Mercedes-Benz Brings Jobs to Atlanta

Last week brought great news for current and future Atlanta residents who are in need of jobs, when Governor Nathan Deal announced that Mercedes-Benz will be moving their North American headquarters to the metropolitan city.

Deal explained how the addition of the Mercedes headquarters is a great success for the city and promises to bring a lot of jobs, but so many that the governor would not say exactly how much.

In his words, “It is a sizable number from what I’ve been lead to believe. It is also sizable in terms of the per job salary, which is also a great contribution. But there are many other intangible benefits, as you know, when you have a company of this type, when you have that many employees and their families, they impact the economy significantly.”

Although Deal did not go into much more detail from there, residents who may have some automotive experience and who are job-hunting can benefit from the major brand coming to town.

If you are considering moving to Georgia, Atlanta moving companies want you to be aware of all of the capital city’s living accommodations, amenities, and extensive job opportunities for all ages. All My Sons of Atlanta can take care of all of your moving needs, so that you can run to Mercedes and start working, today!

Birmingham Barons Tickets Go on Sale

If you know Birmingham, then you know the Birmingham Barons. The minor league baseball team is popular among locals and the games area a great way to spend the day with the kids. Single-game tickets go on sale January 8th at 10 a.m., so your Birmingham moving company suggests that you purchase a few and take the family. Tickets for all 70 home games are available, so don’t be shy when it comes to stocking up for the season!

This is the first season where paperless tickets are offered. Fans who purchase paperless tickets will gain entry with their mobile device. The new system will also allow ticketholders to transfer their tickets and skip the lines at the box office…score!

The Birmingham Barons first game is on April 9, at Regions Field. They will play the Mobile Bay Bears in a five-game series. First pitch will take place at 7:05 p.m. The opening game will also bring back Thirsty Thursdays, where all drinks, including beer, wine, and soft drinks are $2. The promotion is very popular with fans.

Tickets start at $7 for general admission, while Baseline Box seats are $9, Field Reserved seats are $12, and Dugout Premium seats are $14. Tickets for children, seniors, and military service members are all discounted. You can purchase tickets online at or at the ticket office at Regions Field.

If you and your family are new to Birmingham, coming to a game is a great way to meet people, get a feel for the community, and have a great time.

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The Vegan Café’s New Location

When moving to a new home, people tend to make lots of new, little resolutions for themselves. Whether it is being a better neighbor, keeping a cleaner house, or eating a healthier diet, we have all been there. That is why your West Palm moving company wanted to let you know that the Vegan Café has changed locations.

Formerly located on Okeechobee Boulevard, the healthy eatery now calls Clematis Street home. The Vegan Café is loved by health-conscious locals for its flavorful made-from-scratch vegan meals, juices and smoothies.

The menu is entirely vegan and includes tasty dishes like raw pizza, stuffed avocado, lettuce tacos, falafel, veggie burgers and a variety of salads. There is also a juice and smoothie bar, and they are really refreshing during hot, West Palm Beach summers. There are beverage choices like mojito, peanut butter cup, and apple berry pie (yum!).

The bestselling item is currently kombucha tea. It is a pretty popular trend right now, and it is full of vitamins and probiotics, giving its consumers a burst of energy. It takes about 10 days to make, but people say that it is worth the wait! Owners Moe and Terri Senechal are also considering adding non-vegan items to the menu, so if you are not one of those who likes eating raw, still keep this gem on your radar!

If you are new the West Palm area and are interested in eating healthy, you will have to give the Vegan Café’s new location a try. There is plenty to do and see on Clematis Street, so explore a little while you are there!

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Trendy New Restaurants Opening in 2015

While most people think of gumbo and jambalaya when they think of Baton Rouge cuisine, we know locals would like some variety! That’s why your Baton Rouge moving company is excited to tell you about new restaurants opening in town in 2015.

Bin 77 Bistro & Wine has been in town for a while, but it is expanding, so it made the list. It is moving just a stone throw away to the old Wine Loft building, and it will include an additional 2,700 square feet. That means more seats (and less of a wait), a bigger bar, and a private wine room. Bin 77 will also begin offering a late night menu that they will serve until 2 a.m.

Modern Meals plans to open this year, and health conscious residents could not be more excited. They will offer protein-rich meals at the restaurant, four pick-up locations, and they are also selling meal plans.

A new Kolache Kitchen will open this spring in the Bocage neighborhood. The establishment has been serving up fresh kolaches, breakfast tacos, and empanadas for breakfast since its opening, but owner Will Edwards plans on keeping his new location open for lunch too.

The Velvet Cactus is set to open earlier this year. The Mexican-inspired menu includes dishes like: nachos, tamales, ceviche, chili, and plenty of margarita options. Patrons will love the art-themed ambiance almost as much as the food.

Whether you have just moved to the area or are a long-time resident, add some spice to your plate in 2015, and explore some of Baton Rouge’s new grub!


Milwaukee’s Streetcar Project

Are you moving to Milwaukee? Well you should be excited, as it is a city of constant innovation, change, and progress. One of the city’s newest plans on the drawing board is a streetcar project that would allow for easy transportation around the downtown area. Your Milwaukee moving company thought that as a new resident, you would like to know the details.

Milwaukee’s streetcar project would make getting around downtown much easier. The public service would alleviate the roadways and help address environmental concerns, as fewer cars would be on the road. The project would also draw younger people to the area, which would lead to more housing, more jobs, and general growth for Milwaukee’s downtown district.

The streetcar project will cost $123.9 million and would be funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration. While the project has not yet been approved, an important vote is set for the end of the month. Mayor Tom Barrett is an avid supporter of the project, and he is excited about all of the possibilities that it could bring to Milwaukee.

If approved, construction would start downtown, with a 2.1 mile system that would extend to the lake. There would also be future plans to keep expanding the route to important community facilities; such as the Milwaukee Memorial Medical Center, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Miller Park and the airport.

So if you are moving to Milwaukee in the future, check out the downtown district. It is a great place to soak up the city’s culture, food, and art, and lots of change seems to be on the way for Milwaukee!

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Knoxville’s First Whole Foods

If you are moving to Knoxville, you picked a great time to do so, because the southern city is growing in all aspects. The number of residents, new housing developments, job opportunities, and the number of new restaurants, shops, and stores are all on the rise.

Whole Foods Market, the country’s leading natural and organic supermarket, is opening its first Knoxville location out west, in the Papermill Plaza shopping center. The supermarket needs about 200 new employees, which is great for the city and potential job seekers.

Whole Foods is looking for full and part-time employees. They will need all sorts of positions filled, including leadership roles. Most jobs will start at $11 per hour. The supermarket held two job fairs for Knoxville job seekers and there was a huge turnout. The event was Q&A style and it gave applicants the opportunity to speak face-to-face with Whole Foods managers. Managers answered questions about the company, position requirements, compensation and benefits, and the hiring process as a whole. People are eager for a job with the organic supermarket giant, because it has ranked in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” 17 years in a row. Nice!

If you are moving to Knoxville and have a family member that will need full or part-time work, refer them to Whole Foods. It is an amazing company to work for. The store is expected to open this spring, and your Knoxville moving company is really excited about all of the natural and healthy foods that will now be readily available.

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Circus Xtreme in Jacksonville

Elephants, acrobats, clowns and jugglers can only mean one thing: the circus! This month, Jacksonville featured Circus Xtreme, the newest show from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The show was held at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, January 15th through the 18th, and children and parents alike were in awe of all the performers and animals.

The show was more daring and well, “extreme,” than a traditional circus, as it was influenced by the X games and freestyle sports. There were BMX riders, human cannon balls, contortionists, and all kinds of animals; like: elephants, camels, tigers, horses, and dogs.

Gemma Querida, or “Gemma the Jet,” performed as the show’s human cannonball and was one of the event’s highlights. Audiences gasped as the 25-year-old launched out of a cannon and shot 44 feet into the air, where she landed safely on an airbag (phew!).

Circus Xtreme is touted as great for children of all ages and it includes some child-friendly activities where kids are encouraged to participate. Performers invited children on stage for acts like the Xtreme Jump and a more traditional game of tug-of-war. If guests showed up early, they were allowed to meet some of the circus’ clowns and acrobats and even try on costumes!

Circus Xtreme was a great show to bring your children to if you recently moved to the Jacksonville area. But if you missed it, don’t worry! The circus comes to town each year, and the theme changes annually. Your Jacksonville moving company will be there!

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Georgia State University and Georgia Perimeter College Merge Together

If you will be moving to Atlanta for college, you may want to double check where you have decided to apply to. Yesterday, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved University System Chancellor Hank Huckaby’s proposal to merge Georgia State University with Georgia Perimeter College.

2014 combined enrollment numbers accounted for 53,927 students, which would make the consolidated university the largest in the state, beating the University of Georgia’s numbers by roughly 20,000 students per year.

Georgia State University President Mark Becker will be president of the large university, once the two are combined.

But this is not the only college merger that has been approved for the state. The University System of Georgia Board of Regents has also approved the merger of Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University.

If you will be moving to attend one of Atlanta’s popular universities, you may want to consider one of the new consolidated schools. If you need help moving, local moving companies will gladly help move you into your new dorm here in Atlanta.

The Ballpark Pup

If you have moved to Milwaukee, then you probably already know that folks around town love their Brewers. It was rough for all of us when the team missed the playoffs, but nothing makes your Milwaukee moving company feel better about the season than a little canine named Hank.

Hank, the Brewers beloved pooch and unofficial mascot, won Dog of the Year at the CW Network’s World Dog Awards and received the coveted Golden Hydrant trophy. Hank was one of five finalists, and quickly became known as the “Ballpark Pup.”

The first place award is given to the dog that made the biggest impact on pop culture throughout the year, and we think Hank takes the cake. Everyone else thought so too, as Hank was chosen by popular vote.

Hank, a scruffy and fluffy little white dog, stole the hearts of the Brewers team after he wandered onto Maryvale Baseball Park while the team was practicing. Unable to find his owners, the Brewers adopted him and named him after Hank Aaron, a Milwaukee legend. Hank quickly became an internet and cultural sensation, and news outlets could not get enough of the Ballpark Pup.

The World Dog Awards was hosted by George Lopez and plenty of celebrities, like Paris Hilton, were there to congratulate little Hank. After winning first place, Hank walked down the “green” carpet and his owners spoke with the press. Hank and the Brewers have also partnered with the Wisconsin Humane Society to raise money for homeless animals, by selling Hank-themed merchandise.

If you are planning on moving to Milwaukee soon, purchase a Hank t-shirt, buy tickets to a Brewers game, and tweet at Hank! He will appreciate the love and you will love your new city (and shirt)!

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Knoxville Couple Founds School for Autistic Children

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism in the United States. When Brent and Jaime Hemsley’s son Logan was diagnosed with autism just before his third birthday, they were overwhelmed with treatment options.

The Hemsleys said that experts recommended that Logan receive 40 hours of therapy each week, which many insurance providers don’t cover, so it would wind up being incredibly expensive. On top of the high costs, therapists are hard to come by in Knoxville. In spite of these obstacles, Logan began seeing specialists often, and his parents saw a huge improvement over the next two years. Logan recently began talking, which is something the Hemsleys thought they might never hear.

The Hemsleys know that intensive therapy is not an option for many families, so they decided to open Autism Achievement Academy, Knoxville’s first school for autistic children. The school will open this fall with about a dozen children, ages three to five years old. The Hemsleys are in the process of becoming a non-profit, getting approval from the state department of education, and putting together the school’s board of directors. They are also currently fundraising, and hope to raise about a million dollars.

If you and your family have recently moved to the area and would like to donate or get involved with a community effort, your Knoxville moving company suggests supporting the Autism Achievement Academy. It is a wonderful organization in its infancy, which is dedicated to helping autistic children and their families.

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