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  • There are plenty of charitable causes to get involved with in West Palm. If autism research and awareness is important to you, then you may be interested in Autism Speaks. Founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright, whose grandson was diagnosed with autism at a young age, Autism Speaks is now the world’s largest autism advocacy […]

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    If you are new to the Oklahoma City area and have children in elementary school, it is only a matter of time before you hear about the Rolling Thunder Book Bus. The renovated school bus travels to local elementary schools and children centers, to promote literacy and a love of reading. Every student that visits […]

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    Earlier this month, former Mayor Jim Sells listed the historic town of Grantville for sale on eBay, and he had no idea that his listing would receive the volume of attention it got. “The phone is ringing off the hook and we’re enjoying it,” says Sells, who listed Grantville at a mere $680,000. The small […]

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    In an effort to keep costs down, United Airlines plans to layoff about 66 employees from Jacksonville International Airport. A spokeswoman, Luke Punzenberger, said that this was not an easy decision for the company – but it is a necessary one. Punzenberger contested that, “this is to ensure our costs are competitive. A lot of […]

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    An expansive 9,000 home community named Prosper, is in the planning stages of construction on over 5,100 acres of farmland. The project will cost an estimated $600 million and will add on to the 12,000 home Sterling Ranch and 10,000 home Green Valley Ranch East. In total, there are more than 31,000 home lots in […]

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    Pompano Beach located just minutes away from Miami and Ft Lauderdale is a relative newcomer to Florida’s cities. First settled in 1896 the land the city resides on was given as a gift by Frank Sheene. Legend has it that the city got it’s name from Sheene’s survey of the area, in which he wrote the […]

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    The skies of Cape Coral will be buzzing this weekend. Buzzing with activity for sure, but specifically with the high pitched whine of remote controlled airplanes (RCs). Chapter 534 of the AMA (Academy Of Model Aeronautics) are better known as the RSeahawks. The RSeahawks are a club for lovers of RC planes based in Cape […]

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    According to recent information released by the U.S. Census Bureau, about half of all Wisconsin counties declined in population from 2013 to 2014. In total, about 35 counties dwindled in size – with Manitowoc County suffering the biggest population loss, coming into the New Year with 463 less people. Coming in second place was Wood […]

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    Finding our favorite grocery store in West Palm will not be a challenge if you are new to West Palm. The new Whole Foods, located in the Marketplace at the Outlets, is the coolest grocery store your West Palm relocation specialists have seen! It opened just a few weeks ago, and it has already made […]

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    This past Wednesday, Superintendent Jim McIntyre presented a proposal for the 2015-16 budget for the fiscal year, leaving many with additional questions. In the proposal, the superintendent suggested increasing the school’s overall budget from $424.9 million to $440.7 million – a 3.7 percent increase. The main focus of the increased education budget? Increasing teachers’ pay […]

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