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  • It Pays to Move Closer to Work!

    Do you remember the best experience you’ve ever had sitting in traffic? If you can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s okay! The fact of the matter is that you may be one of the millions of Americans who DON’T enjoy sitting in traffic! It is no secret to your All My Sons movers that traffic, just like moving, is not fun. Surely we can all remember a time or two when sitting in rush-hour traffic has driven us crazy (no pun intended!) The harsh truth of the matter though, is that traffic costs us a lot more than just our sanity! It isn’t hard to see just how costly rush hour traffic is when you consider the daily wear-and-tear inflicted upon your poor vehicle, the sky-high cost of fuel, and the hours upon hours of time you’ll spend in your car driving to and from work. Your neighborhood mover has done a bit of research, and my findings are shocking!

    Typically speaking, every mile driven in your vehicle will cost your approximately fifty cents. That means that every day you drive to work, you will ultimately spend one dollar for every mile between point A and point B. A dollar per mile per day can really add up quick! That’s sixteen dollars per day for the average American on top of the money he or she may spend on lunch, coffee, or afternoon snacks. Sixteen dollars per day translates to $4160 annually of vehicle-related costs that stem solely from commuting to and from work!

    Here’s where it gets interesting. When it comes to buying a new house, the distance between home and work is something you should really consider before moving. Based on a typical ten-year loan with a five percent interest rate, you can realistically afford to spend $5,200 more on your new home for every mile closer to work that you move! Moving may not be the most fun event, but unlike being stuck in steering-wheel-squeezing, fist-pounding, road-rage-triggering traffic, the cost related to moving into a new home can actually pay for itself and more if you pick your next home wisely!

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