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  • Part of the American dream is working hard and saving money to purchase a new home in which to build a life and raise a family. There are fewer things that instill the sense of pride one gets when signing the closing papers on their new home. Unfortunately, just as with any new venture, mistakes are made and local Hilton Head movers have seen them all. Here are some of the most common mistakes first time homeowners make and how to avoid following in their footsteps.


    • Falling in love with the first house you see can be a tragic error in judgement. When shopping for a home, be sure to check out at least 5 houses and compare them. Overeager shoppers make offers on homes right away and end up missing out on a better deal or taking on a property that they end up regretting later.


    • Buying a fixer upper to save cash may sound like a great idea initially, but it can come back to hurt you later. Every house comes with its own problems, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy one with glaring issues right away. Hilton Head movers suggest looking for a home within budget that is as move-in-ready as possible. This is one of the most frequent mistakes first time homeowners make.


    • Hiring the wrong moving company can be a nightmare you can’t wake up from. When it comes to purchasing a new home, the last thing you want to worry about is having to stay on top of your movers. Be sure to hire a reputable moving company to ensure your home and personal belongings are in good hands.

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    San Antonio is a great place for families, and you’ve certainly made the right choice moving here. In case you want to have some good, summer fun after moving to San Antonio, the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share their picks for the best water parks to visit after moving to town.

    1. Splashtown

    If you are looking for a family friendly, yet exciting water park in the San Antonio area, you should definitely check out Splashtown. Having adventurous rides and attractions for both kids and adults, the park is the perfect family spot you should visit after moving to town.

    2. Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

    One of the most obscure and exciting water parks in San Antonio and the area, the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine is unique in the fact that it is an indoor water park that can accommodate families overnight. It is definitely worth checking out.

    3. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas

    In case you truly want to immerse yourself into a wild waterpark experience, you should visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas after moving to San Antonio. With plenty of entertainment for anyone and constantly having the most adventurous of rides, it’s one of the best water parks in the state of Texas.

    4. Schlitterbahn Water Park

    One of the best rated water parks in the world, Schlitterbahn has over 40 amazing and fun rides and attraction for both kids and parents. The park even has a special kiddie coast for the smallest of toddlers, making it one of the best family parks in the San Antonio area.

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    After moving to Jacksonville, Florida, there is no question that you are going to love the summer weather, since it is year-round. In order to take a break from unpacking moving boxes, get out of the house and take your family or friends to one of these free activities in Jacksonville this summer.
    Read in a Hammock

    Okay, you’ll need a hammock for this one. If you don’t have one, simply grab a sturdier blanket, tie it around two trees and enjoy the great outdoors for a bit. Make sure to read a book for that extra entertainment factor.

    Visit the Museum during a free Museum Day

    Perhaps the best, free activity to do in Jacksonville this summer is visit one of the many museums. A lot of museums in Jacksonville open their doors for free during the summer, typically on particular days of the week. Take advantage of that and indulge in a free museum day if possible.

    Play Sports with Friends

    After moving to Jacksonville, playing sports outside is going to be a regular hobby. Sports are completely free, so get outside, grab your friends or family, hit the beach and play some volleyball or beach football. Or, take the game to a local park!
    Camp in Your backyard 

    This might seem extremely silly, but it’s more fun than you think. Pack some camping supplies, as if you would on a real camping trip, pitch a tent, and camp in your backyard.

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    As a homeowner, there are certain things that you have to be responsible for such as pest control and replacing rotted wood or old wires. Relocating to a city like Ft. Lauderdale has its own responsibilities that homeowners may not be accustomed to. South Florida attracts many visitors from outside of the state for good reason. It’s a warm, tropical climate with beaches aplenty. The drawback, however, is the ever-present threat of a hurricane. Local Fort Lauderdale moving companies highly recommend following these guidelines to secure your home and ensure its safety in the upcoming storm season:


    1. Install Hurricane Shutters

    Hurricane force winds can reach speeds of up to over 100mph and hurl objects into windows and doors. When you get word of an upcoming storm, installing hurricane shutters can help to protect your home from flying debris.


    1. Build According to Code

    While there are other concerns to consider such as fines, building according to code is vital for hurricane proofing your home after moving to Fort Lauderdale. The city has certain mandates in place to protect homes and commercial properties from being torn apart during a storm. Outdoor construction especially must be followed to city code as incorrect construction set ups can leave a home vulnerable to significant damage amid high winds and floods.


    1. Monitor Trees Around Your Home

    Flying tree branches and falling limbs are the biggest culprits of property damage during a storm. After moving to Fort Lauderdale, performing regular trimmings and checking for cracks in the heavier branches now can potentially save thousands of dollars later. Be sure to hurricane proof your home by removing any large trees that are too close to your home. They may be pretty, but it won’t be a pretty sight to see them in your living room, hanging from the roof after a hurricane.

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    Columbus is undoubtedly a great place for those who want to enjoy some hipster-esque bar culture. With over 9,000 bars, the city has one of the busiest nightlife scenes imaginable. After moving to Columbus, you may be curious which bars are the best to frequent and meet some new people, which is why the local movers at All My Sons of Columbus have this short list of the top bars in Columbus to check out!


    If you want professionally made cocktails and a speakeasy atmosphere, Curio is the best place for you. Their expert bartenders can prepare perfect cocktails both for an Instagram picture and in taste!

    Brothers Drake Meadery

    If you enjoy art and culture, the Brothers Drake Meadery is the perfect place for you. Enjoyed by many college students and found in the University district, this winery is for everyone who wants to feel hipster, even if for a day.


    The true hipster heaven in Columbus, the Bodega bar in the South North is definitely a place everyone in the city should visit at least once. With an amazing menu and beer selection, this bar is a top bar in Columbus that the local movers in town recommend.


    Want to enjoy some food in a cozy and artsy atmosphere? Katalina’s might be the right spot for you. A great garden café retreat, Katalina’s is known to serve some of the best food in town.

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    Home ownership is a relatively straightforward process, and house prices tend to be stable throughout the year. Nevertheless, if you are a renter, you are probably going to find that prices fluctuate and differentiate depending on the season. With that in mind, the experts from All My Sons Austin packing company hope to use their experience to guide you on the best time of year for renters to move.


    Do you have time?

    If you are looking to find a new place to live as soon as possible, chances are you won’t be able to negotiate your prices. Most Americans tend to move in the Spring and Summer, mainly between May and September. Moves spike during this time of year primarily due to college students and the summer break of younger kids. If you have time to plan, our Austin packing company suggests waiting until the later months, as you’ll enjoy more rental options.


    Do you want to save money?

    When it comes to seasonal trends, winter tends to be the best season for movers who want to save money. Since winter is a slower month for both apartment hunting and our Austin movers, chances are you’ll be able to find some great offers this time of year. The decreased demand for rentals and movers means less money out of your pocket during the winter months.


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    When packing on your own, you have to make sure that you have the proper packing supplies. By purchasing quality packing products in Raleigh, you’ll be able to pack more easily and be safe in knowing that your items will be packed securely during your trip. Nevertheless, purchasing packing supplies is not always the best money saving option for some. All My Sons likes for people to think about packing supplies as part of the moving process. When you hire a moving company, packing products and packing services in Raleigh should automatically come with it. If you cannot afford to purchase moving boxes, here are a few other options.

    1. Check in with your Local Liquor Store

    The boxes used for the transportation of liquor are small in size and made of sturdy cardboard. An almost exact match to the small moving book box used by professionals, you’ll be able to freely get your hands on them, as most liquor stores just throw them away.

    2. Check in with your Grocery Store

    Another store you should visit to ask for some boxes is your grocery store. The boxes used for the transportation of eggs and produce are often made of double-walled cardboard, giving you the perfect chance to easily transport your more fragile items. While you are there, make sure to ask if they have any egg cartons, as they can be used in various ways when packing.

    3. Visit you local Newspaper Printing Company

    There you’ll be able to find a ton of free old newspapers you can use in a variety of ways when packing, and even if they don’t have such available, they will be able to offer you blank newspaper paper in bulk for an extremely cheap price.

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    Are you excited for a move, but not so excited to pack your entire house into boxes? This can be a major task, especially if you’ve got years of built up clothing, furniture, and possessions. Fortunately, All My Sons offers Atlanta packing services that can make your move easy and stress free, from start to finish.

    What do Atlanta packing services include?

    • Packing materials: Our team will provide you with packing materials such as boxes, packing tape, protective padding for glassware and fragile items, and labels.


    • Owner packing: If you chose to pack your items yourself, we can give you the materials and arrive on scene when you’re ready for transport. We’ll load all the items into our vehicles and make sure they arrive at your new residence safely.


    • Partial Packing: If you chose to pack some of your items and need the help of our Atlanta packing services for the rest – we’ve got you covered. This is a great option for moving antiques or automobiles.


    • Full packing services: We can pack everything in your home and provide you with full inventory and labeled boxes. We disassemble furniture and load your inventory into our trucks in an organized and strategic manner.


    • Unpacking services: Not only do the packing professionals at All My Sons bring your items to your new residence, but we’ll help you unpack everything in their assigned rooms. This means unloading boxes, placement and reassembly of furniture.

    When preparing for your big move, you can rely on the trusted Atlanta packing services from All My Sons. Our team has over 20 years of packing and moving experience, and we guarantee a job well done.

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    A staple in every American home, the BBQ grill is an irreplaceable part of the ultimate home appliance set. Nevertheless, BBQ grills are also some of the hardest appliances to transport, and you definitely don’t want to transport a dirty grill to your new home. In order to prepare your grill before moving to Memphis, All My Sons Moving & Storage’s professional movers and packers have tips for cleaning it.

    Step 1. Soak Your Grates in Hot Water and Dish Soap

    Turn on your BBQ grill until it heats up. After that, turn it off and disconnect the propane tank. Take out the grates and put them in a solution of regular dish soap and hot water.

    Step 2. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub.

    As your BBQ grill cools off, take a brush and start scrubbing under the hood. Don’t forget to loosely put a piece of foil to protect your heating elements.

    Step 3. Clean the Walls

    After you’ve scrubbed enough, take a damp paper towel and clean inside the walls.

    Step 4. Scrub the Grates

    After your grates have soaked for a bit, take them out and scrub the grease off. Then simply rinse them.

    Step 5. Clean the Exterior

    Finally, make sure that you replace the innards of your grill and to clean out the cabinet. To finish cleaning your BBQ and make sure that it is clean for moving, simply clean up the exterior and you’ll be good to go.

    Now that your BBQ grill is cleaned up nicely, you can go ahead and prepare it for your move to Memphis.

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    The Red Stick of Louisiana is infamous for its bustling industry and career opportunities. This is especially true in the month of May. If you have recently moved to Baton Rouge, the professional movers and packers at All My Sons have a list of the top things to do in Baton Rouge in May.


    1. The 2017 Influential Women in Business LuncheonAre you a professional woman and want to mingle with some of the most influential women in business? Interested to learn from the best? The 2017 Influential Women in Business Luncheon is just for you! After moving to Baton Rouge, get to know some other influential business women in the area at this great event!
    2. The 90s Bar CrawlOne of the most fun things to do in Baton Rouge in May for younger individuals, the 90s Bar Crawl is aimed at millennials that want to experience the world of the 90s once again in 2017.
    3. Celebrate GalaAnother interesting Baton Rouge May event you can attend is the Celebrate Gala. It will take place in the LSU Stadium.
    4. The Happy Running Club Baton Rouge 2017All My Sons Baton Rouge also recommends to those who love to run and drink, to experience Happy’s Running Club. Taking place in the beginning of June, the event is an amazing and fun experience after moving to town. Be sure to gather all the details and register in May for the event.

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