More South Florida Transportation on the Way

When thinking about states and their public transportation, Florida is not a state you would linger on. The majority of people would quickly think New York or California for their vastly used rail systems. However, soon enough Florida may just be at the top of the list alongside them, and it will make moving to West Palm all the more enticing.

All Aboard Florida, if you have not yet been informed, is a state of the art rail system being developed alongside the coast, connecting major cities from Orlando to Miami and throughout South Florida. Rest assured West Palm will have a station of their very own. The All Aboard Florida West Palm station will have a modern look and feel with the capacity to withstand an increasing influx of passengers as the city continues to strive. Make sure to keep a look out for the opening of All Aboard Florida, because it will change the way you travel and do business for the better.

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Palm Beach Anxiously Awaits Trader Joe’s

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? I know, Californians. And now Palm Beach will finally be able to experience what the West Coast has been raving about now for so many years. This California grown and raised organic grocery store has opened it’s first of several Palm Beach County stores. Bringing a new and exciting twist to pre-existing specialty food store options. Trader Joe’s uniquely provides a weekly changing Fearless Flyer that lists featured products and delicious new recipes which items can all be found in-store. To add to that, Trader Joe’s includes a popular tasting station at every location that hands out samples of their foods! Now doesn’t that sound like a fun grocery shopping experience?

Furthermore, with today’s rising trend in healthy eating and health-oriented grocery stores it is safe to bet that Trader Joe’s will be as a successful hit here as it has been in California since day one. And if you are skeptical to new things or an avid Publix goer unwilling to branch out, Trader Joes’ warm, friendly, homey atmosphere and cheap prices will have you thinking otherwise. Or if you are eager to branch out and try new things, Trader Joe’s provides an array of specialty food choices at a great price and overall delicious! So if you are moving to West Palm, Trader Joes’ opening is something to keep an eye out for.

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Never Enough

While much of the hiring done to this day at All My Sons Moving & Storage is friends and family to keep the family vibe, we often find that our operations managers hired outside have the same trait. A huge number of them are veterans. Why are they the perfect fit? It’s because of a simple trait common to military personnel. It’s the no-quit, can-do attitude of “Never Enough.”

The value of persistence is at our core because the stakes are too high to sit back. When we move someone, we take all of their worldly possessions into our care. While that’s a serious charge to take on, we’re equipped to handle it.

We have fewer truck related problems on move day because we’re more diligent about maintenance and have on average far newer trucks than the average moving company. Our crews get the job done faster and with less damage due to better training and leadership. The average time it takes us to respond to a customer is among the lowest in the nation. With all this being exceptional, it’s not enough. We spend more on technology to make moves more affordable and enjoyable than any other American company. We do it because there’s never enough that we can give the customers that have joined our family. Every year, the moving experience is better.

Atlanta Ranked 10th Snobbiest City in the USA?

While many know of Atlanta as a large metro with Southern Charm, a recent post from the Movoto Real Estate site shares a different opinion. In fact, Atlanta was named among the top ten snobbiest cities in the country, alongside other massive metros like San Francisco, Seattle, and more.

The full list (in order) is as follows:

San Francisco, CA
Washington, D.C.
Seattle, WA
Scottsdale, AZ
Oakland, CA
Portland, OR
Irvine, CA
Honolulu, HI
Madison, WI
Atlanta, GA

So how were these cities chosen? According to Movoto’s site, they used a variety of criteria such as median home prices and household income, private schools and art galleries per capita, lowest percentages of fast food restaurants and percentage of people with college degrees, as well as a few other criteria. Atlanta is filled with higher education graduates, and almost 50 percent of the population has a college degree. It had the fourth most art galleries per capita in the country, and in fact, has the most theatres per capita in America. Moving to Atlanta? Be sure to brush up on art, literature, and other fine arts to seamlessly blend in.

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The Best Moving Experience Period

When a crew from All My Sons Moving & Storage comes to your home, there is one primary goal, to give the best moving experience period. Providing a quality experience is great, but we want to do more. With the stresses of moving ever present even for months before your move, it’s great to be able to enjoy your move like spa visit or a vacation.

Let’s face it, moving is a high end service. It’s horrible to do on your own, but it’s simply wonderful when done well. Instead of grueling effort, you simply sit back and do nothing while those you’ve hired get a tremendous amount of work done. When you think about it that way, is it so hard to see it as a vacation? Meanwhile, most Americans hate moving and have “okay” experiences at best. It’s simply not enough.

That’s why we keep the focus where it belongs on every move, every time. It’s about your enjoyment. It’s about sitting back with your feet up while a well-trained group of individuals works hard for you. It’s the millionaire experience, but with a price that most people can afford. It’s the best moving experience period.

Scotland studying Texas Economy

Tomorrow is an important day. For more than three centuries, Scotland has been part of a united kingdom with Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. That may be coming to an end. With the vote for independence so near, Scotland’s economy may run into trouble.

Back in the early 80s, our economy was taking a beating. Like Scotland today, our economy was based on oil. While we came out of it doing quite well financially, it was only due to massive changes in our economy.

One big thing Texas has going for it is infrastructure. Our road system is great, our pipelines can send tremendous amounts of oil to market, and our rail system is well-connected. The only reason our infrastructure has difficulties at all is that our production of oil and gas is increasing so much. Another thing is the diversity of our economy. From soda giants to insurance companies and moving companies like ourselves, the Texas economy is designed to draw diverse businesses.

This is where Scotland falls behind. They lack both the infrastructure and diversity of the Texas economy. They will either need to develop both and follow a Texan path or to find another means of economic self-sufficiency.

Other examples of oil rich states are California, Alaska, and North Dakota. While California generates a tremendous amount of gdp, expenses are incredibly high. Their efforts to keep energy production sustainable  are commendable, but not possible for a new nation struggling to stand independently. Alaska generates a ton of gdp per capita, but only because their population is so small. North Dakota is growing to be impressive, but it’s still not enough yet. It seems that Texas is going to be the best model for Scotland in the US. Then again, the vote may leave the Scots where they are.

Best of luck to them either way.

Let Our Family Move Yours

One of the most difficult things to do when trying to find the right moving company is to truly understand the company’ values. To remedy this, we’re spending the next week talking about the mottos and values of all my sons. The first thing every employee is taught when we join is “Let our family move yours.”

Family is everything here at All My Sons Moving & Storage. The company was started by a husband and wife, the couple that still runs the company today. Any employee hired joins the family. It’s about being part of something real, something beyond exchanging cash for a service. It’s about the attitude of belonging that makes All My Sons employees bastions of service in an otherwise somewhat apathetic industry. It’s also about treating every item of furniture moved like it belonged to the mover’s own grandmother.

While the notion of treating a customer’s items with care is far from new and so is the bit about grandma, it certainly has helped to keep All My Sons as a company with one of the lowest claims ratios nationwide.

Possibly the most important part of the motto is when a new customer joins our family. Welcoming customers in keeps the focus where it needs to be, on giving customers the well-deserved care of a sibling, parent, or our own kids. It’s about the fight family fights, taking care of their own well beyond what they think the limits may be. It’s about being the best for those that matter, our customers.

Always Someone To Turn To

Moving is a chaotic an difficult industry, but we at All My Sons Moving & Storage have earned a reputation for providing an exceptional quality to our level of service and to our work. Even so, not all of the hundreds of thousands of moves we do every year go according to plan. When one of those rare issues comes up, we have an equally great reputation for resolving it. The operations manager can help you on the spot, and this is the fastest way to make the situation better.

Home Office
The Headquarters of All My Sons Moving & Storage

If you need help and the operations manager isn’t able to do what you need, the customer care department is there to help. You can contact them by emailing or calling (866) 497-5832 and asking for them. As issues are quite rare, the department is small. Their workload usually comes in spurts. They may be able to help immediately, but the operations manager is sometimes able to respond faster.

All My Sons was founded with a single goal, to provide the best moving experience period. We’ve created a system designed to help customers get what they need. When something does go wrong on a move, the first reaction people tend to have is worry. The moving industry as a whole doesn’t have the best reputation. The key to remember is that there is a team in place to help, no matter what’s wrong.

Residential Sales Improve in Birmingham

Curious about the state of the real estate market in Birmingham, Alabama? Housing sales for the month of July saw improvement from June and a significant jump from July 2013, according to data obtained from the Alabama Center for Real Estate. The market is showing great news for both sellers and buyers, and the median sales price for the region held strong at $174,000, which is a small drop (2 percent) from June 2014 and a slightly larger dip (5 percent) from July 2013. On the flip side, average sales prices hit $220,976, a 0.3 percent increase over June’s price. Demand is definitely fueling the excitement for the local industry, and the number of available units has dropped 1.8 percent from June and 7 percent from July 2013, so the need for new construction is imperative to keep the market moving in the Birmingham area.
Birmingham’s lowest July numbers date back to 2010, when 735 homes were sold. That figure is a 79 percent difference from 2014. The 1,320 units sold in July were 3 percent higher than June’s numbers and 11.2 percent higher than July 2013. This pace also broke the five-year average of 986 (33 percent) from 2009 until 2013. Thinking of moving to Birmingham? We recommend a few tips:
-Have your mortgage pre-approval ready. If you find a home you love, you need to act fast
-Be prepared to be frustrated. In a competitive market, you’ll likely encounter cash buyers who will likely get the deal over you.
-Enlist an expert. Hiring a realtor might cost money, but they know the market better than you do. Trust the experts.
-Trust your gut, too. If something seems off or seems too good to be true, take a step back. Don’t let the pressure to buy get you stuck with a home that is filled with problems.

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The Operations Manager

002 (1)

Pictured: Operations Manager Todd Harrison of our Austin office

That’s it. The move is so close you can see it… but wait. You’ve got last minute questions. Your closing fell through. You forgot to mention your storage unit. Time to call the operations manager. The operations manager is the one who keeps things going smooth on move day. They’re responsible for everything from the trucks and crews to the scheduling and quality assurance. Once your move date draws near, the sales manager communicates with the operations manager to ensure that the quality of your move is exceptional. At that point, your move and the others close at hand are the primary focus of the operations manager. They know your name and the details of your move. They have the truck on GPS, the crew on speed dial, and all of the tools necessary to help make your move simple and stress-free; call them at any time you need to.

While most people should be able to answer any question you have, contacting the operations manager for last minute questions will save you some time. The sales manager is better suited for questions about unscheduled moves or those at least a week away. This Friday, we’ll post about your final point of contact at the corporate office.


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