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  • Milwaukee’s recycling program has begun moving over to “single-stream” recycling. What is single-stream recycling? Simply a style of recycling which does not have near the sorting requirements of traditional recycling where different types of glass metal and plastics are separated depending on the material. Not only will Milwaukee’s move to single-stream make recycling more convenient […]

    Packing for your move can get extremely tricky when it comes to specialty items. Delicate items such as fine china can make you nervous whether you are packing the items yourself or trusting your move to professional movers in Milwaukee. Your Milwaukee movers here are your go-to relocation professionals when it comes to packing –or […]

    Saving money is a practice that should never cease. If you really put your mind to it, you’ll see that saving money is easy, almost as easy as spending it! One of my favorite money saving tricks is surely a technique that we’ve all been familiar with since childhood. Find a bottle, a jar, a […]

    Have you ever thought about why most people decide to move to a new location? The US Census of 2009 discovered that most Americans move because they desire a new or better home. The owner either out grew their existing home or just desired a new location with better amenities. Another major reason was that […]