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  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a reality television series providing home renovations for underprivileged families, announced that they will air their final episode on January 13th. Over the past nine seasons, Ty Pennington and his team of makeover experts triumphed in improving the lives of different families and communities across the country. In 2005, the show […]

    Did you know that La Vergne is one of the most affordable places to own a home in Tennessee? The average price of houses in La Vergne is right around 100K, and there are also good jobs nearby; the neighboring town of Smyrna is home to a Nissan plant which provides income for over 6,000 […]

    Young adults on the move have been increasingly prone to moving to Nashville. Among other reasons for the fairly recent popularity is the transition that’s been seen within the Nashville music scene. Having just about shed its iconic country music image, Nashville is a hot spot for much more mainstream music these days which attracts […]

    Long-time Chicago suburb resident, Sears Holdings Corporation, is reportedly considering relocation outside the state of Illinois. While your movers in Chicago here would be thrilled to provide any relocation services necessary for Sears to make the move happen, the state –and especially the local area of Chicago and its suburbs– stand to suffer negative effects […]

    Nashville celebrity local, Taylor Swift, has reportedly purchased a 1.4 million dollar house –also in Nashville– to move her parents closer to her home. Who out there wouldn’t love the opportunity to buy his or her parents a brand new beautiful home at the ripe age of 21?! The new house has three bedrooms and […]

    Are you moving in Nashville soon? If you are like most people who are looking to move to a new home any time soon, your free time is very limited. School, work, family, and other obligations can really leave you crunched for time; especially during the holidays. If you had all the time in the […]

    Planning a move…did you create a budget? Have you considered how much it takes to move? Planning a moving budget should be the first step towards planning a move. I usually recommend requesting a few quotes to find the going rates of movers in Nashville. Once you’ve narrowed those down to the best three, determine […]

    If you’re like me, you hate to pack. If there was some “I dream of genie” way I could blink and cause everything to jump into boxes I would do it every time. There’s the labeling, the proper padding…you get the picture. But in retrospect, unpacking can be equally challenging. Unpacking all of those clothes, […]

    When it comes to moving your valuables its really crucial you hire a moving company that employs full-time movers and not day laborers. Some Nashville movers are prone to engage in this type of activity when overwhelmed with business. However, hiring a skilled professional is what consumers expect when contacting a reputable Nashville moving company. […]

    Often people with busy schedules during the week pick the weekend to make a move of any kind. Therefore, weekend moves in Nashville are somewhat hectic. Believe or not, with some Nashville moving companies the closer you get to the weekend the higher the hourly moving rate. I always recommend moving between Monday and Wednesday […]