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  • East Tulsa is a lovely place to call home, but it has not had much retail development in the past thirty years. Sure, a store or two will pop up from time to time, but retail development has not kept up with residential development and our town’s population increase. But your Tulsa moving company recently […]

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    If you are moving to Atlanta this month, Atlanta moving companies urge you to keep an extra watch out for deputies and do not use the emergency lane for passing during traffic! In the afternoon, the Georgia 400 can be a nightmare during rush hour, causing a lot of drivers to use the emergency lane […]

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    When Ohio U.S. Representative Joyce Beatty was 50, she had a stroke and she was able to make a full recovery. Ever since, she has been an advocate for creating awareness for stroke victims. If things go her way, the month of May will soon become Stoke Awareness Month. Earlier this month, Beatty introduced a […]

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    Memphis in May is a festival held every May in Memphis (which you could probably guess because of the name), internationally known and is a nonprofit, with the proceeds going to the city of Memphis. It hosts events that local movers recommend to all new residents; like: the Beale Street Music Festival, The World Championship […]

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    Florida is well known for its picture perfect beaches and a lack of winter. Snowbirds and residents call the tropical paradise that is Florida, home, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Although people usually make their way to cities like Orlando and Miami, Sarasota is just as beautiful as all the […]

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    Unless you are from the research triangle area, Raleigh’s climate might take you by surprise when you first move to the area. It isn’t far enough north to experience harsh winters, and it’s not far enough south to experience harsh summers. Some might even say that it has the perfect balance. If you are moving […]

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    With recent technology that allows scientists to tag sharks and follow their migratory patterns, we have learned a lot about their behavior. One thing in particular is the migratory patterns of pregnant females. Before we were able to tag sharks, little was known about the behavior of pregnant females. We have since learned that migratory […]

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    Moving is a stressful experience. Add pets to the equation and it gets exponentially more difficult. There are some things that you can do to help make the move easier on you and you pets, it just requires planning before it’s time to make the move. If you’re moving to Knoxville here are some tips […]

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    Louisiana has had a major influence and deep impact on the origins of nearly every genre of American music; from jazz to blues to rock ‘n’ roll. Now, music lovers can experience the deep culture and legacy of Louisiana-inspired music on their smartphones, through a “tourism effort” called the Americana Music Triangle. Businessman and preservationist […]

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    For millennials that are looking to settle down and not spend all of their income on rent and food, Milwaukee is becoming a haven, and Milwaukee movers have been moving a lot of millennials into the city. In cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles, rent is so high that young people have little to no […]

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