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  • The aptly titled YouTube video, “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!” is putting some real pressure on about-to-pop-the-question boyfriends everywhere. Matt (the point-scoring boyfriend) really pushed the marriage proposal envelope with this one, and is starting off on the right foot –assuming there are more brilliant gems where this idea came from! If you too have recently […]

    Apparently, it has become one of the hottest YouTube trends lately to get physical while you’re out to eat. Videos of ruthless fist and kick fights in places like IHOP, McDonalds, and more have been surfacing which can make anyone hesitant to leave home even just to eat a meal! Moving to your current home, […]

    Though they may live extravagant lifestyles, even celebrities occasionally find themselves in need of relocation services. When the need to move arises, who do you think celebrities call? You may be rather impressed to know that your family mover here has actually moved quite a few celebrities! To know that you too can trust your […]