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  • In the past nine years, Utah has decreased the number of homeless people by 72%, this is mostly attributed to finding and building apartments where they can live permanently, with no strings attached. The program that finds the homeless homes and its coinciding philosophy is “Housing First”. The program aims to get chronically homeless people suffering from drug or alcohol addictions or mental disorders off the streets of Salt Lake City. In 2005, approximately 2,000 of these chronically homeless people lived throughout the city.

    Salt Lake City movers are aware that the initial model for dealing with the chronically homeless was to get them ready for housing by guiding them through rehab programs and mental health counseling, which seemed to be a good idea but didn’t work very well because the people in the housing units couldn’t stay clean or sane, and would inevitably lose their Salt Lake City housing.

    A new model was tested where the chronically homeless were granted Salt Lake City housing on a permanent basis, where they didn’t have to pass any tests, attend any programs, or fill out any forms. Many of the things that they were not good at during the first program, were removed from the new program. A lot of the issues were what caused them to be homeless in Salt Lake City in the first place.

    The results were remarkable. After five years, 88% of their clients were still in their Salt Lake City apartments. A subsequent study also found that emergency room costs for homeless people that were put in Housing First were down considerably, about 73% down. Going from homeless to living in a Salt Lake City home changes a person’s psychological identity from outcast to a member of the Salt Lake City community, which is something that locals and Salt Lake City movers are very proud of. Local Salt Lake City movers really love how empathetic their Salt Lake City is with the homeless and are very proud of how successful the Salt Lake City’s Housing First program is.

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    Zoos across the nation are howling and chirping about the recent news that TripAdvisor has released its list of the Top 25 Zoos in the United States. When it comes to moving, there is no better place to take your youngest children other than the local zoo. The local zoo is not only a place where they can view exotic animals, but they can learn and let their minds take a break from the fact that they are moving. In fact, after a long relocation to a new city or state, chances are that the entire family would enjoy a relaxing trip to the zoo. If you are moving to Jacksonville, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens made the top 25 list, making it one of the very best zoos in the United States!

    TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice list is comprised of the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings from users who visit zoos in the nation and leave their evaluation of their experience based on their personal visit. Over the past year, TripAdvisor has been gathering reviews and ratings from users in order to create their 2015 list.

    Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens also ranked at the third “top thing to do in Jacksonville,” and local Jacksonville movers would have to agree. With more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 species of plants, Jacksonville has one of the most diverse zoos. After you finish moving to Jacksonville, take a trip to the zoo Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends.

    Ranking just below the zoo on TripAdvisor for things to do in the city is the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.

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    Most Raleigh wedding venues have a high and low season, the high season tends to be around fall and spring, whereas the winter months or summer in southern states are the low season. Peak wedding season in Raleigh is September and it is just around the corner. If you are attending a wedding or tying the knot at a local wedding venue, there will be gift giving. Raleigh movers know that you are going to need to show your gratitude this season, whether it is thanking a bridesmaid or groom for participating in your special day or wishing the happy couple a happy marriage with a symbolic gift. Gift giving ideas be tricky so here are some of All My Sons, Raleigh mover’s gift ideas that are sure to express your appreciation.

    -Customize a batch of vintage-esque coasters with pictures from your Raleigh hometown landmarks and the wedding.

    -For Raleigh bridesmaids gifts embroider satin robes with names and the wedding date for each of the girls.

    -A gift for anyone, you can buy ceramic plates from the dollar store and write a thank you note or a sweet memory or a relevant quote on it with a sharpie, bake it in the oven and it will be permanent.

    -All My Sons recommend an at home spa kit gift. Everyone can use a little T.L.C.

    -For grooms men Local Raleigh movers think giving a bar in a jar, a small jar with miniature bottles of alcohol, is a creative and fun way to say thank you to the boys for being there on a special day.

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    Raleigh city officials have reported that they have received more than 30 complaints in the months of June and July regarding crowded sidewalks downtown and too much late night noise. They have proposed two solutions to dampen some of the noise in downtown Raleigh, and they are set to take effect Friday August 14, 2015.

    Starting on the 14th, downtown Raleigh visitors will no longer be allowed to turn left onto side streets from Fayetteville Street or Glenwood Avenue at certain intersections between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Signs have already been installed to alert drivers of the changes, so keep an eye out for them if you are moving to Raleigh. Officials have announced that the ban is an effort to keep the side streets of downtown clear for emergency vehicles and cut down late night noise, as to not disturb downtown residents. If you are moving to downtown Raleigh, local moving companies are sure that the new ordinances will help to assuage any reservations you have about the area being quiet at night.

    Raleigh officials have also implemented a curfew on outdoor dining in downtown. The number of seats a Raleigh restaurant or bar can have on the sidewalk will be determined by their indoor seating capacity. All downtown Raleigh patrons will have to be inside by midnight, Sundays through Thursdays. For Friday and Saturday nights, patrons will have to be inside by 1 a.m. However, the Raleigh restaurants will still remain open until 2 a.m.

    Raleigh city officials are giving these changes a trial period to see if these changes help the noise situation downtown. The dining curfew is temporary and will be revisited in three months’ time and the traffic changes will be assessed over a six month period.

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    It is safe to say that during the summer months, gyms across the nation notice an uptick in the amount of locals flocking to get their fitness on. Why? For obvious reasons – the summer is swimsuit season. YMCA employees at the local Columbus facility recently released the most common workout myths and facts.

    1. Walking vs. Running – It is a common myth that walking is just as effective as running; however, a fitness expert will tell you that running is better than walking every time because it burns more calories.
    2. “No pain, no gain” – YMCA Columbus staff also say that this is incorrect. According to the crew, “muscle soreness is natural after working out, but pain means there’s actual injury.”

    Jean Fry, who works at the Columbus YMCA, explained, “It’s very common to think that, ‘oh my gosh if i’m not aching and paining everywhere after this workout, then I didn’t do anything, but that’s just not true.”

    1. You gain weight when you eat before going to sleep – Although many argue that this is true, because you can’t burn the calories off if you are sleeping, experts say that it’s false. However, binge eating unhealthy snacks will make you gain weight.
    2. Knuckle cracking causes arthritis – This is another myth that Columbus movers are glad to hear. A new study shows that there are no long term, negative effects to cracking your knuckles.

    Take a break from moving this summer and hit the gym at your local YMCA. Their trained staff and fitness experts can answer all of your questions, as well as help your arms get buff for lifting those heavy moving boxes.

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    Throwing a child’s birthday party in the midst of a move to your Milwaukee home can be tiresome and difficult. A new Milwaukee city comes with new friends, a new school, and new memories to be made. You want to make every birthday memorable and special for your child, and being in a new town in Milwaukee can be hard. Local Milwaukee moving company All My Sons wants to help you plan a birthday in Milwaukee extravaganza that all of your new neighborhood kids won’t stop talking about. Here is list of super cool Milwaukee birthday ideas that All My Sons has put together for your little one for their special day.

    -Museums- There are countless museums in the Milwaukee area that host children’s birthday parties and offer fun activities and party packages. Milwaukee museums feature VIP birthday party exhibits and t-shirts.

    -Water Adventures- All kids love to play in water whether it’s raining or a puddle, a swimming pool or a lake. Milwaukee is home to many indoor swimming facilities that offer unique tropical getaways all year long that the kids will love.

    -Bounce Zones- Milwaukee’s bounce zones offer kids a safe and weightless experience. The Bounce Areas offer children a venue to play free without harm of injury. Most of the bounce realms have party packages and discounts on admissions for large parties. A good thing to keep in mind since moving to Milwaukee can become expensive.

    Throwing your child an amazing birthday in their new Milwaukee home is a great way to make them feel comfortable and introduce them to the local kids. Milwaukee movers save you from the time and hassle of moving, so that you can spend it where it really counts.

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    Baton Rouge is the prime place to move to this year for those who are looking for industrial construction work. According to the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA), the construction job demand is expected to spike throughout the rest of 2015.

    Apparently, the spike is going to come from scheduled plant turnarounds. The GBRIA explained that turnarounds are when “an entire processing unit of a plant is taken offline to upgrade or replace it.”

    If you are moving to Baton Rouge and will be looking for construction jobs, the top jobs that are in demand include pipefitters, welders, instrument and electrical technicians, boilermakers, equipment operators, insulators, mechanics, millwrights, and scaffold builders.

    The state of Louisiana also passed over $129 billion in capital improvements, $35 billion of which are located in Baton Rouge. The Baton Rouge construction projects will require 5,000 direct hires, 11,000 permanent indirect hires, and 25,000 construction jobs that are temporary.

    As exciting as this may sound for Baton Rouge construction workers, it doesn’t stop there. These figures are actually low for the state, and the numbers are only expected to increase as the years go by.

    If you are moving to Baton Rouge and are in the market for construction jobs, the city posts on Indeed, Craigslist, Monster, Simplyhired, and

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    Summer is coming to an end! If you have recently moved to Atlanta with your family and your local Atlanta moving company has already finished unpacking all of your belongings, try throwing a barbecue for a fun and casual way to meet your neighbors.

    Atlanta chef Tony Mann recently gave Atlanta Magazine tips for grilling ribeye steaks this summer. According to Mann, ribeye steaks are one of the best, if not the best, cuts of meat out there. A ribeye has the perfect combination of meat and fat to add rich flavor and tenderness; however, if prepped poorly, they do not live up to their potential.

    Mann’s prepping and ribeye grilling tips are as follows:

    • Unwrap the meat and let it sit out on the counter at room temperature for at least 10 minutes
    • Season with salt and pepper
    • Grill with a charcoal and wood combo
    • Don’t press down on the steaks while grilling
    • Finish the steak with garlic-thyme butter

    Some may question why they should let the ribeye sit out for 10 minutes – a process that Mann calls “breathing.” The Atlanta top chef explains that unwrapping ribeye steaks is “like opening a fine wine, you need to let it breathe.”

    Atlanta movers suggest grilling your steaks to the texture of your liking, but Mann says that a total of 10 minutes is ideal. He suggests grilling the ribeye at 45 degrees for 2 ½ minutes, then rotating to 90 degrees for 2 ½ minutes, then rotating to 45 degrees again for another 2 ½ minutes, and finally rotating to 45 degrees again, for another 2 ½ minutes.

    Needless to say, once everyone gets a whiff of the delicious steaks being grilled, you will not be able to keep your neighbors away!

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    If you are moving to Tennessee, you are about to see your Tennessee power bills lowering. Residents across the state are enthralled about Tennessee Valley Authority’s announcement to lower fuel costs to the lowest they have been in a year.

    TVA announced that its total monthly fuel cost rate for September would be 1,958 cents per kilowatt hour, which TVA spokesman Jim Hopson stated that, “This is about 9 percent below the three-year average for September, and it is the lowest fuel-cost adjustment this calendar year.”

    On top of lowering Knoxville local’s power bills, the Tennessee Valley Authority has been seeking public comment on their plans to buy power from an Alabama solar installation. Knoxville movers respect the fact that TVA is considering residents’ opinions, concerns, and taking into consideration possible alternatives. Hopefully, a resolution will be reached that can maintain the low fuel cost rate. The solar project would tie a 645 acre facility in Alabama, to an existing TVA transmission line.

    “This is our first proposal for utility scale solar,” TVA Chief Operating Officer Chip Pardee told the TVA board back in February.

    If you are moving to Knoxville, know that you have until September 14th to log your opinion online under environment, environmental reviews, and Riverbend Solar Headings, or by mail to TVA.


    In efforts to employ only the best, the Tennessee Department of Correction offers sign-on bonus by launching an incentives program that will encourage current employees to recommend people they know to apply for jobs.

    In need of a job and planning on moving to Knoxville? If you know someone who works for the Department, you can receive a signing bonus if you apply and get hired by referral. Beginning August 17th, all correctional officers and nurses who are joining the agency will receive a $600 signing bonus.

    In addition, if you work for the Department already and know someone who is an outstanding worker, you can receive $100 for each new correctional officer or nurse that you refer.

    Commissioner Derrick Schofield explains, “Our new recruits frequently tell us that they heard about the great opportunities at TDOC from one of our current employees. The signing bonus and referral programs help us compete with other industries for the best and the brightest applicants and rewards the staff that helps us recruit them.”

    If you are moving to Knoxville, let a local Knoxville mover, like All My Sons Moving & Storage, help move you in. That way, you can apply to join the state’s largest law enforcement agency, the Tennessee Department of Correction, as either a correctional officer or nurse.

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