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  • Like the rest of Florida, your Orlando moving professionals are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Debbie, as the hurricane season is just beginning. Despite the problems Debbie has caused the state, the Tropical Storm has brought the state out of its drought. Before Debbie hit 99.9% of the Sunshine State was in a […]

    Some quick food for thought from your Orlando moving expert: Know when and when not to recruit friends/family for help on your upcoming move. When it comes to moving to a new house we all tend to get by with a little help from our friends, but there is a right and a wrong way […]

    Summer is synonymous with fun for most, however summer can also be the busiest of all seasons which can potentially outweigh the fun-factor if your summer schedule is particularly eventful. Moving is at the top of many to-do lists during the summer months, which makes every summer the busiest time of the year for your […]

    The flooding of the Mississippi River has reached near-record proportions, which is unfortunate for the hundreds of people forced to move out of their homes temporarily to seek shelter until the flooding subsides. It has been almost eighty years since the Mississippi has seen rising waters like this, but this is not the kind of […]

    An explosion sparked by defective underground power lines caused fire to rise from manhole covers today, Wednesday, in Indianapolis. Several local businesses reported both flames as well as smoke pluming from manhole covers today. Indianapolis Power and Light shut off power for about an hour to do repairs to the damaged power lines which caused […]

    First lady, Michelle Obama, recently experienced an in-air close call which thankfully ended well. Travelling too close behind a military cargo jet, the plane which Mrs. Obama was flying in was forced to land to avoid any calamitous mishaps from occurring. Surely the first lady knows that the emergency landing was not life threatening, but […]

    It is not at all uncommon to be mentally exhausted during your moving experience. You have to move every bit of content in your home from one place to another, so mental exhaustion is understandable. However, it can cause minor inconveniences, one of which involves something that you do every single day without putting much […]

    Termites have always been rather infamous pests, and have even been an unwelcome catalyst to several Orlando area moves over the years. Your Orlando area moves are not fans of anything which requires you to move unwillingly, but recently a study has revealed an unexpected upside to the existence of our lumber munching foes. In […]

    Currently the danger of grass fires is again on the rise all throughout Oklahoma. More than 60 homes have been destroyed which means many families will have to move to a new home, and that statewide caution is especially high due to the dry drought conditions we are presently experiencing. An obvious ban on trash […]

    Being self-sufficient is a very admirable trait, and also a financially beneficial trait if your ability to do-all enables you to complete labor-intensive tasks without having to hire-out professional service providers in order to do so. Do-it-yourself-movers, I’m talking to you! Don’t think for a second that your Baton Rouge professional movers don’t admire your […]