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  • Professional Movers Celebrate Lowest Mortgage Rates in Fifty Years!

    Your movers here celebrate any time home sales are stimulated in the US. Like today for example; did you know that the average mortgage rates are the lowest that they have been since the fifties? The influx of new homes being built is a good sign for professional relocation service providers like us, and your movers have seen more and more new developments thanks to this trend of falling mortgage rates. The average rate has been below five percent for over a year now which lends to builder-confidence in new-construction investments. If you are as excited as your professional residential movers regarding new low mortgage rates, then you’re likely planning to relocate to a new home in the near future. If you want to really maximize on a low mortgage rate, consider moving to a new home that is closer to your place of employment. You’d be surprised to know how much money you can save by living close to your job. Hooray for low mortgage!

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