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  • If you’re looking for a lively Texas town to live in next, you should consider moving to Houston! A lively stand-out Texan city, you’re never at a stand still wondering what to do with your day or night in Houston. A variety of entertainment is available for all tastes and age groups; orchestra, theater, chic […]

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    You’re moving in Jacksonville. You have been speaking with moving companies over the phone, scheduled a free in-home estimate with your local Jacksonville moving professionals, you know what costs are involved with your move; you’re ready to move to your new home right? Moving definitely has its costs, but have you considered every expense involved […]

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    How many mornings do you spend waking up, turning on the bath water, and waiting for it to heat up to a comfortable temperature? It seems like the standard way to draw a bath or run a hot shower, but have you ever thought about how inefficient it is to let gallons of water run […]

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    You’ve made the decision to hire professional movers in Greenville; great choice.  You surely hired movers to avoid the hassle of heavy lifting, constant trips back and forth between your front door and your vehicle, and also the multiple trips back and forth between your current home and your new home.  And that makes sense!  […]

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    I don’t know about you, but I love camping. Nothing really matters when you’re on a camping trip, regardless of how hectic “real life” is; it feels almost like being in another dimension when you’re out in nature roughin’ it. As a professional mover, yours truly is no stranger to strenuous labor and heavy lifting; […]

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    Ft Lauderdale has gone through a considerable amount of evolution in the recent years. The once infamous spring-break headquarters has shed its strident cocoon and emerged a modern and rather classy beach town. Over the last decade, several hotel developments have even sprouted, such as the Ritz-Carlton and W Hotel, giving a classy more mature […]

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    Since the year 2000, crime has dropped 50% here in Ft Myers. Particularly violent crime at that; various Ft Myers police task forces are to thank for the increasingly safer city. Ft Myers is not only a safer place to run a business, it is also a safer place to live; and local police don’t […]

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    Super Bowl XLV is quite the exciting topic around the office for your Dallas area movers. The magnificent and new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be the war zone this year for the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers to battle it out. Joe Buck, Mike Pereira and former Dallas Cowboy, Troy Aikman, will provide […]

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    Horoscopes and astrology are part of a rather sore subject right now. A discovery made by the Minnesota Planetarium Society has recently revealed that the assignment of astrological signs has been about a month off, meaning that many people have lived their entire lives not knowing their true sign! To make matters even more confusing, […]

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    At some point during life as a human being, most of us tend to get bored with what we’re used to, which sparks the dawn of new things. Example: onions. I hated onions as a kid, and though I don’t remember why, at some point between then and now I turned coat on my passionate […]

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