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  • Now that your budget is in order, it is time to select the best packing supplies in Fort Myers.

    Packing Supplies

    Very often overlooked are the boxes in which you are using. We understand you have old boxes laying around that can be used, so why buy new ones? The answer is simple, new boxes are sturdy and can hold heavier items. They haven’t gone through any wear and tear and gives you one less thing to worry about. Additionally, get a new roll of the best quality, heavy-duty duct tape. The combination of new boxes and the heavy-duty tape will secure your items and help your move go smoother.

    There are some other packing supplies in Fort Myers that you will need for the more fragile items. Consider padded blankets and bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use extra padding because it will be your best friend in the end and can prevent your fragile possessions from any damage.

    Organize Your Documents

    Too often, customers are scrambling throughout boxes and other moving supplies in search of receipts. Before the move, use a bright colored binder or purchase one for all of your documents.

    Include in your binder:





    Any other documents regarding the move


    Pack a Snack

    You’re making a very big move, during the process you will be burning off a lot of energy. Bring a nutritious snack to ensure you are properly fueled and water to keep you hydrated.

    Snacks to consider:


    Nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, etc.)

    Candy Bars



    Snacks for your movers (they are handling your possessions, they need energy too)

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    Moving day, a day of excitement, stress and every emotion in between. Fortunately, our professionals here at All My Sons Moving & Storage have comprised a list of tips to make your move that much easier.

    Moving Budget

    This is a must before beginning any move. Stick to it; having the list and not using it can leave you open to unexpected financial problems once the move is complete. Some things to include in your budget:

    Consider Insurance

    -You’re moving your personal possessions. Alleviate stress by knowing your items are covered.

    Moving Company Costs

    -This can vary based on the service, how much inventory you have, the distance of the move, etc.

    Extra Costs

    -Consider your inventory, but look for special items like furniture, a piano and any other fragile large items. Also consider your costs for packing supplies in Fort Myers.

    Wiggle Room

    -It is important to leave yourself some extra cash. Often times, unexpected costs or events can occur. It is always better to have a little what if or just-in-case money for those unexpected moments. It also doesn’t hurt to have extra money if your wiggle room stash is not used.

    Create an Inventory List

    Many times, families moving have a very large inventory and don’t make a check list of all their items. Although the move may be successful, weeks later you’re scrambling once you’re unpacked and don’t know where the missing items are. With the help of your checklist and marking down everything that has been put in the moving trucks, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for your items, save valuable time and even prevent losing items.

    See part 2 for additional moving tips including packing supplies in Fort Myers, the perfect snacks and document organization brought to you by All My Sons Moving & Storage.

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    Need a few extra boxes to finish packing your house up before a move? Reconsider before dropping extra dollars on supplies. Most people are unaware that packing products are all around you – you just need to know the right places to look!

    Where can you find packing products in Birmingham? Local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest you try out these spots:

    Your office

    Ask your boss if there are any extra boxes, tape, or bubble wrap that you can take home with you.


    Check the “For Sale” Section. Here you can typically find free moving supplies, or discounted supplies that people are trying to get rid of.

    Liquor stores

    Liquor stores are frequently disposing of cardboard boxes from weekly shipments. You’re almost guaranteed to find packing products here.

    Grocery stores

    Grocery stores receive shipments almost every day. The produce manager at any grocery store is likely to have plenty of unused boxes that would be perfect for packing and moving your house.

    Ask around the holidays

    If you’re moving around the holidays, keep in mind that this is a time of many deliveries to homes and businesses. Try asking for boxes and other packing supplies around this time. People might be more inclined to help you with a little holiday cheer.

    If you’re too busy to search for packing products in Birmingham, leave it to the moving professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our full service moving team has all the necessary materials to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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    When you’re ready to pack your items into boxes and make the move to a new area, you can depend on All My Sons Moving & Storage for full service packing and moving done right.

    Here are 4 reasons why you should use our Atlanta packing services to get the job done:

    1. You’ll get your money’s worth. At first you might think you can save money by packing and moving items on your own, but consider the number of damaged items, physical pain, time spent, and stress that comes with moving your items by yourself. Instead, depend on our moving company to handle all the dirty work for you.


    1. Don’t worry if you’re not a naturally organized person. Our team takes inventory of every item we carefully pack, so you’ll know exactly where everything is. We use a digital inventory program to log all your belongings. You can then sign off on the inventory sheet before they depart your current residence and when they finish unloading at your new residence. This helps for transport purposes, as well as unpacking purposes. With our company, you don’t have to worry if your items will end up damaged or lost.


    1. Full-service packing is perfect for a last-minute move. If you’re limited on time to pack due to a job or a family matter, you can depend on our top-quality Atlanta packing services to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


    1. Full-service moving not only includes packing, but it also includes unpacking and assembling of furniture. Perhaps packing is not the part you dread, but unpacking and placing furniture is. Atlanta packing services at All My Sons include all aspects of your move so that your worries don’t go past hiring a reputable moving company.


    Call today for a free packing and moving quote!

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    All My Sons Moving & Storage offers moving and packing services in Birmingham to make any local or long distance move easier on you and your family. When preparing for your upcoming move, our professional team recommends you try these tips for packing clothes:

    Use Garbage bags

    Tie garbage bags around 15-20 hangers. This is the easiest way to keep all your items in order and on their hangers. Plus, the garbage bags will keep them from getting torn or dirty during a move.

    Make use of shoes

    Get extra room for your shoes by filling them with undergarments and socks.

    Keep your drawers full

    The packers and movers at All My Sons of Birmingham don’t mind if you keep your clothes in all their drawers – they’ll still move it for you. This makes unpacking so much easier.

    Save on packing materials

    No need for bubble wrap – make use of thicker clothing by wrapping breakables like dishes and glasses inside thicker sweaters, pants, or blankets.

    Vacuum seal unused clothing

    Out of season clothing will only take up unnecessary space during your transition from one home to the next. Instead, pack out of season clothing together and vacuum seal the bags so they take up minimal room. The Birmingham packing services offered at All My Sons include storage for you to hold these and other unused items during your move.

    Avoid Stains

    Pack lighter colors inside out, and wrap the base of your shoes with disposable shower caps or saran wrap.

    Packing order matters

    Pack the clothing items you’ll need for the first few days last, at the very top of your boxes. This way you don’t have to frantically search through boxes of clothing to find appropriate work clothes or pajamas.


    Never throw away old or outgrown clothing, donate it to someone in need.

    Keep these tips for packing clothes in mind as you prepare for your move to Birmingham!

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    The thought of packing your entire house into various boxes can seem a little overwhelming. However, packing and moving is made easier with the proper tools and the right team.

    The expert Atlanta packing company, All My Sons, knows how to create a smooth move from start to finish. Here are the packing supplies you’ll need to have in your home:


    You will need boxes of various sizes to accommodate all sorts of household items. Small, medium, large, extra-large, divided boxes, and plastic bins.


    Packing and moving requires many kinds of tape; shipping tape, duct tape, and masking tape for labeling.

    Protective Packing Material

    Protective packing materials like packing Peanuts or bubble wrap are super useful, but you don’t necessarily need to spend money on protecting your items. Make use of things you already have, like sheets, socks, and sweaters.

    Packing paper is inexpensive and is useful when wrapped around glassware, plates, and other delicate items.

    Sharpie Permanent Markets

    These will help you label each box as you pack it. This way, your Atlanta packing company can easily distribute boxes to their assigned rooms, which will make unpacking a breeze.

    Garbage Bags

    You will not need to pack everything! Packing your house up means revisiting whether you really need all that junk that’s been sitting in the closet for 3 years. Keep plenty of garbage bags on hand – some for donating old clothes and items, and keep others for dumping out trash.

    For help with your packing process, call All My Sons Moving & Storage for professional packing services in Atlanta.

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    If you are applying for a mortgage to move into a new home, it is crucial to check up on your credit score before you do so. This way, you can get the best rate and reap the additional rewards that come along with a good credit score. The Mobile long distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to share with you three ways in which you can boost your credit score before you apply for a mortgage and move to a new home.

    It is important to keep your balances low. Before any mortgage applications are turned in, it is crucial to pay down your current debt. To keep your balances low, do not make any big purchases before applying for your mortgage, and use your card as minimally as possible.

    If you have any, Mobile long distance movers say to fix your late payments. Late payments do not disappear, and will only go away when you pay them off. To avoid late payments in the future and boost your credit score, set up payment due date alerts. Make sure that your bill payments are fitting the schedule that your paycheck is on.

    Mobile long distance movers suggest you stop applying for cards when the cashiers offer you a certain percentage off of your purchase to boost your credit score. You credit score takes a small hit every time you do so. Even though your score will approve almost immediately after applying, a hard inquiry will impact your credit score for an entire year.

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    If you’re getting ready to pack up one house and move to another, you might want to enlist the professional packing services in Atlanta from All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our team can pack your entire house, safely transport your valuables, and unpack at your new residence. If, however, you decide you want to take a swing at packing your items without professional help, our Atlanta movers can still save the day by providing you with all the necessary packing supplies to get the job done. These include boxes, protective packing material (bubble wrap, packing paper), and durable tape.

    Packing an entire house is a big task, and you might want to ask your friends for a little assistance. How can you convince your friends to ditch their plans for a day and help you with some hard labor? We’ve got you covered with these easy ways to get your friends on board:

    Ask Ahead of time

    People will be more inclined to help if you give them plenty of notice. Make sure you ask at least a week or two ahead of time so your friends can clear their schedule.

    Give them incentive

    Let your friends know they can get the first pick of items you plan to give away or donate.

    Provide snacks and drinks

    Your friends will have a better attitude about helping you pack if you keep plenty of refreshments on hand. This will keep everyone energized, refreshed, and eliminates the need to leave the house.

    Reward them afterwards

    Once the move is over, make sure you thank your friends for their help. This can be done by hosting a dinner night at your new place, or taking your friends out for drinks at a local bar.

    Use this advice from All My Sons Atlanta Movers when you want to ask your friends to help you move. If you do it right, they’ll help you each time.


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    If you are planning a move to Fort Lauderdale, you probably want to know what kind of entertainment the area has. Of course, the beaches are beautiful but you likely want a wider variety of options. If you are someone who likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, there are plenty of ways to do so in the city. Once your Fort Lauderdale movers are done with their job, head out to one of these great options.


    St. Patrick’s Day at Kelly Brothers Irish Pub


    If you want a party that lasts all day, Kelly Brothers Irish Pub is the place to find it. The restaurant and bar starts the day off by serving a traditional Irish breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. When your belly is satisfied, spend the rest of the afternoon drinking pints of Guinness and stay well into the night for plenty of music and dancing.


    St. Patrick’s Day at McSorley’s Beach Pub


    One of the best things about moving to Fort Lauderdale is the ability to combine great bars with plenty of beach time. You can do both when you spend St. Patrick’s Day at McSorley’s Beach Pub. Fill up on traditional fare like shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash before doing a few shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey with your friends. Musicians, bagpipes and plenty of green-tinted drinks add to the party atmosphere.


    St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival


    Are you looking for something family-friendly to celebrate your Irish heritage? The city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and festival includes live bands, Irish dancers and a parade. If you’re a morning person, check out the 4-mile Shamrock Run to kick off the day. Don’t forget to drop by the kid’s zone with your little ones.


    If you haven’t yet moved, you need All My Sons of Fort Lauderdale to help you. Licensed movers can help you with a smooth transition so you can get unpacked and enjoy your new surroundings as soon as possible.

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    After a cold bitter winter, preparing your home for spring in Broken Arrow OK can feel like turning over a new leaf. A newly blossomed green leaf thanks to the warmth of the spring sun! Whether you are a current resident or will soon be moving to Broken Arrow OK, it’s important to begin preparing your home for the climate change. We have put together a helpful guide of home tasks to take care of before spring is in full bloom!

    1.Start your task list off by fixing the wood trim around your home if necessary. Remember to check the doors, railings and windows throughout your home for any rotted wood that needs to be replaced. If you own a deck, make sure to probe this wood as well. Checking this prior to spring is very important as the wood can become damaged during the spring rain.

    2.Clean the gutters. No one likes this chore, but it is necessary to take care of before spring in Broken Arrow OK is in full effect. While cleaning the gutters, they should also be checked for sturdiness and any leaks. During the spring rain, gutters that are clogged or leaking can lead to detrimental water damages in your home.

    3.If you are moving to Broken Arrow OK in the spring, there is a good chance you will need to examine the chimney. If you are moving from an area where chimneys are not common, call a professional chimney sweeper to clean and inspect your chimney for any damages. This way, any ashes or left over remnants from winter are cleaned away and you are ready for a fresh start this spring in Broken Arrow OK.

    4.Finally, have your AC unit inspected, cleaned and serviced by a professional. When the weather shifts to a warmer climate, it is important to have your unit working at peak performance. You want to ensure nothing is broken and that all internal filters are ready for a new season of cooling!

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