Local Spotlight: Meridian

Meridian, ID

The city of Meridian, named after the Boise meridian, was started by a rather hardy bunch of pioneers looking to carve out a slice of America for themselves. Moving to Meridian in large numbers, the group encountered  irrigation trouble when converting the arid expanse into suitable farmland to feed everyone.

In the spirit of Meridian, the community tackled more than that one setback. When the great depression was at its worst, Ada County Dairymen’s cooperative creamery got together to keep everyone fed and their taxes paid. The creamery operated for seven days a week for forty years.

Meridian’s spirit continues today as the population grows. Now the third largest city in Idaho, Meridian is on the verge of a beautiful future. Should you move here, you join a legacy of hardworking, community minded individuals ready to welcome you home.

Local Spotlight: Pflugerville

Pflugerville, TX

Pfor Pflugervillers Pfew Pfear Phonetic Pfun. Some may not understand the playful culture of Pflugerville, but it’s simply a fantastic place to live and work. A very Texan city, Pflugerville’s local claim to fame is its German influenced culture and the quirky name it provides. Settled first by Henry Pfluger Sr., the community grew slowly till the MKT railroad passed by in 1904. The brief boom lasted till the great depression forced many to seek work in Austin.

1965 marks the rise of modern Pflugerville, with the city’s incorporation, whose population eventually increased by six or seven thousand percent from 1980 to today. The new population has embraced the city’s heritage fully, with the Deutschen Pfest pfestival honoring German culture and just about any sign of the letter ‘f’ being preceded by a ‘p.’ This includes the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival, the Pfestive Pfarmer’s Market, and the Pfreeze Pflop among others.

Join this vibrant community. Move to Pflugerville today!

Local Spotlight: Titusville

Historic Titusville

Titusville, “Gateway To Nature And Space”, is a beautiful city that deserves definite consideration if you’re moving to Brevard County. Famous for hosting tourists coming to see the shuttle launches, Titusville is a gem on the coast. With aerospace interests extending beyond the historic shuttle launches, Titusville is home to engineers, aeronauts, and manufacturers.

Back in the mid-1800s, the community was called sand point. The Seminole wars prevented settlement here beforehand. As the first families began to build businesses and build up the town, disagreement arose over the name between Capt. Clark Rice and Henry T. Titus. In a most gentlemanly fashion, they decided to decide the name over a game of dominoes. Obviously, Titus claimed victory and history was made.

Today, the cessation of shuttle launches has stopped the population explosion. Some have moved away, but most have stayed. What this means for the potential new resident is a city that is designed for a larger population without the crowds and traffic that go along with it. Discover why so many call Titusville home. Call All My Sons today!

Video Game Workers Earn $14 Million a Year

The trade association for U.S. computer and video-game publishers released their 2012 study on November 10th and reported that Louisiana’s computer and video game industry paid workers more than $14 million during the 1012 year.

The report is part of the Entertainment Software Association’s Video Games in the 21st Century: The 2014 Report and shows that Louisiana dispersed the millions between three video game development facilities, making the state the 26th largest employer of video game personnel in the United States.

The $14 million came from video game companies and was distributed between Louisiana’s 226 direct and indirect video game industry employees, making the average yearly earnings between the 226 employees roughly $87,922.

According to President and Chief Executive Officer of the Entertainment Software Association, Michael D. Gallagher, the video game industry is booming in Louisiana and, “Our industry is one of the nation’s fastest-growing economic sectors, and we believe there is an important opportunity to expand our industry’s impact in Louisiana by creating even more high-tech, high-paying jobs for its citizens.”

If you are moving to Baton Rouge, are looking for a career, and just so happen to love video games, you could also earn $90k a year doing what you love. Move to Baton Rouge and create the next popular video game for 2015.

Flushable Bathroom Wipes not so Flushable

If you have recently bought a home and are moving to Denver, be careful what you flush down your toilet.

Residents all throughout Denver and cities across the nation are facing clogged drains and cannot seem to figure out why.

Aurora resident Frances Quitana’s toilet clogged, so he called a plumber. When the plumber came, he snaked the drain and it was fixed. The next day it happened again, but this time the water would not stop overflowing and his basement flooded. Quintana, baffled, went door to door asking his neighbors if they were also having plumbing issues…and they were.

Aurora Water investigated the issue and found out that the new trend of using flushable bathroom wipes, much like baby wipes but for adults, is what is causing the nationwide plumbing problem. Ever since the form of adult baby wipes have become increasingly popular, more and more people are also flushing their baby wipes and disinfecting cleaner wipes.

However, the majority of these materials are not meant to be flushed, causing homeowners and government entities millions of dollars to fix clogged pipes and pumps.

In Portland, Maine, grocery stores have posted signs in the aisle warning customers not to flush the products, and even print an additional warning at the bottom of receipts.

Kirk Skogen is the wastewater operations superintendent for Aurora Water and he states that although a lot of the wipes’ brands market the product as “flushable” or disintegrating much like that of regular toilet paper, they do not.

With wipes sales reaching $7 billion annually, $600 million of that is from the new trend of “flushable bathroom wipes”; however, they are proving to not be so flushable.

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Sip and Shop Event in Raleigh

Vend Raleigh is a local group that provides information and support for mothers who double as entrepreneurs in Raleigh, and they are hosting their annual Holiday Sip and Shop. If you are female and are new in town, All My Sons of Raleigh believes that this event can be beneficial for you. Besides lending helpful, local information on women and work in Raleigh, it gives you an excuse to get out and shop for four hours!

The Holiday Sip and Shop event is a fun night out for ages 21 years and older, who are not only looking for direct sale items from participating vendors of Vend Raleigh, but also for women who are looking to socialize with other community and support a good cause.

The event goes to benefit Zach’s Toy Chest, which provides toys to children’s hospitals across the state. With a flowing cash bar, door prizes, and other goodies from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., you will have fun while helping to spread a smile across suffering children’s’ faces. With a $10 entry fee, you can get your hands on Vend Raleigh members’ jewelry, home décor, baby gifts, and more. Grab a girlfriend or your mother and make an evening out of Raleigh’s Holiday Sip and Shop, this Friday!

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Is Your Home Prepared for the Low Temperatures This Winter?

With the latest freeze warnings, All My Sons of Oklahoma City wants you to be prepared for the low temperatures coming this winter.

Although it may be freezing outside, that should not keep you from being warm and comfortable inside your home. To make sure that you and your loved ones have a cozy winter, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Oklahoma City has compiled a list of ‘To Do’ items that you should review in order to make sure that your home is winter ready.

If you are moving to Oklahoma City, the following home maintenance tips should be done before the actual move. Making sure that these items are completed before your move will help your Oklahoma City movers be able to quickly and easily move all of your belongings into your new home so that you can enjoy the holiday season.

Air Leaks:
With the freezing cold gusts hitting Oklahoma City, it is important to double check your home for air leaks. Fixing air leaks will not only help you to stay warm inside your home, it will also help save you energy and money.

Check your attic insulation to make sure that your home is sufficiently insulated. If not, All My Sons suggests that you add insulation. A standard amount of insulation is a least twelve inches.
Regular Cleaning:

Make sure to clean your gutters, chimney, and furnace. The fall leaves usually tend to clog gutters and if water starts to back up it may seep into the house. As for your chimney and furnace, make sure that they are clean and working before putting them to use. Simple cleaning and maintenance around the home can go a long way and help you avoid any possible headaches.

Winter is the time for curling up by the fire, sipping on a hot cup of cocoa, with a blanket and friends and family. Once you are inside your home, you should be able to forget that it is below freezing outside. If you properly maintain your home there should be no reason for dealing with a large heating bill as a result of your home not maintaining a comfortable temperature.

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Local Spotlight: Alachua

Alachua… A small town located roughly 15-30 minutes north of Gainesville. It is a town that still has its old south charm and can be found nestled among huge live oaks, magnolias, cedar and hickory trees. Alachua’s history not only dates back to the times of the Seminole Indians, but Alachua’s history goes back to Spanish explorers, a history that dates back to the 1800’s!

In 1905 the City of Alachua was officially incorporated and had a population of 526, by 1925 Alachua had a population of 1,100. In the 2010 census Alachua’s population was at 9,059.

Think back to the way of life back then… A small town where neighbors helped one another, farming was the way to provide for your family, and Main Street was originally a tree lined dirt road that ran through the middle of town.

General stores had cans of goods in the windows, and prices on the windows written in chalk. It was a time when families brought their corn into town to be ground into meal and grits - they didn’t have to pay a dime. They paid with corn! Families came together to help one another raise barns and churches, and news of marriages, births, deaths and gossip were told through word of mouth: and they still do.

Alachua has come a long way from the old times… It still celebrates holidays and special events such as the Alachua Fall Feast (it is a Community Holiday Feast)! Admission to city sponsored events is free, and in the summer, Alachua has the bragging rights of the largest small town fireworks display. Winter has tree lightings and parades. Alachua has a Splash Park, along with numerous parks and nature trails that makes it easy for people to call Alachua home.

Welcome to home to Alachua!

Register for Milwaukee Running Festival 2015

For all of you active go-getters who are looking to move to Milwaukee in the new year, we have a festival just for you! Milwaukee just set the date for the 2015 Milwaukee Running Festival. If running is your passion, be sure to move to Milwaukee before October 30, 2015. If you do not already enjoy running but want to pick up the hobby, you have an entire year to prepare!

The Milwaukee Running Festival is a three-day event that includes several race options depending on how committed to running you are. No matter what level of runner you are there is an event for you to participate in. The festival will include a marathon, a half marathon, a 5K, and a one-mile race. All races will be available for registration December 8, 2014.

If you are moving to Milwaukee, the running festival is a great way to join the community and tour the beautiful city of Milwaukee. All of the races will be routed through Milwaukee, featuring several landmarks and neighborhoods that present the city in a unique and vibrant way. Gather the whole family, as runners of all ages are welcome to join in this experience!

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Winter Farmers Market in Salt Lake City is Now Open

In most cities, farmers’ markets are featured during the summer when the weather is more permitting. However, if you are moving to Salt Lake City you will notice that we have farmers’ markets year round! Salt Lake’s Winter Market is now opening every Saturday for the season, in the mezzanine of the Rio Grande Depot.

Salt Lake’s Winter Market features over 60 vendors that sell everything that you need to make a mouthwatering Thanksgiving meal or your everyday meals. Selling produce, dairy products, grass-fed meats, fresh juices, and baked goods the winter farmers market in Salt Lake City will have you coming back for more! However, the availability is limited to Saturdays from 10am to 2pm over the next few months.

The Salt Lake City Winter Market brings a whole new meaning to farmers’ markets. This winter market carries out summer farmer market traditions throughout winter so that Salt Lake City residents can continue to enjoy locally grown, fresh produce.

Move to Salt Lake City today and be one of the few cities that hosts winter farmers’ markets for residents to enjoy. While other cities must resort to traditional grocery shopping during winter, you can enjoy the freshness of your local farmers’ market with music entertainment and much more. Call All My Sons Salt Lake City today at 801-433-1050 and speak with one of our certified moving consultants to get you settled in your new home!

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