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  • Your Columbus professional movers are relieved to learn that a local teen is on the road to recovery after collapsing Tuesday. After enduring an excruciating four-day Xbox marathon, our hero emerged from his room unable to maintain consciousness. Jessie Rawlins, the fifteen-year-old boy’s mother, rushed her son to the hospital fearing for his life. Recalling […]

    A welcomed decrease in gas prices has come for Columbus locals. Fuel costs had previously been on the rise in Columbus, particularly during the week of Independence Day. The current average cost for a gallon of gas in Columbus is $3.36, which is down fifteen cents from last week, and nearly thirty cents from a […]

    Of the many home improvement projects you may consider in order to sell your house quickly, painting is one which you may want to rethink. Giving your home a good make-over will absolutely speed up the sale of your house and will enable you to move quickly. However, your preference in paint color may not […]