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  • Every equestrian has many questions and concerns when considering a move. How much is boarding horses in Boynton Beach. Will it be affordable? How to go about finding the right trainer? Whatever your concerns may be, considering moving to Boynton Beach will be worth your while.

    WEF! The winter equestrian festival in Wellington Florida is on every rider’s radar. This is one of the biggest show weekends in the equestrian world. Bringing in thousands of horses and riders from not only all over the country but all over the world! The drive to Wellington from Boynton Beach is a short 30 minutes. Whether you are aiming to compete or just to play spectator, being this close to one of the equine capitals of the world will not disappoint!

    So why not just move to Wellington? Boynton Beach is a lot more affordable than Wellington. This goes for housing for yourself and board for your horses. Basic board can be found for as cheap as $400 a month for a horse. Many stables will work out payment and lesson plans. There are countless training facilities to choose from and many offer competitive lesson programs to choose from.

    Moving too far south of Boynton Beach leaves you still with ample riding and boarding facilities, however a lack of equine community. It will be very common after moving to Boynton Beach to find various tack stores just around your neighborhood. Boynton Beach offers many options and again, just a short drive to one of the equine capitals of America. All My Sons Moving and Storage promotes just how perfect boarding horses in Boynton Beach is, as well as finding a home for yourself.

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    If you are new to San Antonio, a guaranteed recommendation from the locals and local San Antonio movers at All My Sons would be to check out the Riverwalk. San Antonio’s Riverwalk, often referred to as downtown, is a large park open 365 days a year. The Riverwalk has everything you can imagine, such as restaurants, bars, beautiful views, hotels, businesses, and of course, the San Antonio River. San Antonio’s Riverwalk is your spot for tasty food, great views, easy shopping, and exciting nightlife.

    You can take a riverboat tour along the river when visiting during the day. You can enjoy a relaxing, yet educational, 35-minute ride along the river with a local guide for less than ten dollars.

    To satisfy your appetite, check out on the many restaurants available at the Riverwalk. Some of the top chefs in Texas serve up their unique recipes at the Riverwalk, such recipes are featured in Las Ramblas, Biga on the Banks, Acenar, and The Luxury. Riverwalk is also home to a bar that opened in 1933 called The Esquire.

    Do not be surprised when you see many men and women in uniform. The Riverwalk in San Antonio is frequented by members of the U.S. Military, and is a typical spot for basic training graduates to celebrate with their family and friends after months of separation.

    Riverwalk celebrates holiday traditions, rain or shine. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, San Antonio’s Riverwalk is decked out in Christmas lights, and hosts a parade celebrating the holiday season.

    Regardless of what time of the year you attend, it is guaranteed to be great place to celebrate any occasion. San Antonio’s Riverwalk is exempt from open-container ordinances, so grab a drink and take a look around while you visit! Local San Antonio movers also want you to know that the park is a popular spot for big parties and weddings, due to its beautiful venues.

    Residents and local San Antonio movers will agree that San Antonio’s Riverwalk is a must see!

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    The Cary movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to provide you with expert advice on how to paint the interior of your new Cary home like a professional. We know you will want to give your home a look that is specifically for you. If you follow these basic steps, you will have yourself a beautiful, fresh painted interior in no time. You can learn how to prime the walls, use a roller, cover the hard-to-reach spots, and paint the wood work in no time.

    1. Priming.

    Unless the existing finish is flat, you will need to apply a primer coat to make the new paint layer adheres. Priming does not require as much attention to detail as the painting process.

    2. Ceilings.

    When you start painting your new Cary home, we recommend starting with the ceiling. Begin with the perimeter and unpainted areas around the fixtures.

    3. Rolling on the paint.

    You will want to begin rolling paint on the ceiling in sections approximately six square feet. Use series of overlapping strokes in the shape of a W, from right to left. Then come back from left to right. Repeat the same steps with the walls, covering within one to one and a half inches of the edges.

    4. Brushwork on the wall.

    Make sure to mask the perimeter with masking tape before you begin using the brush to paint the edges. Paint the upper perimeters of the walls of your new Cary home, as well as all the areas that cannot be covered with a roller.

    5. Second coats.

    If the ceilings and walls need a second coat, All My Sons suggests waiting until the first coat of paint dries.

    6. Trim, baseboards, doors and windows.

    Allow the paint to dry on the walls of your new Cary home before painting anything else. After applying painters tape to protect the newly painted wall surfaces or flooring, you can begin painting the doors of your new Cary home. Wedge the doors open with a rolled up newspaper, and always use a drop cloth. Flat surfaces can use a roller, but panel doors require a brush. Use the same techniques for baseboards and trims.

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    Amazon Prime is well-known these days and is growing in popularity. They offer same-day delivery and members-only benefits that have capitalized the online shopping and delivery platform for some time now. However, Google is answering back to stay in the arms race in delivery services in Maryland other areas located on the east coast. Your local Maryland movers are here to break down what this big news means for Maryland.

    Google Express made its first debut back in 2013 in select cities, but then expanded to 16 states earlier this year. As of September 28, Google Express added 13 more states to the list. This expansion is part of a push to make Google Express available nationwide by the end of the year. You will find one big difference between the two delivery services: Amazon pushes products, whereas Google Express works with a limited number of retailers like Costco, PetSmart, Kohl’s and Whole Foods Market. Google Express is taking the approach to connect shoppers with brands, as opposed to specific products.

    All of these delivery services in Maryland come with a price tag in order to receive these convenient benefits. Local Maryland movers suggest signing up for a membership if you want to see the true savings. Google Express offers either a $10 a month or $95 a year membership, which includes free delivery on orders of at least $15. There is one restriction that your local Maryland movers noticed that could be the deciding factor for buyers: AmazonFresh will deliver fresh food to your doorstep, while Google Express is sticking with non-perishable food items.

    It all depends on what you are shopping for online or if you are looking for a particular brand. Either way, the delivery services in Maryland offer top level convenience for any consumer. This is great news for the Maryland area, which means more options are coming in the future for the region. For more helpful information and moving tips, look to your friendly local Maryland movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

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    If you have made the decision to move to Knoxville, chances are you have quite a few electronics to move with you. While TVs keep getting larger and more expensive, they are also becoming lighter. This is good news when it comes time to pack and move your big screen TV to Knoxville! In order to ensure that your TV makes it to your home in one piece, our expert movers at All My Sons Knoxville have the following instructions for you to follow.

    Gather some friends to help.

    It is important to make sure that you have enough help to move your big screen TV. They are heavier than you can imagine and oftentimes hard to handle due to their awkward shape. It is best to have a few friends around to not only help you lift, but also to direct you from your home to the moving truck.

    Get together blankets or moving pads.

    In order to protect your television from scrapes and bumps, you are going to need blankets or moving pads. Most Knoxville moving companies will rent you blankets and padding. Make sure to also have strong packing tape to secure the blanket around the big screen TV.

    How to wrap and move your big screen TV.

    When you begin to move your big screen TV, place the padding or bedding on the floor. Carefully set the television on top of the padding in an upright position, and then carefully wrap it like you would a present. Keep the TV always standing up. Knoxville movers remind you to never lay the screen flat on the floor, as it could easily crack the screen.

    Packing the TV on the moving truck.

    When you put the TV on the moving truck, Knoxville movers suggest making sure you choose a position where it will not move. The best place to keep it will be at the back of the truck, or along the wall. Pack larger items around the TV that will not move around in transit.

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    Denver is well known for being America’s “Mile High” city! Located exactly 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver has way more to offer than its special green crosses on every corner to keep you high. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers information of some of the best hikes around the city of Denver. The fall is one of the best times for hikes.

    Moving to Denver just in time to explore the many trails before they are blanketed in snow, will keep your soul smiling. Hiking high in the Rocky Mountains will deliver breathtaking views you will not want to miss. If you are coming from a warmer climate, it is also a good idea to move to Denver for fall, so that you can acclimate with the seasons moving into winter.

    One of the most exciting things the city of Denver has to celebrate this fall, is going back into the NFL season as world champions. Denver is home to some of the most energetic and captivating football fans around. Experiencing this is sure to keep any sports fan on a high! Broncos’ fans are on the edge of their seats as this is their first season without Peyton Manning. What better time to get in on the action!

    Lastly, the people of Denver will keep you feeling fulfilled as the value of neighbor ties goes a long way. Denver has been known for its friendly residents. The local scene is social and thriving. The perfect environment to move to this fall!

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    Making a long distance move from the countryside to Texas’s capital city of Austin can sometimes leave movers feeling like they’re in a whole new world. For those who may be hesitant to give up their love for nature, the outdoors and fresh air to move to the city, don’t worry, the long distance Austin movers at All My Sons have the key to preserving your love for the countryside lifestyle.  Find your country in the city of Austin and keep your love for the outdoors with a visit to McKinney State Park.

    Located only 13 miles away from the capitol of Austin, McKinney State Park is your very own nature preserve in Austin, Texas.

    Open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., there is a variety of ways to spend your day outdoors

    1. Have a relaxing picnic in the shade

    2. Swim in Onion Creek

    3. Go fishing with gear loaned by the park

    4. Explore the campgrounds overnight

    5. Bike or hike up to nine miles of trails

    6. Sit back and nature watch: wildlife like white tailed deer, armadillos, birds and squirrels.

    Long distance Austin movers say that visitors can also expect to see bright wildflowers, and large bald cypress trees over 100 feet high.

    McKinney State Park not only helps you feel at home after moving to Austin, but also welcomes Austin residents to different events almost every day for families and friends to enjoy the outdoors, such as group hikes, daytime and “night hikes”, “Go Fish” learn to fish event, “Art in the Park”, family camping weekends and campfire gatherings, and more.

    Admission to McKinney State Park is only $6 for adults and free for children 12 and under, every day.

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    Opinions about moving are unanimous; moving is stressful and it is expensive. Our Memphis moving company understands that it is hard to save money when you are moving. When you decide to move to Memphis, you have a few options about how you go about the endeavor. You can either move yourself and enlist the help of family and friends, or you could hire residential Memphis movers. While moving yourself is cheaper, hiring a full service moving company can save you time and a lot of hassle. If you do decide to hire a moving company in Memphis, there are a few tricks for cutting down the cost.

    Minimize. Get rid of the clutter and rid yourself of unnecessary belongings. Have a garage sale, donate, or throw away anything that you can live without. Weight equals money and the less weight, less money.

    Move in the off-season. Choosing when you move can also save you money with Memphis movers. Opt to move in the off-season, which is any month besides June or July. Also, moving in the middle of the month can save money since people tend to move at the beginning and end of the month.

    Book your move in advance. The sooner you book your Memphis movers, the less likely it is that you will be charged a higher rate. If you move last minute and have to book within a few weeks of your move, the moving company will charge extra for the last minute booking.

    Be flexible. Be flexible on the time when the Memphis movers pick up and deliver your belongings. If you are willing to work with their schedule, you may be able to ask them for a price break.

    Understand the costs. There are varying degrees of services with Memphis movers, and different charges for each service. Inquire about any possible charges that could arise during your move and the fees attached to those services.

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    It is finally autumn in Columbus, and you want to decorate your home to give it that warm, fall feeling. Here are some easy, inexpensive DIY fall decorations, courtesy of your Columbus movers, that will help bring the fall spirit to your home. You can create these DIY fall decorations in 30 minutes, or less!

    Pumpkin Flower Holder

    Pick up one of the plastic pumpkin Halloween candy-holder from any local store – they are typically no more than one dollar. Drill a few holes in the bottoms and spray paint the holders warm colors that compliment your home, such as copper or bronze. Fill the holders with dirt, fertilizer, and fresh flowers to complete the look!

    Fall Porch Basket

    Place a basket on your front porch with artificial leaves, flowers, and pumpkins. Add white string lights throughout the arrangement to give it a luminous glow.


    Wine Cork Pumpkin

    Before you throw away your wine corks, Columbus movers suggest you save them to make DIY fall decorations! Hot glue wine corks, one of top of the other, in rows into a shape that resembles the circle of a pumpkin. Use orange spray paint to coat the face of the corks. Cut green felt into the shape of pumpkin leaves and tie them on top with twine to create the stem and leaf part of the pumpkin.


    Cinnamon Stick Candle Holders

    To make a quick fall centerpiece, you will need cinnamon sticks, candles, rubber bands, and twine. Use the rubber bands to hold various sized cinnamon sticks wrapped around the candle, then conceal the rubber band by tying twine around it. Columbus movers say it looks best when finished with a bow.

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    Your local movers in Salt Lake City report that after 11 years of dedicating herself to the well-being and success of the city, the hardworking, highly respected Lisa Shaffer has now been selected to head the Public Services Department of Salt Lake City. Shaffer was appointed in early September by Mayor Jackie Biskupski, who believes Ms. Shaffer is effective, efficient, and possesses strong leadership qualities to help maintain Salt Lake City for residents and visitors. Local movers in Salt Lake City agree with the Mayor’s stance. Mayor Biskupski stated, “She has proven her strong leadership abilities as interim director, and she brings a wide range of project, personnel, and budget-management skills to the position”.

    Lisa Shaffer began working 11 years ago as a city employee. In the last two years, Shaffer has been serving as administrative services director for the Public Services Department in Salt Lake City. In the last five months, Shaffer has been the department’s interim director, which prepares her for her new role. Shaffer enjoys serving the people of Salt Lake City, and will fill the shoes of Rick Graham, who proudly served for 35 years. The Public Services Department of Salt Lake City is essential to the development and success of the area. It serves the community members and visitors. The Public Services Department of Salt Lake City will focus its budget on youth programs, graffiti removal, open-space management, park maintenance, snow removal, gold course maintenance, street repairs, adding street signs, and signal maintenance. Local movers in Salt Lake City are looking forward to these positive changes. Shaffer and her team work hard to keep Salt Lake City running, stating the people of Salt Lake City “count on us to provide essential services and to responsibly use their tax dollars in making their lives better.”

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