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  • Affordable housing in Salt Lake City might not happen as soon as the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Salt Lake City would like. The Salt Lake City council is finding it difficult to decide on a location for affordable housing projects. One of the most obvious challenges the city council is aware of is that creating a neighborhood with affordable housing might encourage a less than ideal economic hardship on that neighborhood, and a well-balanced community should have housing for all income groups.

    The city council voted on a resolution that would allow for an 80-unit complex of affordable housing in Salt Lake City to be built on the west side; but the resolution was overturned in a 4-3 vote. One of the city council members pointed at the fact that the school district there is already overcrowded and a large scale influx of families could be a lot of pressure on schools in that area – something that a lot of local residents and Salt Lake movers also agree on, even though additional affordable housing would be nice, everything needs to be taken into consideration.

    City council members who voted for the project said that the project was solid, and that that it was up to the west side district and similar districts to step up to the plate and create these affordable housing units. The new housing would create jobs in the community in the forms of Salt Lake City movers, construction companies, and the chance for business growth in the area.

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    Just because you are using your Memphis moving company to relocate to a new home does not mean that that you have to sacrifice enjoying a margarita (or two) this Cinco de Mayo.

    Especially since you are now a Tennessee resident, you will finally be able to learn how they fiesta in the south – and trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Simply check out this list from All My Sons Memphis and head on over to one of these best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Memphis.

    Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant. What makes Los Compadres one of the best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Memphis? For starters, they have tons of food for you to choose from, complete with a full Mexican and Cuban menu. They are known for their “margarona” drink, which you don’t want to miss. Curious as to what’s in it? Guess you’ll just have to check it out then!

    Agave Maria. Your Memphis moving company will be perfectly fine by themselves for a couple of hours while you head to Agave Maria to enjoy your first Cinco de Mayo in Memphis. With a tapas style menu, this is a perfect place to bring your family in order to share some of the most delicious Mexican food you will find in the South.

    Las Delicias. You will quickly realize why Las Delicias had to start packaging their guacamole and salsa in order to sell all over town after tasting some of their delicious items from their menu. Not only is this a favorite restaurant of your Memphis moving company, but it will quickly become yours as well!

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    Oh yeah, it’s time to get your gym on! All that stressful moving and traveling has probably got you all stir crazy. Let the Oak Ridge, TN movers finish up the job while you go and get your workout.

    If you are planning on moving to Oak Ridge, Tennessee and you like to work up a sweat, then you’re in luck because there is no shortage of gyms in Oak Ridge. Get prepared to hit the weights and do tons of cardio after moving to the area, you may even find your local Oak Ridge movers there too!

    Workout Anytime

    If you already have membership to this great gym, then you can easily walk into the facility right away. Of course the gyms main pull has always been and always will be the fact that you can work out on absolutely any schedule.

    Gold’s Gym

    Ah the legendary Gold’s Gym. Of course this isn’t the location that first opened in California decades ago, but this is part of the franchise that was borne of that simple idea: working out should be a no fuss activity. For that reason, Gold’s Gym makes it onto this list of great gyms in Oak Ridge, TN.

    Secret City CrossFit

    If you are a CrossFit fan so not despair! This craze that’s been sweeping the United States is also in Tennessee. Secret City CrossFit is the go-to CrossFit hot spot in town. Our Oak Ridge movers would take the courses, but what they do every day feels a lot like CrossFit. The full-service movers and packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage do all that heavy lifting for you.

    Progressive Martial Arts Academy

    A personally run gym that’s more for the teaching and spreading of martial arts throughout the Knoxville area. Of all the gyms in Oak Ridge TN, this has the highest rating. If you’re up for a good workout and want to try something new, head over to the Progressive Martial Arts Academy for a change of pace!

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    If you’ve just moved to town and find yourself short on money after using professional movers in Jacksonville, then try taking part in some fun things to do in Jacksonville for free!

    Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour: If you’re a beer lover, then this complimentary tour is for you. The tour takes you through beer crafting, brewing and distributing process. Best of all, at the end of the tour, you get to sample some of Busch’s products!

    Sally Corporation Factory Tour: Are you an animations and amusement park enthusiast? Then, enjoy your time exploring the theatre, sculpture room, taking part in interactive demonstrations and meeting Rex, the company’s animatronic “pet” dinosaur.

    Karpeles Manuscript Museum: Feeling literary? Enjoy rifling through the museum’s manuscripts, transcripts, blueprints as it is one of the world’s largest private holdings for original, “important documents.” Some attractions include original copies of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Webster’s Dictionary.

    UNF Nature Trails: If you don’t feel like staying inside and are feeling adventurous, visit the outskirts of UNF’s campus where the trails extend over five-hundred acres of natural and protected habitats. Part of the charm is you get to walk, fish and sight-see, but you can also rent equipment such as paddle board and kayaks. And if that’s not enough, enjoy their zip-lining course. These services are free for students.

    So, get out and let the professionals at All My Sons Jacksonville Movers do all your unpacking while you enjoy your new environment.

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    Spring is not only a wonderful time to move to Baton Rouge, but also to participate in “spring cleaning”! After a thorough cleaning of your new home, you and your family will feel settled in, refreshed, and ready to conquer what your new town has in store for you. To help get you started on your deep cleaning, All My Sons local Baton Rouge movers have put together this list of spring cleaning tips:

    Dust and wash all of the doors, switch plates and knobs in your home. Everyday wear can leave your doors and switch plates looking filthy and knobs covered in germs. These items should be sanitized regularly.

    Sort through items in your closets. Our Baton Rouge moving company suggests using the “One-Year Rule” while cleaning out closets – if an item hasn’t been worn or used in the past year, you should consider parting with it.

    Steam-clean carpeting. Whether you hire a professional carpet cleaner or you rent a piece of equipment from your local home improvement store, you’ll want to sanitize your carpeting by steam cleaning it each year.

    Launder dust ruffles, curtains, cushions, pillows and duvet covers. Pay special attention to the care instructions on each of these pieces, as some may be dry-clean only.

    Wash all exterior windows and doors. Attach a cleaning agent, such as Windex, to your hose to help better clean your windows and window sills and rid them of unruly dirt and grime. Remove window screens and give those a thorough rinse, as well.

    Scrub the grout in your bathrooms and kitchen. Using a toothbrush and grout cleaner, take the time to scrub all grout lines in your bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else water may collect. Grout is one of the most popular places for mildew to gather, so All My Sons Baton Rouge moving company encourages you to complete this task at least once a year.

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    These days it seems Round Rock doctors are leaving the offices, waiting rooms with old magazines, and strip malls behind. Round Rock doctors are taking to the streets to visit patients thanks to a new start-up company called Remedy. The world is shifting more and more to convenience. For years Round Rock local movers have also gone above and beyond for their customers by packing, loading, and transporting property all over Round Rock.

    Most patients looking for a Round Rock doctor will use Remedy to book an appointment. Within 90 minutes a doctor will arrive with medical care equipment, ready to treat the patients. The rates are flat and because the doctors aren’t in offices, they are not running more tests than are necessary. This often saves the patients and the company itself a lot of wasted money.

    Remedy got its start only last November. So far it has been growing at a rate of 60% per month. More and more Round Rock doctors have decided to join the cause. Apparently, a lot of the patients are students at University of Texas. They are benefiting from the service because of its affordability and efficiency, much like from the services of Round rock local movers All My Sons.

    It looks as if the service is not only here to stay, but soon it may take the whole of Texas by storm, and then possibly the country.


    New to the Norcross area or deciding whether or not you want to move to Norcross? Well how about we take a look at this list from All My Sons Norcross movers of fun things to do in the area and see what Norcross is all about.

    Stone Mountain Park – For only the price of parking ($10), you get to experience the great Georgia outdoors at Stone Mountain Park. With breath taking scenery and the kind of weather that’s perfect for a picnic, you’ll be there every weekend when you move to Norcross.

    Disc Golf – Learn a new sport in your new town! Allegedly, disc golf is what Tiger Woods really wanted to be good at. The Alexander Park disc golf course is sure to keep you challenged and engaged as you learn, making it one of the more unusual things to do in Norcross.

    Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory – The Norcross version of Charlie and The Chocolate factory except it’s not run by a madman who looks like Johnny Depp. Great tours through a real life chocolate factory. Learn how chocolate is made and the history of the sweet treat. Although all of us Norcross movers know what you really want, and that’s the free samples!

    BAPS Hindu Temple – This tour is the best thing to do in Norcross. The visuals, colors, and serenity within the walls of the temple will bring even the most stressed patron down to a nice calming vibe. The tour is free and the memories are priceless.

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    Looking for the perfect place to celebrate Mother’s Day in Raleigh with the special woman (or women) in your life? If so, here is a list of Raleigh restaurants proudly serving Mother’s Day meals on Sunday, May 8, brought to you by the local Raleigh movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

    Bolt Bistro & Bar – Popular steakhouse in Raleigh, Bolt Bistro & Bar, will be serving a bistro-style brunch, beginning at 11 a.m. Reservations are not required, but strongly recommended, as seating is quickly filling up.

    City Kitchen – Located in Chapel Hill, City Kitchen will be serving a scrumptious Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet complete with mimosas. Tickets for the buffet are $40 for adults, $15 for children 12 and under and free for children three and under.

    Driftwood Southern Kitchen – Looking for some Southern hospitality and downhome cooking on Mother’s Day after moving to Raleigh? Then head to Driftwood Southern Kitchen for the brunch buffet from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The buffet will be $26.95 per adult and $14.95 per child.

    Four Square Restaurant – Contemporary American restaurant, Four Square, will be serving a special Mother’s Day dinner from 4:30-8:30 p.m., which will include a special three-course meal. The cost is $68 per guest.

    Il Palio – If it’s Italian cuisine your mom loves, consider making reservations at Il Palio in Chapel Hill. This popular Italian restaurant will be serving a three-course Mother’s Day Brunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for $58 per guest and a four-course dinner menu from 5:30 to 10 p.m. for $79 per guest.

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    Using your Oklahoma City moving company when Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner is one of the best ways to get to better acclimated with your new hometown.

    Locals typically celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Oklahoma City at Plaza Mayor; a diverse commercial district with some of the city’s best Mexican restaurants, it is home to El Ranchito, San Nacho’s Bar, and Grill on the Hill. You can expect to run into everyone from your new neighbors to your Oklahoma City moving company at this fiesta.

    What draws in so many people to celebrate this holiday at Plaza Mayor? The outdoor games, live music, and delicious food might have something to do with it. Specifically, locals love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Oklahoma City at this spot due to all of the activities provided by the Huebert Brewery, Pouring Art Ceramics, and Capitol Hill library. Last year, there was games, a face painter, flower making, a caricature artist, Energy FC players, Thunder Girls, and local art on display.

    This year, not only will there be the same attractions, but also tons more; grab your family and head to Plaza Mayor to enjoy folkloric dancers and talented local musicians dancing to the sounds of authentic Mexican music. All you need to do to enjoy the festivities is to make sure you are at Plaza Mayor on Friday, May 6 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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    So you’re renting an apartment in Victorian Village. You’ve picked a great spot because this is one of the best suburbs in Columbus. Victorian Village was the first suburb in Columbus and it has a rich history dating back 150 years. The area is known for its quaint local charm, mom and pop shops, beautiful neighborhoods, and down to earth Victorian Village movers. Beyond all of that, it’s got that unmistakable mid-western charm.

    Apartments in Victorian Village can vary in price and it all depends on how close you get to downtown Columbus. On the outskirts you can find some great apartments for very reasonable prices.

    Move to Village West – Only one to two bedroom apartments available. Apartments start at $975 for the single bedroom. The neighborhood is safe and quiet, making it a great choice for families.

    Alexandria Colony – Not too far from the Victorian Village movers at All My Sons, so moving to Alexandria Colony will be easy! Two bedroom homes start at $915, so it’s also the cheapest in the area.

    Tribeca – This semi high rise apartment building has apartments for rent. You’ll definitely need Victorian Village movers if you’ve got a lot of heavy stuff; those elevators can be unforgiving. Great amenities and a short distance from everything you need, the price is right starting at $950 for a one bedroom.

    Those are the cheapest apartments in Victoria Village Columbus. Happy moving from everyone at All My Sons!

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