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  • You’re moving in Jacksonville. You have been speaking with moving companies over the phone, scheduled a free in-home estimate with your local Jacksonville moving professionals, you know what costs are involved with your move; you’re ready to move to your new home right? Moving definitely has its costs, but have you considered every expense involved […]

    For consumers, there is never a bad time to search for a bargain. Many consumers measure the success of any given spending venture by the amount of money he or she has saved, and in many cases this concept is very applicable. However; in the case where a consumer seeks a service, it is easy […]

    Music and moving are two completely different worlds apart, but one quality shared by each world is variety. Most human beings are music lovers to some degree. Even if you don’t play an instrument or know very much about music, there is music that you love because it makes you dance and sing in your […]

    As consumers, we concern ourselves with many of the same variables when it comes to hiring service providers of any sort. The most obvious and most widely applicable concern has to do with saving money. At the end of the day, the amount of money one has spent is a strong factor for how pleased […]

    When you call in to schedule an appointment for a moving estimate or obtain a moving quote, your agent will begin by gathering information about your move. Review the list of questions below: How many bedrooms? What’s the square-footage of your home? Do you have any large or fragile items? Is your home one story, […]

    There are so many logistics to consider, from proper packing of computers, copiers etc., to the dismantling of desks and other office furnishings, it can literally be a nightmare if you’re not wise. Let me offer a few pointers to assist with your upcoming office relocation. The main ingredient to any move should be the […]

    Are you a family with small children and moving in Jacksonville soon? Raising small children is already a challenge, having to move your home on top of that can be stressful. I’d like to recommend a fun way to move for the entire family. First option: If the kids are willing, get them involved! With […]

    Many consumers have been the brunt of a bad moving experience. As a result, individuals place all movers in one class. There are bad movers in Jacksonville, but there are also excellent movers who provide great care to its clients. Jacksonville moving companies are too expensive. There are reputable movers that provide fair and honest […]

    A frequent complaint made by consumers is that Jacksonville moving companies have hidden costs. Today I’d like to go over a few of those with you. When securing a moving quote, ask about moving minimums. Minimums sometimes accompany smaller moves. This requires you to pay the minimum hours used even if the move is completed in […]

    There’s definitely an advantage in hiring a professional Jacksonville moving company to complete your upcoming relocation. It’s not just seen in the level of customer service given by their staff, but it’s also displayed with the successful delivery of your furnishings. Let’s face it, amateur moving companies in Jacksonville are definitely cheaper, but you get […]