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  • Like any other process of moving, you may have some items that do not need to be brought into your home right away. To help hold off on some of the items that you do not need during the summer months, you should get a St. Augustine storage unit for your convenience. All My Sons Moving & Storage has a few tips and ideas for you in regards to using your storage unit while moving this summer.

    Store Your Holiday Decorations – There is no need to unpack and organize all of your holiday decorations during the summertime. A St. Augustine storage unit is essential for storing all of your holiday items.

    De-Clutter Your Closet from Winter Clothes – Going from one house to the next, you may realize that your jackets and boots are taking up a ton of space. Moving this summer gives you the opportunity to sort through all of your winter clothing to store what you want, and donate what you do not.

    Controlling the Climate – Moving this summer could bring a lot of heat, literally. Sometimes if your new house is not set up until you are all completely moved in, there can be overheating issues. Or if you turn the air conditioning up before you leave the house, it gets a bit warm when you are not home. A St. Augustine storage unit is climate controlled, so because the unit will be nearby, you can store things you want to keep in between 68 and 71 degrees and get to them whenever you wish, wish them safe and sound.

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    Living in a small space does not mean you have to be cluttered. There are many ways in which you can maximize apartment space while keeping it clean and cozy. All My Sons Moving & Storage, the Hilton Head moving company, has five solid tops for you to maximize apartment space to the best of your ability.

    Use all of your wall space. Instead of a headboard, use the space on the wall above your bed for shelving. You can also utilize the space above that for scattered shelving, or take your book cases and cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

    Raise your bed. There are plenty of ways that you can raise your bed a bit so you can put some storage bins underneath the bed.

    Put your TV on your dresser. If your TV is sitting on a stand and your dresser is in the corner, you can maximize your apartment space by doubling your dresser as your TV stand.

    Storage-ready furniture. Consider all of the storage opportunities you have with ottomans and other pieces of furniture that open up and allow for things to go inside.

    Strategically place mirrors. Mirrors make your space seem bigger, so incorporate a few to trick the eye.

    The Hilton Head moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, has more tips for your home or apartment here.

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    Art lovers from all over the state travel far and wide to attend the wonderful outdoor art fests that are taking place between now and April right near your home town of Fort Myers! The Fort Myers moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has compiled a list of a few of the upcoming art festivals. At these festivals, visitors can purchase inexpensive paintings from local artists and beautiful handmade jewelry to take home.

    The Coconut Point Art Festival takes place this weekend, on February 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days at the Coconut Point shopping center, 23130 Fashion Drive, Estero. Admission is free, and there are about 250 artists in attendance. The popular juried fest includes art demonstrations and many artists who have never appeared before in Southwest Florida.

    The Naples National Art Festival also takes place this weekend, on February 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days at Cambier Park and Eighth Street in Downtown Naples. The Fort Myers moving company says admission is free, but a $5 donation is appreciated. There will be about 270 artists in attendance. This art festival is a major fundraiser for the Naples Art Association.

    The Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts will be taking place next month, on March 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on both days on Fifth Avenue South in Downtown Naples. This festival is also a fundraiser for the Naples Art Association.

    Art in the Park will be taking place on the first Saturday of the month from now through April, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Park Street, just one block south of Fifth Avenue South in Downtown Naples. Admission is free, and there will be 48 artists each month. The Fort Myers moving company announces that this monthly event features artists who are members of the Naples Art Association.

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    St. Augustine has several neighborhoods and communities to choose from, so it is important that you do your research so you can find what place suits you and your family the best. Fortunately, experts at the St. Augustine moving company at All My Sons have done a bit of research to aid you in your decision. Regardless of where you are in the area, you are only a short drive from the beach.

    The houses in Atlantic Beach are located right off of highway A1A, in the perfect place for families who love the ocean. The St. Augustine movers say these houses are situated right along the beach, with some of the best restaurants and shopping that St. Augustine has to offer.

    The St. Augustine moving company knows that living downtown can make you feel a bit close together with your neighbors, but Old Town is a bit slower than the center of downtown St. Augustine. In Old Town, you are in walking distance of popular St. George Street. As we said before, the beach is very close, as well!

    If you are a fan of golf, the St. Augustine moving company suggests taking a look at the World Golf Village neighborhoods. This massive neighborhood has two golf courses inside the complex, and each course has its own club house, dining room, patio, bar, and pro shop. There is also a spa, IMAX Theater, and World Golf Hall of Fame, making this one of the best neighborhoods to live in in St. Augustine.

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    Whether you are spending the day or night with your significant other or your best friends, St. Augustine is a great place to spend Valentine’s Day! All My Sons Moving & Storage, the top St. Augustine movers, share a few of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day this year.

    Take a Stroll in the Historic District. Downtown St. Augustine, specifically Saint George Street, Aviles Street, and Cordova Street, being the best places to take a walk down the historic district. These areas are lined with art galleries, shops, restaurants, and even a love tree that sends good luck when couples share a kiss underneath it!

    Go on a Wine Tour. Wine tours as a couple or on a double date are always romantic. Check out the San Sebastian Winery for daily tours a wine tastings.

    Go to the Spa. If you and your girlfriends are spending Valentine’s Day together, the St. Augustine movers suggest heading to the spa! Gather together and pamper yourselves with massages and pedicures.

    Watch the Sunset. Or you can wake up early and watch the sunrise! Either way, St. Augustine movers say one of the most romantic moments on Valentine’s Day is being able to watch the sky change colors as the earth rotates with your significant other.

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    Just last week, the Town of Hilton Head Island announced that they will be funding debris removal for some of the more unfortunate communities on the island after the hit from Hurricane Matthew. The Hilton Head moving company, All My Sons, reports that these communities were denied funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA.

    It has been more than three month since Hurricane Matthew caused havoc on the island, where 72 private roadways have been effected and debris still lays. A Hilton Head moving company states that most of these roadways are narrow dirt roads with much of the land referred to as heirs’ property. The reason FEMA denied funding for the debris removal is because most of the roadways appeared to not have enough debris to qualify for the reimbursement.

    Instead of creating an appeal to FEMA’s denial, the Town of Hilton Head has opted to fund the cleanup for all 72 roads. The clean-up is going to cost an estimated $50,000. The Hilton Head moving company states that the town requests for all storm-related debris to be on the roadway for clean up this week.

    For future updates on the cleanup, check out the rest of our blog. For more information and help moving to Hilton Head, click here.

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    When it comes to choosing a moving company, the list is endless. You can easily search for moving companies in your area, but how do you know who you can trust with your belongings? Fort Lauderdale movers at All My Sons have compiled a short list of questions to ask your potential moving company so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

    Are you licensed? Make sure that the moving company you are interested in has a US DOT number. This is a unique license number that is issued by the United States Department of Transportation meeting the commercial motor vehicle standards.

    Are you insured? Fort Lauderdale movers stress that you should never use a moving company that does not have a license or insurance.

    Do you have any packing requirements? Is your moving company going to wrap and protect all of your furniture to prevent any damages? Moving companies have ways of protecting against liability. Find out the packing specifications before hiring your moving company and make sure they stick to them on moving day.

    How long have you been in business? Experience and the proof to continually deliver is great. Aside from being licensed and insured, it is beneficial when your moving company has experience with packing and transporting irreplaceable valuables. Fort Lauderdale movers at All My Sons has over 20 years of experience with packing and moving.

    Do you have the necessary equipment? It is important your moving company has the right size moving truck, dollies, and other necessary equipment for a successful move.

    What do your rates include? Rates can change based on season, availability, day of the week, and more. You need to be familiar with what the rates include and that there are no hidden costs or unexpected expenses.

    Do you provide inventory? Your moving company should provide a full inventory including the number of boxes that are going to be moved, the size of the boxes, the current conditions of your belongings, and any special arrangements that need to be made. Fort Lauderdale movers suggest taking your own inventory of your things for proof if you need it.

    What methods of payment do you accept? If your moving company requests cash, this is a big red flag. Legitimate movers accept credit cards and cashier checks.

    Find out more about the moving company’s professional reputation before making your final decision. An online search can tell you a lot about your potential moving company, and your neighbors and friends’ opinions can help, too.

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    This is it, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. They have finally found the key to a longer life! Call up a Fort Myers moving company and let them know you are moving to town! Collier County in the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island metro area has the highest life expectancy in the country. Residents of Collier County, at birth, have a life expectancy of 83.5 years, that’s 4 years longer than the current average life expectancy of a typical American resident! If that’s not enough to convince you to move to Fort Myers, we don’t know what is!

    A new report analyzing the data behind these findings are relating the increase in life expectancy to the lifestyle experienced in Fort Myers. The relaxed environment combined with a higher average income within the community leads residents to inevitably live a healthier life. It may seem as though moving to Fort Myers is the answer to our problems but it all comes down to one factor: money. Wealthier areas tend to harbor lower obesity rates and promote healthy living. Collier County being one of Florida’s wealthiest counties makes it a highly desirable area to live.

    Making the move to Fort Myers opens the doorway for a very relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Fort Myers living welcomes beach goers, picnickers, and those who enjoy outside activities. So, if you are looking to add years to your life make sure to give the best Fort Myers moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, a call today and get your life on the longest path available!

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    Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially when you feel as if you have enough belongings to fill an entire moving truck to the brim. If you wish to move stress-free, it is suggested that you opt with white glove movers from a reputable moving company. When it comes to white glove moving services, the Fort Myers moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has got you covered.

    White glove movers are those who make sure that all of your moving needs are met, from beginning to end, so all you have to do is relocate to your new home and begin your life. Although white glove moving services are not for everyone, they are extremely beneficial in plenty of moving situations.

    You should be opting for white glove movers if you are moving valuable antiques, if you have heavy items that are difficult to move in and around the house, if you need help assembling items, and if you are not sure where or how to arrange your furniture in your new home. If you are moving an office, white glove movers like the ones at the Fort Myers moving company can connect your electronics, set up the office furniture, and put everything else in place so you do not have to.

    At All My Sons, the Fort Myers moving company, our white glove movers have the time to pack, assemble, move, and take care of everything for you to make your move as easy, and seamless as possible, with absolutely no hassle. Contact your movers at All My Sons today.

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    After moving to Overland Park, it may be a while before you find a favorite restaurant or favorite bar. Exploring a new city gives you the opportunity to try new cuisine. For those of you who are moving to Overland Park, check out this list of the best restaurants in the area.

    1.Jack Stack Barbecue featuring American Barbeque cuisine

    2. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood offers patrons American style dishes with bar and restaurant dining options.

    3. Nick & Jakes provides its patrons American cuisine dishes ranging from Burgers to Filet Mignon and a Sunday brunch buffet.

    4. Brobeck’s BBQ is a unique BBQ destination that serves up it’s delicious smoked meats rubbed in their special rub recipe without sauce. Guests can add their favorite sauce but is not needed.

    5. Cinzetti’s is an Italian restaurant with a twist. Patrons can enjoy samples from several dishes cooked up at one of the 14 exhibition cooking stations in front of them.

    6. Burnt End BBQ made it on the best restaurants in Overland Park list by serving tender and juicy portions of meat to its customers. Kansas knows BBQ and this joint makes the cut!

    7. Spin Neapolitan Pizza offers residents of Overland Park, fresh ingredients to create some of the best pizza around. If you are moving to Overland Park, make sure to stop by and create your own pizza at Spin!

    8. Korma Sutra makes the list for the best Indian cuisine in Overland Park. With fresh products and authentic Indian dishes, Korma Sutra is a favorite in Overland Park.

    9. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is an American restaurant and Steakhouse serving some of Overland’s best wood-fired steaks and seafood.

    10. Stroud’s of Overland Park is last on our list of best restaurants in Overland Park but is far from the worst. Home to PAN fried chicken, guests can enjoy delicious home style fried chicken dishes.

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