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  • It’s happened to all of us. An unexpected family member, neighbor or friend calls to say they are dropping by and your home looks like a tornado has ripped through….twice! The few minutes you have before your guest arrives are crucial, so make sure you use these quick tricks from Raleigh movers to make your new Raleigh home seem spotless in no time flat.

    1. Use the Organized Stash Method – Instead of running around stashing items in random places, Raleigh movers suggest stashing things in closets or baskets according to room. This will save you time and energy in the end, when you are finally prepared to put everything back properly.
    2. Focus on Your Tabletops, Toilets and Television (the three T’s) – These are the things that scream cleanliness (or dirtiness) the most. Quickly wipe your dining room table, kitchen counters and coffee table free of any dust, dirt or crumbs. Dust your television, as it is a main focal point if you end up sitting in the living room with your guest. Scrub and wipe down your toilets for self-explanatory reasons. Covering the cleanliness of the three T’s will have your guest happy that they stopped by to see you after your move to Raleigh.
    3. Get Rid of the Pet Hair – Regardless of how clean your floors are, if your sofa is covered in dog or cat hair it’s going to be a major eyesore for your guest. Not to mention, your furniture could smell like pet dander without you even realizing it. Raleigh movers suggest that you keep a lint roller nearby to quickly de-hair your couch and cover up odor with a fabric refresher spray.

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    If you are a vegan, it can be difficult to find restaurants that offer meatless, dairy-free menu items to meet your dietary needs. Salt Lake City on the other hand, has been listed on PETA’s “Top Vegan-Friendly Cities” list and VegNews has deemed it “The Next Great Vegan City”. So, if you are moving to Salt Lake City and are a vegan, be on the lookout for the following restaurants that serve just the kind of vegan food you’re looking for!

    Buds – Located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City, Buds is a well-known and popular sub shop, and rightfully so. The shop offers an entirely plant-based menu that features everything from a Barbacoa-grilled jackfruit sub to zucchini chocolate chip cookies. Ingredients are prepared daily, which will increase your customer satisfaction with anything you order. If you are vegan and relocating to Salt Lake City, Buds should definitely be on your list of places to eat.

    Zest Kitchen & Bar – For the complete vegetarian experience, Salt Lake City movers love Zest Kitchen & Bar. The menu features 100% gluten-free items, which are also vegetarian, organic and healthy. Zest’s bar is stocked with the very best in organic wines and beer, and Zest bartenders shake up popular signature cocktails. Once you move to Salt Lake City, visit Zest during the weekend for Saturday Brunch or vibrant nightlife, which includes a DJ and dancing. If you are into a more low-key atmosphere, try Zest during the week for a comfortable lunch or dinner.

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    If you’re moving to Salt Lake City, don’t worry about missing the opportunity to see a big Broadway show come next year. Set to be completed in Fall 2016, The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater has hit its halfway mark in construction. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City on Main Street, the performing arts center is being built to handle large Broadway productions, such as The Lion King, which have previously passed on performing in the city due to space limitations.

    The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater will hold 2,500 seats and three balconies. Atmosphere is being created to make show goers feel like they are settled in a Utah canyon in the middle of a clear night and space is being constructed to hold all the materials Broadway productions bring with them.

    “This can handle those big, touring Broadway productions where you can bring in the stage, glitz and glamour that make the production real,” said Salt Lake County mayor, Ben McAdams.

    Salt Lake City’s local businesses are also being taken into account with the construction of The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater. After your move to Salt Lake City, take a walk over to Regent Street, which is located behind the theater. There you’ll see how the community is connecting to the theater, by developing an area for artists, boutiques and cafes.

    According to Salt Lake City mayor, Ralph Becker, “We’re going to create in the heart of our city a whole new level of activity and opportunity.”

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    Baton Rouge and New Orleans exported a combined $42.4 billion in products across the world in 2014, making the two cities among the nation’s top exporters and trade leaders. As a result, Baton Rouge moving companies see a number of trade workers move to Baton Rouge and New Orleans each year for a chance to be a part of the massive local trading industry.

    What makes New Orleans and Baton Rouge climb higher on the totem pole when it comes to trade? In one single year, both cities saw double-digit growth in the value of their exports, reaching increases of roughly 15%.

    According to network director of the U.S. Commercial Service in New Orleans, Thomas Strauss, “Metro area exporters are seeing a lot of movement in worldwide export sales. Our office has also seen an uptick in the number of smaller firms and entrepreneurs looking to make new sales abroad.”

    Executive Director at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Jay Hardman, explained that the majority of their growth was in the volume of grain shipments last year.

    If you work in the trade industry, there has never been a better time to move to Baton Rouge; export growth is expected to continue rising throughout year 2016.


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    In an event that began last Thursday and carries on until Friday, the Pony of the Americas Club National Congress is here in Tulsa. In total, Tulsa’s horse shows add about $80 million in economic revenue every year, which is something that Tulsa moving companies are excited about, hoping that it will move more people into Tulsa permanently. More specifically, the Pony of the Americas Club National Congress adds close to $1 million to the city’s economy on a yearly basis.

    According to Ray Hoyt, vice president of Visit Tulsa and the Tulsa Sports Commission, “exhibitors descend on Tulsa from all over the nation, making the trip a vacation as well as attending the show.” The second year the Pony of the Americas organization held its annual congress in Tulsa, the show had drawn in over 3,000 entries and more than 300 ponies to Expo Square.

    Joyse Banister, CEO of Pony of the Americas, shared that, “we make a major impact, not only with the facility at the fairgrounds but also in restaurants and hotels in the Tulsa community, who in return is very good back to us.” Since most exhibitors in the Pony of the Americas events are on the younger side, Banister believes that “it’s quite addictive and is a great organization to raise children in because they get to meet friends from all over the country.”

    If you just recently had your local Tulsa movers drop you and your family off at your new home and you want to see what the local Tulsa horseback riding community is all about, the Pony of the Americas Club National Congress is a great way to do that – after all, it’s free!

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    If you or your family are planning on moving to Memphis this summer, you may be in for some sporadic and wild Memphis weather! Although fascinating, Memphis movers want you to be prepared for the uncommon conditions the weather may bring this season.

    Here are 3 weather events that Meteorologist Andrew Kozak says you may experience this season after moving to Memphis:

    1. Fire Rainbows – Just as the name suggests, this weather event looks like a rainbow that has been lit on fire. The flames of rainbow color are caused by the sun shining though extremely high cirrus clouds that are high in ice-crystal content. Because of the shape of the cirrus clouds the sun is shining through, it creates a rainbow in the shape of flames.
    2. Sun Dogs – If you are moving to Memphis this summer, keep your eye peeled for this uncommon weather event that most likely occurs when the sun is setting. While the sun is low on the horizon, it can appear to have a halo around it. Sun dogs are an effect of ice crystals in the atmosphere around the sun. The ice crystals cause light to bend around the sun, therefore creating a halo around it.
    3. Green Rays – While watching a sunrise or sunset from your new home, Memphis movers suggest looking out for a ray or flash of green light that only lasts a few seconds. This green glow located on the top of a sunrise or sunset is caused by refraction (or the bending of light).

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    Recently, the National Register of Historic Places has added new properties – including one 1925 Tulsa apartment. In fact, four Oklahoma properties have been added to the register, including the Elizabeth Manor apartment in Tulsa, the C.A. Comer House in Dewey, the Hays-Kennedy/Rivoli Theater in downtown Blackwell and the Czech Hall of Oklahoma City.

    In order for a property to be added to the National Register of Historic Places, a property must meet the National Register Criteria for Evaluation. This includes analyzing the property’s age, integrity and significance. A property must be at least 50 years old in order to even be considered historic, and it must look similar to how it did in the past. Along with that, the property in question must have been important relative to events that happened in the past, or associated with the lives of people who were important in the past.

    Described as Late Gothic Revival/Collegiate Gothic-style structure, the Elizabeth Manor is a three-story building near Veterans Park. According to the Tulsa Preservation Commission, “Elizabeth Manor is an excellent representation of the apartment house construction boom in Tulsa during the 1920s.”

    Nonetheless, those history buffs planning on using Tulsa movers to relocate to Oklahoma in the near future have much reason to celebrate. Not only does being listed on the National Register provide recognition, but it also offers protection that will help preserve the building from potentially being destroyed in order to build new buildings on top of it.

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    If you are like many of us, you probably have old, unused medication sitting somewhere in the back of your medicine cabinet because you are not exactly sure what to do with it. Well, now that you are packing for your move to Milwaukee use these helpful tips on how to dispose of old medication so you don’t bring it with you to your new home.

    1. Always check a medication’s label first to see if it has instructions for disposal. If the label indicates how to dispose of the medication, follow those steps. Properly discarding medication is important for the environment and also keeps prescription drugs out of the wrong hands before you move to Milwaukee.
    2. If your old or unused medication label doesn’t indicate instructions for disposal, call your local community center and ask if they have a medication disposal system. Many cities and communities collect used and unwanted medications at a central location during a “Drug Take-Back Day” and dispose of everything in an environmentally safe manner.
    3. If your community is not offering a “Drug Take-Back Day” or a “Pill Drop” before you move to Milwaukee, you can safely dispose of your unused or unwanted medication by doing the following: Remove medication from labeled container, use a permanent marker to black out all information on the bottle and dispose of the bottle in the garbage. Next, mix medication with an undesired substance such as coffee grounds or kitty litter and place mixture in a sealed plastic bag or container. Discard this mixture in the garbage before you move to Milwaukee.

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    The Bright New Leaders for Ohio Schools program is making headlines across the state by training the leaders of tomorrow. The state-funded program trains future principals on how to turn around low-income schools, which is good news for current Ohio residents and anyone who is looking to move to Columbus.

    Serving as a joint effort between the Ohio Business Roundtable, the Ohio Department of Education, and Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, the state program works to train principals to be better equipped at handling some of Ohio’s toughest schools. If all turns out well, principals should be able to enter into these schools and increase or benefit the academic standard of the school, which would increase the schools’ overall moral as well. Columbus movers hope that the statewide effort makes the state more appealing to move to, since schools will potentially move up in grade and academic progress.

    During the first year of the program, there were 850 applicants but only 200 moved forward. The program works towards a master’s of business administration, allows applicants to receive a $2,500 monthly stipend, shadow principals, and be linked with a master teacher for lesson planning and instruction.

    Richard A. Stoff, president and CEO of the Roundtable, said that, “We believe leadership is leadership, and it’s time to begin trying some new and innovative school techniques to train school leaders.”

    If you are moving to Columbus, please be aware of the state’s school initiatives and make sure to research the school districts and grades before you select a school for your child.

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    t’s coming up on that time of year again and Columbus movers are excited to announce that the annual Susan G. Komen Columbus: The 2015 Race for the Cure Columbus registration is open.

    This year, the race is expanding to Ohio University, where it is teaming up with the university’s School of Nursing to “put a pink paw into southeast Ohio,” according to 10TV.

    Executive Director Katie Carter explains that this part of Ohio is critical in the fight against breast cancer by stating, “I think it’s a big deal because it’s away from Columbus, we have 30 counties that we serve. It gives people the opportunity to come from other counties and get involved in an event that we celebrate every year. Columbus has been the largest race for the cure, why not add another!”

    The Komen Athens Race for the Cure will take place on Sunday, October 25th at 12 p.m. and this year, attendees can use the hashtag #NewAtKomen for their social media sharing. You can register online at as an individual, a team, or join an existing team. The 2015 goal is to have 35,000 people register and raise $50,000. So if you are moving to Columbus, this is the perfect way to get involved in the community and serve the great cause of creating awareness while raising funds for breast cancer.

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