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  • If you have recently moved to West Palm Beach and are looking for somewhere to take your family this summer, begin getting familiar with Florida’s beaches starting with Dubois Park. This historic park is rich with history and offers plenty of fun for the entire family. West Palm movers know that once you visit this beach front park, you and your family will make it a regular activity.

    Location – DuBois Park is located at 19075 DuBois Road, Jupiter, FL 33477.

    Hours – The park is open from sunrise to sunset. Swimming areas are guarded from 9 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. every day of the week and on weekends, from Memorial Day until the first day of the Palm Beach County public school year. Once school begins, swimming areas are only guarded on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Amenities – DuBois Park features a swimming area, snorkeling lagoon, outdoor showers, restrooms, picnic pavilions, playground, canoeing and kayaking access, beach access, and jetty for fishing.

    Entry Cost – FREE!

    History – DuBois Park is named after Henry “Harry” Dubois and his family who owned, lived and worked on the land where the park is now located. Harry Dubois bought the 18 acres just south of the Jupiter Inlet because it was known for its beautiful ridge of Indian shell mound. As his family expanded, so did his business. Dubois profitably grew vegetables and bananas, sold fish, successfully salvaged shipwrecks and ultimately became the most well-known beekeeper around.

    West Palm moving companies are proud to move families into our great city, we love history and we think that you will too – at DuBois Park!

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    If you are moving your family to Tulsa, Oklahoma this summer, Tulsa movers have a great summer idea for your children to allow them to have fun in their new city – enroll them in summer camps! Enrolling your children in a summer camp in Tulsa will help them make friends and adjust to their new surroundings before the school year begins. Try sending them to a summer camp that offers activities they like or can relate to. They will also be more likely to bond friendships with kids whom they have common interests with, who are in the same upcoming grade.

    YMCA of Greater Tulsa

    This summer camp offers three different day camps and one overnight camp. At any of the three day camps, kids will have the opportunity to swim, play team sports, learn how to fish, practice archery and go on field trips. Overnight campers get to experience outdoor activities that span the YMCA’s 420-acre site.

    Brain Balance Achievement Center

    This brain-based program helps kids ages 4-17, reach their potential academically, socially and behaviorally. If you are moving to Tulsa and you believe your child has a neurobehavioral issue, Brain Balance Achievement Center will use cognitive training, nutritional guidance, and sensory motor exercises to address it.

    Camp Raven at Riverfield Country Day School

    Once your Tulsa movers have settled you into your new home, think about sending your kids to Camp Raven, where they have the opportunity to explore 120-acres of wooded terrain. This camp hosts activities; such as: hiking, cooking, rock climbing, river rafting, song writing and sports.

    Brook Fine Arts Musical Theatre

    If your child is interested in music and theater, send them to this camp! They will have the chance to learn singing, acting and dancing from professional instructors and put on a show for their parents and loved ones at camp’s end.

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    The annual Utah Best of State award program celebrates & recognizes organizations that greatly contributed to the way the community lives, works & plays. Whether it was Utah natives that were affected, or the families that had barely finished unpacking their moving boxes that their Salt Lake City movers delivered for them, the organizations chosen, had a substantially positive effect on the community. Two Utah organizations were recently recognized for their contributions in the community – the Springville Museum of Art and Tanner LLC.

    Tanner LLC, the largest locally owned public accounting firm in Utah, prides itself on “building a culture where everyone’s unique strengths are valued in an environment that is innovative and fun,” according to managing partner Jeff Bickel.

    Bickel further elaborates that, “as a professional services firm, our purpose is to serve. Tanner’s vision is that each of us will make a positive impact in the lives of those with whom we work every single day.”

    Their unique approach to accounting is the main reason why the Salt Lake City company has been named as INSIDE Public Accounting’s Best of the Best Accounting Firms, and why many who are in the field of accounting have chosen to relocate to Salt Lake City in order to pursue a rewarding career.

    The other organization honored at the 2015 Best of State awards program, Springville Museum of Art, is Utah’s first museum for the visual fine arts. Housing a modest 2,500 works of art, the museum hosts a wide variety of educational community events every year, in order to keep the locals inspired and intrigued with what is going on with the art world. The museum does not exclude any type of art medium as well; they offer classes and exhibitions on everything from photography to quilting to sculpture.

    Both of these Utah organizations not only serve to help the community, they also inspire them and inspire singles, millennials, and families to move to Salt Lake City for an artistic, bright, and flourishing lifestyle and future.

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    If you are planning on relocating to Raleigh with teenagers who are about to become new drivers, you can breathe a little bit easier knowing that there is a new program, StreetSafe, geared towards keeping the streets of North Carolina safe. StreetSafe teaches young, inexperienced drivers how to be safer and more responsible while driving on the roads.

    A hands-on driving experience, the program encourages Raleigh parents to get involved with the teaching process of how to drive, while still keeping the roads a safe place. With an instructor, students in the program can experience what it feels like to lose control of a car, how to maintain a realistic stopping distance, potential dangers for drinking and driving, and clearly understand the dangers of texting while driving through teaching simulations. Since Raleigh moving companies aim and encourage driver safety, it is exciting to see such great safety initiatives being introduced in the city.

    Local Raleigh law enforcement and fire personnel serve as the instructors for the students, while judges from North Carolina teach parents how to help their kids understand the importance of driving safely. Insurance executives from the area also teach the future new drivers some important requirements for teen insurance, and your local Raleigh movers are there throughout the entire process, to help you move into your new home with no added stress – that way, you can fully focus on helping your kids learn about safe driving.

    The program has proven to be successful since its inception, as evidenced by statistics from the University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center, which revealed a substantial crash reduction in the North Carolina counties where StreetSafe offers monthly classes to Raleigh youth.

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    What better way to inspire kids to read more books other than offering them an incentive – especially if that incentive is a free meal? If you and your family are moving to Milwaukee this summer and you are in need of some assistance, Milwaukee movers want you to be aware of the local initiatives that keep school students fed and academically equipped throughout the summer break.

    This is exactly what United Way and the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee plans on doing. Meals will be given out throughout the city, at various schools and parks throughout the summer. The two organizations have joined together in efforts to not only keep children who need mean assistance outside of school fed, but also keep them academically active for the upcoming school year by providing them with free books. So far, they have collected over 20,000 books for the cause.

    In an attempt to keep students reading throughout summer break, Milwaukee kids will be able to choose a new book every time they come to get a meal this summer – completely for free.

    Vice President of community impact at United Way Nicole Angresano, explains that, “we are at a critical point in Milwaukee when it comes to academic achievement. We want to create opportunities over the summer to make sure young people stay on track and get ahead.”

    The cause gave out 50,000 books to kids last summer and this year, United Way has set their bar even higher – 20,000 books higher. They have hopes of handing out at least 70,000 books to kids in the Milwaukee community this year. Moreover, the Hunger Task Force and United Way even collaborated with the Milwaukee Public Schools in order to effectively figure out which schools were in dire need of a program such as this. Allow your kids to take a break from moving this summer and send them to get a free meal and book!

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    While there are many ways to cool off during this scorching summer heat, perhaps the best way (and most fun) is with the help of a 1,000 foot slip and slide.

    That’s right, you read that correctly – a 1,000 foot slip and slide. Aside from proving the realization that dreams really do come true, the Slide the City event that has been making its way across the nation, finally plans to make a pit stop in Knoxville at the end of this month.

    Your local Knoxville movers are excited to share that on top of featuring a ridiculously long slip and slide, the event also promises to offer so many more fun-filled activities. At the event, there will also be tons of music, dancing, food, drinks and tons of swag to take home. Moving to Knoxville this June could never be more fun with Slide the City serving as the perfect way for you and your family to take a much-needed break from packing and unpacking moving boxes.

    What could potentially be the best day ever, sliders must be at least five-years-old and have an inflatable tube in order to ride. It is also recommended for all attendees to wear water shoes in order to prevent any accidents from happening. After all, you would not want anything to ruin such an exciting day!

    The Slide the City slide is the length of three football fields and is perfect for the entire family to enjoy a day of fun, while keeping cool in the Knoxville heat. The event encourages locals to bring all of their selfie sticks, go-pros, floaties, and water guns for the water-soaked day. Take a break from moving and attend Slide the City before it slides out of town!

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    The Outings Project has officially made its way to the Jacksonville community.

    The project, explained as “a global participative project, initiated by Julien de Casabianca, a French visual artist and filmmaker. Anyone in their own town can go to their museums, take pictures of portraits with their phones and set them free,” has officially introduced itself to Jacksonville and local art fanatics as well as art professionals who have recently moved to Jacksonville – are excited to be showcased.

    This past Saturday, a small group of art fanatics involved with the project, put up six prints of figures found in paintings in the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens’ permanent collection on walls in downtown Jacksonville. By doing this, the project added another city to the list of those involved with the Outings Project, moving initiatives farther than they predicted would occur right now.

    Another artist, Dolf James, who has been involved with other public art projects and was the driving force behind the creation of the CoRK Arts District in Riverside, has recently been made aware of the Outings Project and suggested it to Hope McMath, director of the Cummer, as a great project to take part in.

    And it’s a great thing that James thought to mention it, as McMath stated that, “we have had an interest since our 50th anniversary in 2011, in putting our images outside the museum and onto the streets.” Previously, those at the museum had thought that pulling off something like this would be too time and cost consuming.

    According to James, “the response has been just fantastic,” and as a result, they plan to add more copies of the museum’s artwork to the walls of downtown Jacksonville this weekend. If you are moving to Jacksonville and you are an artist, an art teacher, or even just an art fanatic – be sure to check out the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens and other Jacksonville art galleries that now allow the Outings Project or photo sharing of the art that is displayed.

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    The government is launching a “Protect Your Move” campaign to help people who are moving, avoid falling victim to what is known as “hostage load”. Local Baton Rouge moving and storage companies are eager to share and pass along the information for anyone who may be moving in or out of Louisiana this moving season.

    36 million people move every year, and one in 10 will report that the moving company is holding their belongings hostage until they get paid more money (aka hostage load), amongst other complaints. When a moving company deems your move a hostage load, it is fraudulent. No matter what the moving company tries to tell you, you should have your moving quote in hand, and if they refuse to give you your belongings unless you pay them more than what was originally quoted, you may be able to call the police. Without proper documentation – you may not.

    If you find yourself in a “hostage load” moving situation, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – who has received 3,000 complaints each year, for the past two years.

    In order to finally combat this major moving issue that has been sweeping the nation, the federal government has finally intervened with a program to educate homeowners on the entire moving process and how to find a legitimate, reliable, trustworthy moving company – called “Protect Your Move”. The Department of Transportation also launched a new website where you can check moving company complaints. If you are moving to Baton Rouge, local moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has over 20 years of experience and will never let you down. If you are looking to move to Baton Rouge, check out all of Protect Your Move’s tips online.

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    If you are moving to Denver this year and will be needing a job, Denver movers have a helpful list of companies in the city that are either moving their locations or expanding their locations this year, so be aware of their whereabouts when job hunting.

    • MDS Securities, LLC – sponsored by Pittsburg-based MDS Energy Development, this dealer for retail investment offerings announced this month that they will be opening a new headquarters in Cherry Creek.
    • Comcast Corp. – announced in May its new lease of a 300,000-square-foot office space on East Panorama Circle in Centennial, which will start in early 2016. Denver movers suggest job-hunters to check out Comcast if interested, as they will be making room to add roughly 300 jobs.
    • BC Service – an accounts receivable management company has plans to move to a new facility in Longmont, building a 40,000-square-foot office space and expanding employment opportunities over the next two years.
    • FiveStars – this is an exciting job opportunity, as it is the fastest growing company when it comes to customer loyalty and marketing for businesses. They have plans to hire over 100 full-time employees for their opening in Denver by the end of the year.
    • Life Time Fitness – if you are into fitness and are looking to be a personal trainer, Life Time Fitness announced in February that they would be moving their headquarters to Colorado and will employ 55 people – so make sure you do not procrastinate with this opportunity.

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    Moving is the third most stressful life event that people face. If you are moving to Atlanta this month, don’t let moving get the best of you. Don’t let the stress of moving to a new city hinder you from having the summer of your life! Have fun in Atlanta once you move and get out of the house! This June is breaking summer in the only way that Atlanta knows how – with so many things to do, there is no way you will be able to attend it all. Local moving companies enjoy the moving months of May, June, and July. School is out and families are taking advantage of the time that they have before the new school year, to move to a new home, a new town, and create a new start for next year. If you are moving to Atlanta this month, be sure to check out the festivals and fun in Atlanta for June:

    1. Festival of Chariots – June 5-7
    2. Southern Litfest – June 5-6
    3. Dunwoody Soap Box Derby – June 6th
    4. Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour – June 6th
    5. Virginia-Highland Summerfest – June 6-7
    6. Locomotive Celebration – June 6-7
    7. Fox Theatre Block Party – June 7th
    8. 2015 Animal Rescue Fair – June 7th
    9. Georgia Renaissance Festival – June 7th
    10. Magic Tree House at Elm Street Arts Village – June 10-24
    11. Slow Food Atlanta’s Ice Cream Social – June 20th
    12. Backyard Camping – June 27th
    13. Folktales by Firelight – June 27th

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