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  • Moving the little ones

    Agh,  I know what your thinking. How what are we gonna do with the kids when we move this year? Well lets face it moving is extremely stressful and having the little ones around can sometime add to the stress. We at your local Seattle moving company have come together with some ideas that might help out this move on what to do. If you have to relative near by that are open to it, have the kids stay with them the night prior to the move, besides having a night off, this will probably give you some peace of mind and allow you to look around the house one last time to see if there is anything around the house that you may have missed. If that is’nt something that can be done see if they might be able to stay with a friend.  Although if you do want the kids to stick around for this move have them help you out and assign them simple tasks to keep them involved and make them feel important. As a family owned and operated moving company our men are wonderful with children so you can definately relax and know that there is no problem if they do stick around for the move. Here at Seattle moversSeattle movers, we want you to know that we are here to accomodate all your moving needs even with the little ones around.

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