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  • East Tulsa is a lovely place to call home, but it has not had much retail development in the past thirty years. Sure, a store or two will pop up from time to time, but retail development has not kept up with residential development and our town’s population increase. But your Tulsa moving company recently learned that a large developer, Horizon Group Properties, proposed plans for a huge shopping outlet in East Tulsa. Woo hoo! The proposed name for the center is the Outlet Shoppes at Tulsa.

    The proposal detailed a 400,000-square-foot, 95 store retail outlet that could potentially be ready by 2017. The retail outlet would bring in plenty of big-named stores, more eating options, and even additional offices and hotels. It would also create about 1,200 permanent jobs; which is great for the residents of East Tulsa. Horizon often partners with big brands and stores like: Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. The development company’s plans also include a summer concert series and a farmers market.

    The proposed lot is at 129th East Avenue, at Interstate 44. The lot is thought to be perfect for such an outlet mall. It is right next to the highway and exit, and the land is solid for building. Because of this, other developers are also making proposals for an outlet mall.

    If you are moving to Tulsa, you should definitely keep up with the development of this potential retail outlet; it will bring convenience and entertainment to your new home town!

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    If you are moving to Atlanta this month, Atlanta moving companies urge you to keep an extra watch out for deputies and do not use the emergency lane for passing during traffic!

    In the afternoon, the Georgia 400 can be a nightmare during rush hour, causing a lot of drivers to use the emergency lane to pass other drivers who may be holding them up. However, these passing drivers are in for a rude awakening, since local deputies are now warning that they will be cracking down on tickets for anyone who is caught illegally using the emergency lane.

    According to local resident Whitney Gardner, the traffic typically starts near exit 12 at McFarland Parkway and, “People are stuck for hours on that exit.”

    For drivers who are desperately trying to get around slow traffic, the shoulder is their only escape, and the recent announcement from the sheriff’s office is frustrating.

    “So it backs up, backs up and stays backed up. So I understand why they do it,” Gardner said.

    But here’s where the main confusion comes in: the shoulder is actually legal for passing during the morning and afternoon rush hours, just south of the exit. Therefore, drivers are asking that local authorities make it legal for the entire strip.

    “It did wonders for Windward Parkway in the mornings, so can’t imagine it wouldn’t help get people getting off here anyway; get them out of the way so other people can go on,” said one driver.

    Moving is a stressful experience. Add pets to the equation and it gets exponentially more difficult. There are some things that you can do to help make the move easier on you and you pets, it just requires planning before it’s time to make the move. If you’re moving to Knoxville here are some tips for moving with pets.

    The first thing you should do is make sure the place you are moving to is pet friendly and find out whether or not they require pet rent. Some places only require a deposit, while others require a deposit, monthly payments, and they have breed specific laws. These are all important things to pay attention to when it comes time to pick a place for you and your furry friend to settle down.

    Moving with dogs is usually easier than moving with cats. Cats are not fans of change, and they are especially territorial. One way to make the move easier for cats is to bring boxes into the house a few weeks or months before it’s time to leave. This way the cat can get used to change and not freak out.

    When it’s time to start packing and get ready to leave, leave your pet in a familiar room that you plan on packing up last. This will keep them out of the way and limit their exposure to all of the commotion.

    On the day of the move, send your pet to a friend’s house so that they are not in the way of the movers. Moving day means open doors and strange people, so keeping your pet around will most likely lead to unnecessary stress.

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    Louisiana has had a major influence and deep impact on the origins of nearly every genre of American music; from jazz to blues to rock ‘n’ roll. Now, music lovers can experience the deep culture and legacy of Louisiana-inspired music on their smartphones, through a “tourism effort” called the Americana Music Triangle.

    Businessman and preservationist from Tennessee, Aubrey Preston, says that music lovers who like “the real thing” are going to love Americana Music Triangle. What he compares to be much like “farm-to-table food” the music is as real as it gets.

    According to The Advocate, “The Web-based guide, optimized for smartphones, lays out travel itineraries meandering through more than 30 communities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee.”

    The site also features local history, musical lore, photos, region-wide event calendars, and much more! If you are moving to the area and want to get to know the culture a little better, Americana Music Triangle is the newest, soon to be the hottest, local trend to staying in tune with Louisiana culture, history, and most importantly – music. Baton Rouge movers urge new residents to check out the site at, follow their Facebook page, and find their Pandora station. You can even catch them on tour!

    For millennials that are looking to settle down and not spend all of their income on rent and food, Milwaukee is becoming a haven, and Milwaukee movers have been moving a lot of millennials into the city. In cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles, rent is so high that young people have little to no money to do anything besides live. That’s where places like Milwaukee come into play.

    Places like Milwaukee that have a strong working class population, oftentimes have lower costs of living than cities like Chicago and Miami. In places where the cost of living is sky high, and wages aren’t keeping up, people work two or three jobs, having to work seven days a week just to live.

    Recently, we’ve seen a number of demonstrations and even policy changes to raise the minimum wage. In places where it isn’t getting raised, people are working three jobs and living at or below the poverty line. For those that can escape it, Milwaukee can be a breath of fresh air. And while it might be a haven for young, educated individuals in their mid-twenties, there is still a large population that is just barely getting by.

    Cities around the country are beginning to raise their minimum wages, which will hopefully alleviate the struggle that the people who are working three jobs a week have to face. In the meantime, a lot of millennials are moving to Milwaukee and cities of the like, to experience a life that is more about living and less about constant working.

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    Oklahoma City is no stranger to tornados; they happen quite frequently and sometimes residents are left with just a few hours or even minutes, to find shelter. If you are moving to Oklahoma City, hopefully you and your family came up with a family communications plan and had an emergency kit packed before there was ever threat of a storm, but if not, there are some things that you can do to help protect yourself when a tornado unexpectedly decides to touch down.

    If you are in a sturdy building, i.e. a building that is in the ground, getting to the lowest floor possible is the safest course of action. On top of that, getting as far inside is also the safest course of action. You want to be away from all windows and doors. Your goal should be to put as many walls between you and the tornado. Also, it is recommended that you use your arms to protect your head and neck. Tornados usually come and go very quickly, so the faster you move the better.

    If you are in something like a mobile home or a building that is not secured to the ground, moving to a building that is secured to the ground before the tornado watch goes to a warning, is best. Once in a building that has a foundation and is secured to the ground, the same safety precautions apply.

    If you find yourself outside when there is threat of a tornado, finding shelter should be your top priority.

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    Eight years ago, a store like no other of its kind opened in Birmingham. What’s on 2nd has quickly become a Birmingham treasure chest – overflowing with unique trinkets in every single corner. No matter how many times locals flock to this quirky store, every time they turn their head they will see something new! What’s on 2nd has turned into locals’ go-to store for awesome gifts, and a place for tourists to kill hours at a time.

    What’s on 2nd is located at 2306 2nd Ave. North in Birmingham, so if you are new in town, or even just passing through, Birmingham movers recommend that you get sucked into this black hole of 20th century trinkets and collectibles.

    As reported by Jay Reeves for, “The restroom is packed with Elvis Presley memorabilia — all for sale — and a witch shares shelf space with a giant Virgin Mary decoration in the holiday department upstairs. A toy Darth Vader stands sentinel beside a poster from the 1960s musical ‘Hair’”.

    Look up and look down and you will find something that is sure it catch your attention. What’s on 2nd is decorated wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with hundreds of items that store owners Steve Gilmer and Ian Philips have collected to sell, all with the same theme of what they call “tacky, tasteless, or irreverent.” Although that may not sound alluring, Birmingham movers and locals alike, assure out-of-towners it is a sight that you will not want to miss!

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    The Denver community has a reason to celebrate – the Western Sugar Cooperative has decided to expand the amount of plants that they have, which will create more jobs.

    Cutting down on the amount of plants that they currently have in Wyoming, the Denver-based company has announced plans to greatly increase the amount of production capacity in its home state of Colorado. Currently, the Sugar Cooperative has 1,000 growers throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana – so while it is not the best news for the economy of the other states, it will do wonders for the working environment in Denver.

    Not only that, but a recent improvement in more advanced technology and a better quality of technology will help cut down on the amount of energy used tremendously. They can do all of this without having to sacrifice the overall amount of sugar produced.

    Co-op director of shareholder relations and governmental affairs, Kent Wimmer, confirmed that there would be no more growth regarding the Nebraska plants. However, the Wyoming plants stand to lose up to 70 positions, which means that there will only be a mere six plants left in the state. They plan on making the position reductions after sugar production is completed next year.

    The announcement of the increase in plants to Denver will not only provide more jobs to the community, but it will also mean that an influx of new grower-owners will be packing and moving to Denver.

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    If you are new to Tulsa, you should know that this town loves its beer, and Marshall Brewing Company is proof. The Tulsa-based brewing company has been around for decades and has grown increasingly popular in recent years. To answer the craft beer demand in Tulsa, Marshall Brewing Company created Arrowhead Pale Ale. This seasonal ale is only available during the summer months, so if you are new to town, now is the time to try this much-anticipated beverage! Your Tulsa movers know you will be glad you did!

    Arrowhead Pale Ale is typically available from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and will hit liquor stores and bars across Tulsa on Thursday, May 21st. If you have not tried the popular brew yet, it is a light pale ale with a hoppy flavor that includes a hint of citrus, and is 5.2 percent alcohol. To celebrate the release of the summer ale, Marshall Brewing Company is throwing an official launch party on May 29, at James E. McNellie’s South City, a popular Tulsa public house.

    Arrowhead Pale Ale will replace Marshall’s spring brew, Revival Red Ale. It will be replaced by the brewing company’s Oktoberfest Lager in late August or early September. Make sure to try this seasonal favorite. It is really popular with the locals, and for good reason! It will be the perfect complement to all of the barbecue you grill up this summer. Buy a few six-packs and invite the neighbors for a good time, Tulsa-style!

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    In a time when conspiracy theories run rampant through the U.S., one might be skeptical to believe everything they hear about the government. The idea of the government coming in and taking over a part of your town, building up a city, and running a completely secret operation right under your nose is seen as crazy, and most people frown upon those who believe this is happening. However for the people of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this was a reality for a great number of years.

    In 1942, the federal government decided to move to Oak Ridge, Tennessee and make it the hub until 1946. In these short four years, the government came in, used eminent domain to take peoples’ land, and built up an entire city; including: schools, homes, movie theaters, and anything you could imagine. The Manhattan Project had begun. Hordes of military families moved to Oak Ridge, bringing the population from just 3,000 to 75,000. While these families were working in top secret conditions, they had no idea what they were really doing. It wasn’t until news of the first atomic bomb that was dropped on Japan in August of 1945, that the people of Oak Ridge knew what they had been working on.

    It’s incredible to think that an entire town can be built, side-by-side with the most dangerous weapon in the world, just a few miles away from the major U.S. city of Knoxville, without any outsider’s knowledge. If you are looking to move to Knoxville, but want to live in a quainter, outer-lying town, Oak Ridge movers are happy to help move you in to our historical city.

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