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  • While the recent news for the Shelby County real estate market has shown slow and steady growth, a recent report from the Memphis Area Realtors and Chandler Reports shows that the home sales as well as sale prices in Tennessee’s Shelby County have dropped 39 percent in July 2014 compared to July 2013. The reports […]

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    Celine Dion has recently cut the listing rice for her Jupiter, FL mansion (complete with private waterpark), after a year of it sitting on the market. The initial listing price was $72.5 million for the 5.7 acre waterfront estate, and she has cut the price by $10 million, according to recent reports in the NY […]

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    Even though the amount of homes sold in Raleigh for the month of July was a small jump from the year before at 2.2 percent, the amount of time homes are spending on the market as available for sale is at a very low level. Among the 3,191 homes that were sold in July, the […]

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    After a couple years, kids can turn out tough, at least tougher than we give them credit for. They handle a lot of the same challenges as adults, but they do it without the benefit of experience that we so often rely on. Infants haven’t yet gained this advantage. The main reason they cry so often is that […]

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    Moving from one home to another is very stressful, particularly as it often coincides with other important life changes such as adding or losing a family member, starting a new job, or learning a new city. Following are some helpful tips for managing your stress while moving. Downsize Moving is the perfect time to get […]

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    In many situations, moving is exactly the same for the elderly as it is for anyone else. Unfortunately, there are sometimes challenges to overcome. When planning a move for an elderly loved one that doesn’t have the energy or capacity they once did, keep the following in mind. People grow accustomed to their surroundings. Younger […]

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    Urban renewal brings many changes, some better than others. A portion of 8th street’s restructuring was the most recent adjustment made by Capitol City Development Corporation, the agency in charge of urban renewal. What they’ve done is turn the section of street into a “sharrow,” a lane designed to be used by drivers as well […]

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    Over the past year, there have been some positive trends in the local real estate industry. The median price for homes in Georgia has risen to $145,000—which may not seem like much for some markets, but in Georgia that is the result of a 30 percent jump in price. In addition, the amount of homes […]

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    Moving with pets can be a challenging endeavor, and it leads to a massive amount of stress on the part of your pet. Before planning your relocation, keep in mind a few things. The first step is ensuring that moving your pet is safe and legal. Visit the vet and explain that you’re relocating. The […]

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    Relocating to Denver for work? Get ready for prices that are likely higher than your current city of residence. The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices reported Tuesday that Denver’s home price index reached 152.58, lapsing past previous highs of 150.58 in April and 148.18 in March, and up 8.2 percent from May 2013. The 152.58 level […]

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