Christmas in Scottsdale

Just a half an hour from Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona is known as a desert version of the Miami’s South Beach. This comparison is particularly apt at Christmas. The average temperature in Scottsdale on Xmas day is a balmy 65 degrees. That doesn’t dampen the Christmas spirit though.

While the weather outside is far from frightful, the holiday fun in Scottsdale is certainly delightful. All kinds of great holiday fun can be found in and around the Scottsdale area.

Scottsdale is ranked as the best city in America to raise kids. It couldn’t be more evident than at the Polar Express of Scottsdale, running from November 7th through January 3rd 2015. This wonderful recreation of the classic children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg features a train ride to the North Pole where the kids will get to meet with Santa himself.

What would Christmas be without a picture with Santa ? The kids can get a photo-op with Old St. Nick at Santa HQ in the Scottsdale Fashion Square. A variety of photo packages are available, and of course there’s great shopping for the adults.

Speaking of adults. Want to give one of the grown-ups on your Christmas list a memorable Xmas experience ? Look no further than one of the luxurious Spa packages at the Prado Restaurant at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia. The Omni features Play and Stay Golf packages, Spa packages, and a breathtaking view of Camelback mountain.

But there’s more to Scottsdale than Xmas. Scottsdale’s top 10 rankings for Best Run Cities in America, Safest Cities In America, Best Place to Raise Children and Google’s “eCity” award recognition have made it a magnet for young families. But Scottsdale was also ranked as the 5th best place to retire. There’s something for everyone year round in the Scottsdale. Move to Scottsdale and discover why it’s called “The West’s Most Western Town”.

School Times: They Are a Changing

If you have moved to Maryland since this past October, keep an ear open for changing school times for your children.

In October, a group of residents brought a proposal to the Board of Education that would change school start times, and with local high schools starting class at 7:17 a.m., their concerns are understandable.

Since local schools’ start times are among the earliest in the state, the group of fifteen concerned residents proposed four options:

  • Push back high school start times to 8:30 a.m. and middle school start times to 9:30 a.m. Change elementary school start times from anytime between 7:50 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. This plan would cost $8.8 million.
  • Push back high school start times to 9:15 a.m. and middle school start times to anywhere between 8:20 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., with one high school starting at 9:00 a.m. Switch elementary school times to begin anywhere between 7:40 a.m. and 9:15 a.m., costing the total plan around $9.4 million.
  • Push back every schools’ start time to 30 minutes later than its current start time, and have the latest elementary classes start at 9:55 a.m. This plan would cost $600,000.
  • Push back every schools’ start time by 30 minutes and allow the option for students to take online classes as a “late-start hybrid option” for two of the high schools. This plan would cost $2.1 million for the hybrid program.

Option number three is currently the most popular option among parents, faculty, and after-school care programs and facilities. However, the polled numbers for changing school times has not shown enough support for the idea.

Maryland resident and advocate for the group Start Schools Later, says that the Board of Education really needs to get on board with the idea, since research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that high school students develop sleep patterns in which staying up late makes it essential for them to sleep in a little later. Due to a lack of sleep, high school students may not be functioning to their fullest capabilities so early in the morning, a fact that could prove detrimental to their early morning learning.

If you and your family are moving to Maryland, family-owned local moving companies suggest that you go online and see which schools will be closest to your new home and check their start times, you may want to house hunt in an area that has an ideal school start time for your child(ren).

Kung Fu, a Christmas Miracle

Kung Fu – Atomic Superband

Kick 2014 to the curb and do some good while you’re at it !!! Come down for Kung Fu’s annual holiday spectacular at Toad’s Place in New Haven. The local tri state favorites will be playing their unique brand of fun-loving and thoughtful jam band fusion, as their web site puts it:

Proud to be firmly installed in the new-funk movement, KUNG FU is quickly popularizing their unique sonic contribution, blurring the line between intense electro-fusion, and blistering dance arrangements. Making fusion music “cool” again, the band draws on influences such as early Headhunters and Weather Report, and merges those ideas with a contemporary EDM informed sensibility. Imagine 70′s funk-fusion meets a modern dance party!

If the fantastic music weren’t reason enough you’ll be seeing this high energy quintet at the world famous Toad’s Place. This legendary venue has hosted the likes of U2, Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters. In 1989 The Rolling Stones dropped by for an impromtu set. On December 19th and 20th Kung Fu will be performing Steely Dan’s legendary breaththrough album “The Royal Scam”.

This event is no scam though, unwrapped presents will be donated to Yale Children’s Hospital or with the Marines’ Toys for Tots charity. The band wants to fill a truck with presents. His heroic efforts on behalf of children in need show his big heart, and how much he cares.

As a family owned company whose charity efforts focus on the welfare of children, we at your local Connecticut moving company salute the fine work of Kung Fu and hope that they continue to make a difference with their work.

Take it to the bridge, Kung Fu.

Try Tulsa’s New All About Cha

With a unique and catchy name, great eats, and prime location, All About Cha Stylish Tea & Coffee is what everyone in Tulsa is talking about. This new café on the block of the BOK Center, has been catching the attention of the downtown nightlife lovers and downtown residents.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, All About Cha has vibrant food choices that everyone will enjoy. On top of having some of the best food downtown, All About Cha (meaning tea) features all sorts of delectable tea classifications.

If you consider yourself a food and tea fanatic, downtown Tulsa may be the perfect home for you. Move to Tulsa today and you can enjoy a hot cup of black teas from China, green teas from Japan, and blended and herb teas from Korea, tomorrow.

All My Sons’ moving specialists suggests that anyone who is in the middle of a stressful move, visit All About Cha to kick back, relax, and enjoy what Tulsa has to offer. Didn’t think it could get any better? If you are on a moving time crunch, All About Cha can will come to you! At your convenience you can order catering from All About Cha to your new Tulsa home and spend more time getting settled into your new home.

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Do Not Miss Out on the Top Holiday Traditions in Milwaukee

Moving to Milwaukee before the New Year? All My Sons of Milwaukee wants to make sure that you do not miss out on Milwaukee’s top holiday traditions! Unlike many cities where holiday celebrations have been modified to fit today’s modern generation, Milwaukee celebrates in an old-school style.

Milwaukee keeps a total of seven old-school holiday activities alive and in high spirits, every year! From the Kooky Cooky House to Billie the Brownie, there are holiday activities for the entire family to enjoy!

If your time is limited, All My Sons of Milwaukee suggests that you visit the following top three venues before the celebrations are over. Let your local moving company take care of your move, while you and your loved ones celebrate the holidays with the rest of Milwaukee.

  1. Kooky Cooky House: Opening in the 60s, the Kooky Cooky House (a human-scale cookie factory), was a Christmastime must-see. Today, the rebuilt replica is located at Discovery World and gives free cookies to everyone!
  2. Mitchell Park Domes: The Mitchell Park Domes are a must-see, year-round attraction. However, they have displayed a holiday themed floral show annual since 1964. The 2014 Dome show is “Mele Kalikimaka”, the Hawaiian phrase for Merry Christmas.
  3. Christmas tree-gazing at Elsa’s: Mixing up one of the most popular traditions is Elsa’s on the Park. Elsa’s on the Park mixes the untraditional with the traditional when it comes to Christmas trees. Be sure to stop by and see what the Christmas tree is made out of this year. In past years, it has been decorated with Barbie, broken martini glasses, and even 20,000 safety pins.

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Priscilla: the Pink Pig of Atlanta

For over 50 years, Atlanta residents have enjoyed the Macy’s tradition that is exclusive to them…the Pink Pig.

Priscilla is a large Pink Pig children’s ride that is located at the Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall.

The Pink Pig debuted in the 1950s as a children’s ride at downtown Rich’s store. The ride is open every holiday season and will be open until January 4, 2014.

If you and your family are moving to Atlanta this holiday season, park on the upper-level parking deck outside of the Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall and for only $3 your children can ride one of Atlanta’s most famous holiday traditions…the Pink Pig.

Local Atlanta moving companies want you and your family to be able to adjust to your new neighborhood, and would like to inform you that not only can your children have fun on the Pink Pig, but also that part of your $3 will go to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Since the Pink Pig was moved to the Macy’s location, riding fees have helped to donate over $600,000 to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Join the many local businesses and entire families who come out and ride Priscilla, not only to continue the Atlanta tradition, but to be a big part in donating for children’s healthcare.

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New Smoky Mountain Superintendent Aims to Attract Diversity to the Famous Park

Regional Director of the National Park Service Stan Austin named Memphis native Cassius Cash the new superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park last week.

In February, 2015, Cash will be taking charge of an important role for the Smoky Mountains. Currently, 97 percent of Smoky Mountain visitors are white, two percent are American Indian, two percent are Hispanic or Latino, one percent are Asian, and one percent are black. Since Cash is African American, he aims to increase the amount of minorities visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Cash and the National Park Service are working together to come up with ways to attract more minorities to visit our nation’s environmental landmarks and treasures.

Cash explained in a local news release that, “I look forward to working with local communities, friends groups, and tribal communities on how the National Park Service can build on innovative ideas to create the next generation of stewards and supporters of this park. The timing for this is excellent because the Park Service will enter its second century of service to the nation when it celebrates its Centennial in 2016.”

Having such an important role and representing a stepping stone for Smoky Mountains’ officials, Cash is proof that although the nation’s view of minorities is changing, the percentage of minorities represented in the visitor data shows an area for the NPS to improve upon.

Knoxville moving companies welcome everyone to our great city and hope that all visitors and new residents make it to the Great Smoky Mountains, not only to cherish one of our nation’s greatest landmarks, but also to help diversify Tennessee.

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Baton Rouge has Faster Ambulance Response Times

If you are moving to Baton Rouge, a major concern for homeowners is the security of the area and how readily available emergency response services are. Local moving companies want you to be well equipped for your move and find the right neighborhood for you and your family’s safety. We are proud to say that Baton Rouge’s Eastern Iberville Parish is about to have the quickest emergency medical response times, ever!

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi and a crowd of other officials cut the ribbon on a new facility for Acadian Ambulance that will be staffed 24/7. The new office will give the emergency response company a permanent presence in Iberville that has been without around-the-clock ambulance service since 1988.

Stassi had been pushing for there to be a permanent ambulance response system for Iberville since his election two years ago.

“For far too long, they’ve been the stepchild of the (parish) system, and I’m happy to be able to bring this facility over here. With the amount of petrochemical industry located over here, and east Iberville growing in leaps and bounds, this was the next logical step for Acadian Ambulance. This means a lot for this side of the river, a large share of the tax revenue comes from the east side of the river, so to finally bring them ambulance service is what we needed to do.”

If you have been considering moving to Baton Rouge and were looking to move to the Iberville Parish area, the neighborhood now has even more to offer you and your family and is quickly growing.


Jacksonville Merchants Participate in Holiday Door-Decorating Contest

Since 2006, local Jacksonville businesses and the Jacksonville Art Council have partnered together in a holiday door-decorating contest, in hopes to enhance the holiday spirit in the city and the city’s appeal.

Businesses who wish to participate in the holiday door-decorating contest can hang holiday posters and decorations in their windows and on their door. They will then be judged for first, second, and third place prizes based on their effort and creativity.

Emily Lipscomb, president of the Jacksonville Arts Council, invites, “all citizens and visitors to take a riding or walking tour to enjoy the special effort of these merchants to beautify our city for the holidays.”

24 merchants participated in 2013’s contest and the Arts Council hopes that many more local businesses will join in for 2014 and the years ahead.

Lipscomb says that they always welcome new members and are thrilled when new businesses contact them to enter in on the holiday fun; so if you will be relocating your business to Jacksonville, your local moving company can help you move your office so that you can enter your business into this year’s holiday door-decorating contest.

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Molly Brown House Flapper Christmas

By any standard Margaret Tobin was a hero. Anyone who has seen the blockbuster movie Titanic will remember the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Margaret “Molly” Tobin was born in Hannibal Missouri on July 18, 1867 to a poor family, and dreamed of a better life. Molly always had a big heart. Though she had planned to marry a rich man, she was smitten with JJ Miller, the son of poor Irish immigrants, and married for love. JJ went on to attain great wealth in the mining business and Molly’s childhood dream came true.

Molly cared for others. With the time and riches of a millionaire’s wife she invested her heart and soul in helping others. She ran a soup kitchen for the families of the miners whose work made her rich. Molly was instrumental in forming the first juvenile court in the U.S. and worked tirelessly on behalf he poor in her adopted home of Denver. But Molly’s heroism and care for others is best exemplified by actions during the sinking of the Titanic. Though she could have escaped the doomed ship early with the rich patrons of 1st class, or with the poor women and children in steerage she refused to board a lifeboat, helping others instead. When she was finally forced to board a lifeboat she took up an oar with the men and even fought the ship’s quartermaster over whether they should try to rescue others trapped in the frigid water.

The Molly Brown House Museum is a memorial to this icon of the Mile High City. The Victorian style mansion On Pennsylvania St. was purchased by the Browns in 1894 and was Molly’s home until her death in 1932. This year the museum will have a number of great events, but Thirsty Thursday – A Flapper Christmas is probably the most unique

“A historic twist on young professional events, Thirsty Thursday will dive into topics too taboo for conversations in daylight. Perfect for fashionistas and nerds alike! Kick off the holiday season in the true Flapper style. Dance the night away in an “undercover” speakeasy. You will receive a password that will allow you entry to this underground party. Discover the history of the Flapper, listen to some great 20s music, learn the Charleston, and see what helped to make the 1920s roaring. Enjoy drinks from Gold Moon Distillery and munch on some historic treats of the era. This event is recommended for 21-40 year old young professionals.most unique.”

Moving to the Mile-High City ? Then You want a mover who cares for you and will go to heroic lengths to make sure you have a great moving experience.

Images courtesy of the Molly Brown House Museum

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