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  • Professional Movers Counting Down Days Til 2012 Summer Olympics Kick-Off

    With less than ten days remaining before the 2012 Summer Olympics kick off, the air is thick with anticipation. Your professional movers here at All My Sons are looking forward to watching incredible athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt defy the laws of physics as we sit glued to the television agape with amazement. The summer games coincide with the busiest time of the year for your relocation service providers here; moving season. Fortunately, our DVR recorders are fired up and ready for the Olympics in London to begin. We won’t have to miss a single event, and you won’t have to miss your move! The Olympic venue in London is looking incredible, but will surely be overshadowed by the feats of super human ability soon to take place within. Your local mover here is counting down the days, the Summer Olympics are almost here!

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