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  • Victoria_Texas_watertower2_JD_Hancock30 miles from the Gulf Of Mexico, Victoria Texas is known as “The Crossroads” because of it’s strategic location between Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. With a population of over 80,000 Victoria is in the Texas High Country in the area called the “The Golden Crescent”.  Its position between the ocean and the grassy prairies was a strong draw for Native American tribes such as the Jaraname, Toncahua, Carancahua, Lipan, and Comanche. From the 17th through 19th centuries Victoria was occupied by the French then the Spaniards. Eventually it became Mexican property after the Mexican revolution and was a key part of Mexico’s attempt to colonize Texas. The city was named after General Guadalupe Victoria, the first post revolutionary president of Mexico. Following Texas’ independence from Mexico the city began to flourish and eventually the city of Victoria was officially founded as the county seat of Victoria County.

    The Victoria economy was largely agrarian through the 19th century. Crops such as rice, corn and wheat were grown in great quantities. Cattle ranching was another major part of the economy. Early on the main non-agricultural business was brick making. Everything changed in the 1930′s with the discovery of oil. During the depression growth slowed, but quickly resumed during the Second World War due to demand for oil and the placement of several military bases nearby.

    victoria_courthouse_ken_lundToday Victoria is a vibrant modern community that maintains its connection with it’s past. Victoria has several museums and many restored historic buildings. One of the most popular is the Museum Of The Coastal Bend which features exhibits on regional history. The 1892 Victoria Courthouse is considered one the best examples of Texas Gothic architecture. There are plenty of outdoor activities as well including fishing, kayaking and horseback riding. Another popular attraction is The Texas Zoo a 5 1/2 acre facility focusing on Texas wildlife.

    Victoria continues to grow. if your future is in this historic city call your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage and we’ll help you get to “The Crossroads Of The Golden Crescent”.

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    If you are new to Tulsa and have been craving a Blizzard, you may have noticed that there are not many Dairy Queens in town. Actually, there are only two stores in the area: one In the Woodland Hills Mall and one in the Broken Arrow neighborhood. If neither of these locations are close to your home, you will not have to suppress your hankering for that Blizzard anymore! A Dairy Queen franchisee plans to build seven more Dairy Queen restaurants in the next three years, so one is bound to be pretty close to your new home! Your Tulsa relocation company knows that is music to your ears (and taste buds).

    In the 70s, there were a ton of Dairy Queens in Tulsa, but as time passed, several began to shut down. Now that there are only two locations left, it is the perfect opportunity to begin building again. The first two locations have already been selected. The first will be in Owasso and will be open this June. The second will be in Tulsa, at the site of a former Mexican restaurant, and is planned to be open this July. According to the franchisee, a lot of residents have been asking for more Dairy Queen stores, and the existing Tulsa stores perform really well.

    You won’t have to wait too long to enjoy your favorite childhood treat in Tulsa. Dairy Queens are the perfect place to take the kids for a little celebration, and they will love the Blizzards just as much as you do.

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    enchanted-rock-timothyjThe Texas Hill Country consists of 25 counties in South and Central Texas. It is nestled between the booming metroplexes of San Antonio to the West and Austin to the South. The Hill country is a plateau that ranges from 1000 to 2500 ft elev. It’s weather is typically hot, but precipitation can vary wildly. In one year Fredericksburg had 11 inches of rain, the next it had over 40. Originally home to the Apache and Comanche tribes, the region began to see large scale European settlement in the mid 1800s. Settlers from many different places came to the region and thrived, leading to a vibrant cultural mix. A perfect example is Tejano music which developed as traditional Mexican musicians were introduced to the accordion by German immigrants.

    peach_saladHill country is famous for it’s cuisine. It is a unique mash-up of Polish, German, Mexican and native Texas flavors not to be found anywhere else. A great example isTexas Peaches and Shrimp. Food writer Julia Celeste describes it this way “It may be hard to wrap your head around it when you hear the combination—hunks of lightly char-grilled wild-caught Texas shrimp and slightly charred ripe Fredericksburg peaches marinated in chile powder, jalapeño and herbs, with a pour-over of warm ginger-infused heavy cream—but it’s layer-upon-layer of fresh flavor”. The Hill country is also the center of Texas’ wine country.

    natural-bridge-cavern-Driss&MarionDue to it’s geology and several large rivers including the Texas/Colorado that flow through the area, Hill Country has some of the most amazing caves in the world. The Natural Bridges Cavern is the largest commercial cave in the U.S. The facility that has been developed here includes tours of developed caves, supervised wild caving and outdoor activities like a gigantic maze and the canopy challenge where you can climb and rappel safely.

    The Hill Country is one of the fastest growing regions in America. Anchored by Austin and San Antonio, communities like New Braunfelsand Comal are growing quickly. If you’re interested in moving to this diverse growing region call your friends in the moving business All My Sons Moving & Storage.

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    Sometimes there is no better place to take your children than the library. It will broaden their horizons and open up their imaginations. If you recently moved to Salt Lake City, plan your next field trip for the Salt Lake City Public Library System’s newest location in the Glendale area. Your Salt Lake City packing and moving providers hear it is the largest library in the system!

    The 20,000 square foot building has tons to offer kids. There are 40,000 books, CDs, newspapers and other reading materials. The new library even has a grand piano inside. The building is decorated with local artists’ work, and several were commissioned to bring the Glendale library to life. The communications manager for Public Library System said that this branch will be a community center as much as it is a library.

    The Glendale branch was very much needed, as a large percentage of its residents are under 18 and there are not a whole lot of places for people to meet. The library will provide an educational resource, along with a public space for gatherings and meetings.

    Located at 1375 South Concord, the library is in a great location for children. It is just a block away from Glendale Middle School, Mountain View Elementary School, and the Salt Lake School District’s Community Learning Center.

    If you recently moved to the Salt Lake City or Glendale area, you will have to check out the new Glendale public library. As the largest branch of the Library System, there are now plenty of resources at your fingertips!

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    If you are moving to Lafayette and you have children who will be entering into middle school, you may want to apply for the federal GEAR UP grant. The grant will provide middle school students with experiences that will prepare them academically and socially for college.

    A $13.8 million grant was awarded to the Lafayette Parish School System and if your child receives the GEAR UP grant, the services will follow them through middle school and high school, to the first year of college.

    Middle and high school students will have access to in-school and special summer learning programs, including campus visits to participating colleges; such as: UL-Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College. The grant became effective during late 2014 and 2,100 sixth and seventh graders will receive the GEAR UP grant for spring.

    Middle schools that have been targeted for students to receive the grant are: Acadian, Carencro, Judice, Lafayette, Paul Breauz, and Scott Middle School.

    The GEAR UP program was established in 1998, in hopes that less fortunate children would be able to have the opportunity to go to college, many of whom come from families where no one has been able to go to college. According to Alex Chough, vice president of government relations for the National Council for Community and Education Partnership, GEAR UP’s mission has now shifted away from making college more accessible, and towards preparing students academically and socially, so that they can make the necessary grades throughout middle school and high school in order to make it into college and be successful there as well.

    According to GEAR UP’s statistics, 75.3 percent of participants enroll in college.

    Nothing is better than spring time in Raleigh. The snow starts to melt, flowers begin to bloom, and your children have more time to play outside. This is also good news for your curb. As your Raleigh relocation providers are sure you have noticed, garbage collection has not been adhering to its schedule due to rough winter weather. This can be especially troublesome if you have just moved to town and have garbage piling up each day as you open more boxes. But there is good news: the city promises trash collections will go back to normal.

    If trash has built up on your block, the city insists garbage collectors will complete their routes. So do not bring in those bins! Leave them curbside, because trucks will have irregular schedules until they are caught up. While this is frustrating, do not blame the garbage men. The recent heavy snowstorms brought more snow than we are used to, and ice built up on several roads. Crews were not able to operate those large trucks until conditions were safer. Now that garbage crews are back at it, Wake County has offered some of its workers to help speed the process along, because that is what neighbors are for, right?

    If your family is new in town, do not let our recent garbage problem give you a bad impression! This winter was particularly icy, so trucks had a bit of trouble navigating the roads or getting out there at all. But Raleigh is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, so you made a great choice!

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    It is officially springtime in Birmingham, Alabama and residents here love the great outdoors! New to the area and have no idea what outdoor activities are the most popular for you to try? Birmingham moving companies love to help new residents and families out, so here are a few of our great city’s most popular outdoor activities for spring!

    Turkey Hunting. The number one outdoor activity in Alabama is turkey hunting and it is officially turkey hunting season so get ready to hear about it all around town. Turkey hunting is as popular as college football in town, so if you have young boys, it might be a good idea to take them to a hunters safety course in the area and start learning how to catch your very own Thanksgiving dinner!

    Deer and Swine hunting. Yes, more hunting. You can’t live in Alabama if you are pro not hunting game animals. Every year, local hunters propose bills that would allow them to bait deer and swine, and this year, it is back on the table – just so you can get an idea of how much hunting means to the locals.

    Fishing. Fishing is a great way to get some bonding time in with your family, especially if you have just moved to Birmingham, it is a great way to see the great Alabama outdoors and relieve some stress. However, this fishing season is starting out a little rainy, with smaller windows of time available for fishermen to cast their lines.

    Music. Spring brings a ton of country music and concerts, so be sure to listen to local radio stations and local news stations to find out the exact dates, times, and ticket prices.

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    There are plenty of charitable causes to get involved with in West Palm. If autism research and awareness is important to you, then you may be interested in Autism Speaks. Founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright, whose grandson was diagnosed with autism at a young age, Autism Speaks is now the world’s largest autism advocacy organization. Your West Palm moving and storage service providers were happy to hear that the organization’s annual walk in West Palm, Walk Now for Autism Speaks, raised more than $400,000.

    Almost 10,000 people joined the Palm Beach County Walk Now for Autism Speaks event on Sunday, March 8th. It was the first walk in a series that will take place across the nation. Founders Bob and Suzanne Wright were there to kick off the walk and empower guests. These events are essential to families who have children with autism, as they create a community of support. Raising a child with autism can be overwhelming and at times isolating, so these families come together during Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Guests included Congressman Patrick E. Murphy, Congresswoman Lois Frankel, and West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, who were all there to show their support for the cause.

    If you are passionate about autism awareness, you can get involved with Autism Speaks in Palm Beach County. It’s a wonderful cause that sponsors autism research, raises awareness for the issue, and creates a supportive and loving environment for people with autism and their families. Do not forget about the walk next year, as it is a great way to get involved.

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    If you are new to the Oklahoma City area and have children in elementary school, it is only a matter of time before you hear about the Rolling Thunder Book Bus. The renovated school bus travels to local elementary schools and children centers, to promote literacy and a love of reading. Every student that visits the bus receives a free book, so kids get pretty stoked when it comes to their school (because who doesn’t love free stuff?). The bus recently celebrated giving away 100,000 books to local Oklahoma City children.

    Players from the Oklahoma City Thunder joined the celebration at Buchanan Elementary School. Nick Collison and Jeremy Lamb signed books and spoke with children about the importance of reading and literacy. Many stops included a special guest; like the Thunder players or Thunder Girls.

    The bus, which is sponsored by American Fidelity, began in 2009 and has been traveling to support its literacy mission ever since. The Rolling Thunder Book Bus carries about 3,000 books for kids to choose from, and they range from pre-school level to fifth grade reading material. Players, coaches, and other Thunder associates, are always happy to get behind the worthy cause of literacy and helping kids develop a passion for reading.

    If you think the Rolling Thunder Book Bus will make your child smile, find out if they are coming to your school soon! It is a great way to get your child excited about their new home and school (and about reading!). Your Oklahoma City packing and moving specialists think that it is a worthy cause, and we know you will too!

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    Earlier this month, former Mayor Jim Sells listed the historic town of Grantville for sale on eBay, and he had no idea that his listing would receive the volume of attention it got.

    “The phone is ringing off the hook and we’re enjoying it,” says Sells, who listed Grantville at a mere $680,000.

    The small historic town has but just nine buildings, which include: a hair salon, a church, a pharmacy, and empty retail spaces.

    Bought by Sells out of foreclosure during the 2008 recession, he explains how Grantville residents want to see the downtown space redeveloped again and brought back to life, a vision which is not far off.

    Although it may seem like an old abandoned town as of present, Grantville has been a recent hot spot for movie and television producers alike; with one of the most popular The Walking Dead episodes, “The Clear”, being filmed there.

    Patti Palmer, Downtown Development Authority Chair, stated that she wants whoever buys the property to maintain its small town charm.

    “I would love to see a lot of independent businesses come in,” said Palmer. “Whether it’s a restaurant or a store that creates a heartbeat for downtown. I think that would be… I think that would set the whole thing on a great path.”

    If you are new to Georgia, Peachtree City movers suggest that you take your family to see the remnants of The Walking Dead episode, through one of Sells’ tours, every day at 2 p.m.