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  • Planning a move…did you create a budget? Have you considered how much it takes to move? Planning a moving budget should be the first step towards planning a move. I usually recommend requesting a few quotes to find the going rates of movers in Nashville. Once you’ve narrowed those down to the best three, determine […]

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    Have you ever thought about why most people decide to move to a new location? The US Census of 2009 discovered that most Americans move because they desire a new or better home. The owner either out grew their existing home or just desired a new location with better amenities. Another major reason was that […]

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    The weekend is here, and so is Halloween. What do you have planned for this weekend’s celebration?  As we conclude our Halloween savings tips, let’s look at ways to save on fun things to do.

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    Trick or treat, trick or treat give me something good to eat!  What’s the menu for your Halloween party this weekend?  Today we will look at ways to save on party food for this weekend’s haunted celebration. Make a grocery list first.  The worst thing you could do is go to the store and just […]

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    Jewelry and other fragile items we care about require a certain level of protection. We are rather cautious about taking off our wedding bands and casting them anywhere. Our china or stemware is usually used on special occasions and is stored away from our everyday dish-ware. When it comes to packing your valuables for relocation, you […]

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    When cooking up a great dish there are usually a number of ingredients that ensure its success. It’s the same way with moving in Little Rock. The first step is preparation. As with cooking, you don’t just throw items in the pot. However, you have to cut up your seasoning, wash off your meat, season […]

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    We’re getting closer and closer to Halloween.  Kids dressed as Ghosts and Goblins will soon be floating around neighborhoods, ringing doorbells and belting out the famous line, trick or treat…give me something good to eat.  For those who will celebrate with a party or even just want to set the mood for the kids, let’s […]

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    Certainly when it comes to moving, cost is a big a factor. So determining ways you can save when moving in Las Vegas is key. Most people agree, garage sales are a great way to downsize and add money to your bank account. I normally recommend scouring your home for items that aren’t going to […]

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    The focal point for most kids this Halloween season, second to a slamming costume, is the treats.  So if you’re a parent, make certain you are loaded with a host of candy and snacks for the neighbors.  Today we will look at ways you can save on treats for the kids.

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    When you call in to schedule an appointment for a moving estimate or obtain a moving quote, your agent will begin by gathering information about your move. Review the list of questions below: How many bedrooms? What’s the square-footage of your home? Do you have any large or fragile items? Is your home one story, […]

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