended. What does this mean for you? Most West Palm movers have great rates now through the winter months. Take advantage of this down season and get moving. If ever there was a time you could be picky, it’s now. Choose at least three to […]

    When packages arrive with a fragile stamp, you immediately know extra precaution is required with handling. Does your West Palm move involve several fragile items? If so, who do you trust, the cheapest mover or the experienced and skilled mover? Well of course I recommend the latter. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with an […]

    The size of your home does matter when it comes to hiring a West Palm Beach moving company. Typically when you request a quote from a mover, other than your name and the date of the move, the size and location of your home is the next important question asked. Obviously the size of your […]

    Allow me to share a little insight about long distance moving. In most instances your move should begin with a free in-home estimate from an in-home estimator. The estimator will conduct a survey of your property. His or her goal is to map out a move plan and to provide you with fair and honest […]

    Whoever said moving in West Palm can be a bear was correct! There are so many details that must be covered in order to ensure a successful move.From proper packing of your belongings to the dismantling of your furniture and reassembly of the same, moving is work. Can I offer a suggestion? HIRE MOVERS! I […]