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  • Packing in general can be quite overwhelming, and trying to figure out how to pack bulky items can be just plain frustrating! If you feel up for the job of tackling your move on your own, All My Sons Chicago moving company has tips on how you can pack bulky, oddly-shaped items.

    Some of the bulkiest items in your house include: mattresses, couches and dressers.

    When packing your mattress, you want to protect it from any dirt or damage by wrapping it in thick plastic or place it inside a special mattress bag. If you’re using a moving truck, you can place the mattress on the back of the truck standing upright and secure it to the truck with moving straps. If you choose to forgo the moving truck, you can strap the mattress to the top of your car with strong rope.

    If possible, when packing couches, our Chicago moving company recommends removing any legs or hardware protrusions, since legs alone can add up to a foot to the couches’ width. Once you’ve disassembled the couches as much as possible, you should cover them in a moving blanket protect the upholstery.

    A tip and trick from the movers at the Chicago moving company is to leave your clothing inside of the dresser. You should not tape any drawers shut because packing tape can be hard on wood surfaces so you want to avoid any damage. The best way to pack a dresser is to wrap it in moving padding or plastic to keep the drawers in place.

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    If you are considering using packing services, is important to decide how much you want to pack. You always have the option of packing yourself or hiring Salt Lake City movers to do that for you.

    Packing services are usually not included in moving costs, so it is important to decide if you want to pay extra for that service. In the end, you usually end up saving money when hiring packing services. These movers are professionally trained in the proper techniques to ensure that your belongings are packed properly. If you pack yourself you can run the risk of not packing your belongings properly.

    If you do choose to hire packing services, you have options. Salt Lake City movers offer partial and full packing services to make your move easier. Partial packing allows you to pack as much as you want and then the movers Salt Lake City take over when you want them to. Full packing services are exactly what they sound like. Movers Salt Lake City will pack and move all of your belongings safely and get them to your new house without you having to lift a box.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage provides professional packing services in Salt Lake City. Our movers are professional packers and are ready to expedite your move. Call us today for a quote!



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    Instead of spending your time packing, loading, and moving tons of boxes, call All My Sons Moving & Storage for packing services in Jacksonville this summer. We’ve got you covered, so you can use your free time designing your home as the perfect summer relaxation spot. Are you looking for creative exterior lighting concepts? We’ve got a DIY suggestion to lighten up your backyard.

    This fun, little DIY project is great afternoon project for the family! This is a project that the kids will love and it is so easy. All you need is: empty mason jars, scissors, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, book pages, sheet music or newspaper and tea lights!

    Use your scissors and cut your pages or newspaper into small pieces. To give your jars a nice textured effect, cut them into different shapes and sizes. Next, dip your sponge brushes into the Mod Podge and coat the back of one of the pieces of paper. Place the strip of paper on the jar and continue until you cover the jar. Try to overlap and layer the pieces, if you want. It is up to you to decide how you want to decorate your jars! You can make them all different, or keep a consistent theme. Once you are done putting the paper on the jar, coat the whole with more Mod Podge to creative a protective seal. Let the jars dry and then do one more layer of Mod Podge and then your jars are good to go!

    Once the jars have dried, illuminate each one with a tea light that will create a rustic and relaxed look for family and friends to enjoy.

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    Not sure how to tip your Tulsa movers? All My Sons Moving & Storage gives you a few options to choose from.

    Tip With Cash

    Some people think that they should choose a tip based off a percentage, like they do in other service industries. However, moving and packing services are more expensive than most services, so flat fees are usually better than percentages. Ultimately, the tip is up to you because Tulsa movers don’t require or suggest giving a tip. It is usually pretty standard to give a minimum of $20-$30 per mover. If your move is more complex, tip $40-$50 per mover.

    Another way of tipping can be $4-$6/hour per mover. This gets you to about $20-30 for local, shorter moves, and $40-$50 for more complex moves.

    Out of a courtesy to your Tulsa movers, do tip them individually. It will show that you recognize and appreciate their individual work and ensure that each of them get a fair share of the cut.

    Treat Your Movers

    If you aren’t comfortable with handing someone cash for their services, you are more than welcome to treat your movers. Moving is hard, so take them out to lunch, keep them full with snacks during the day, and always have refreshments. They will appreciate the extra fuel that you are giving them and it will brighten up their day!


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    Don’t get caught making the same mistakes most DIY movers make. Pack like a pro with packing these tips from our professionals at All My Sons Austin moving services.

    Correct Boxes

    There’s no such thing as one size fits all in moving. Boxes come in various sizes because they serve different purposes, so make use of them. Larger boxes should contain bulkier, but lightweight items. Smaller boxes contain heavier items like books and small appliances. Our Austin moving service professionals know how to distribute items to keep them safe during transport.

    Maximize Space

    If you’ve ever played the popular video game, “Tetris,” then you know that space is a bad thing. When packing boxes, try to fill up as much space as possible. Don’t leave your boxes halfway full.

    Label Boxes

    Anyone hiring Austin moving services has made the decision to be organized for their move. Part of organized moving is labeling boxes. When packing your belongings, label each box with its contents so that you can easily sort things out when you move into your new home.

    Packing Supplies

    If you’re preparing for a move, you need the right packing supplies. Collect important items to help make your move run smoothly. You’ll be needing scissors, packing tape, box cutters, furniture covers, a dolly, rope or twine and a host of other materials.

    Fragile Items

    As you pack your belongings, give extra attention to fragile items. Put packing paper or newspaper around dishes and glasses. Bundle and wrap them all together. Dished should be packed on their sides, never flat. Televisions should be double boxed, with one of the boxes padded with packing paper.

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    Extreme weather is sometimes unpredictable. If your property’s been hit by a flood, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Hilton Head, South Carolina can step in and help you clean up and salvage your items.

    Immediately After a Flood

    Take any emergency measures to ensure safety and limit any damages to your property. If you do have flood insurance, make sure to reach out and have your provider send out a loss adjuster to asses any damages. The insurer should also arrange for alternative accommodation.

    Cleaning and Drying Out

    After the loss adjuster has come to your house to assess the damages, you should remove all of your belongings out of the house in order to start the drying out process. After a huge flood, the last thing you want is more damages. Our Hilton Head movers offer packing services to get your belongings out of your house, the safe and smart way. Let us take as much stress off you as possible. Our professionals can take care of any move you need performed. We have the necessary tools and packing services to get your life back to normal after a flood.

    Moving Back in After a Flood

    Once the drying process is complete, the loss adjuster will arrange for any electrician, plumber, or builder to come to your house. After everything is restored, your loss adjuster will let you know when it’s safe to move back into your house. Our professional Hilton Head packing services will take care of the unpacking when you are able to move back into your house. Leave the hard part to us. Contact us today for a free packing quote.

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    When it comes time to prepare for a move, there’s always the question of whether to hire professional packing services or to go the DIY route. Here are some of the pros and cons to take into consideration before deciding on a Raleigh NC Moving company.

    Pros of Hiring a Raleigh, NC Moving Company for Packing Services

    Faster Service – Packing professionals enable the moving process to fly by quickly.

    Security – Your items are less likely to be damaged when using professional packers. They are experts in their craft and ensure the protection of your items with their packing techniques.

    Cons of Hiring a Raleigh, NC Moving Company for Packing Services

    Increased costs – Not every moving budget is made for hiring professional help. For those who are working with tight financial constraints, hiring professional packing services may not be worthwhile.

    Lack of control – Packing professionals handle everything from packing, to transportation and the unpacking of boxes. Although not being involved in the tedious part of moving is a benefit to packing services, this may not sit well with every individual. However, All My Sons Raleigh NC Moving company is always open to customer guidance during the move.

    Pros of packing DIY vs. Hiring a Raleigh, NC Moving Company for Packing Services

    Lower costs – DIY moves are significantly cheaper than a professional move and work best for individuals who have the time to pack and don’t have many items to transport.

    More control – For those who like to be hands on with the moving process, packing and moving themselves may be a better option than letting packing professionals take over the job.

    Cons of Packing DIY vs. Hiring a Raleigh, NC Moving Company for Packing Services

    Time-consuming – Moving is a time-consuming process that requires weeks of preparation. The more items you have, the more time you need to set aside.

    Increased Risk of Damage – DIY movers tend to pack things incorrectly and thus increase the likelihood that items will be broken during transport.


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    Businesses don’t have time to shut down. Customers aren’t going to wait while you’re moving your business, instead, they’ll move on. What can you do to ensure that there are no interruptions while moving your business? Create a team, give notice and pay for packing services for businesses.

    Designate Team Members

    When moving your business, it’s best to go into this endeavor with a solid plan.

    Choose team captains and delegate moving responsibilities. Break up each task into manageable pieces and designate responsibilities based on a few factors:

    – Rooms

    – Files

    – Marketing (contacting clients, creating awareness, advertisements)

    – Admin (changing all information to reflect new address)

    – Moving company liaison (designate one team member to deal directly with the commercial movers)

    Knowing who oversees each piece of the overall puzzle will come in handy when it comes time to check up and assess how the process is taking shape.

    Give the Moving Company Notice

    No two moving companies are alike, but there are universal truths for every one of them. Moving companies usually advise families to give at least 8 weeks of notice before the move.

    We advise calling your local Columbus commercial movers as soon as you know you’re moving. There’s no harm in booking in advance and the peace of mind when moving your business will be worth it.

    Choose Packing Services for Businesses

    It may be tempting to get your team or employees to do all the packing for you but consider the bigger picture.

    Moving your business is no easy task and doing so without interrupting normal business process is a real challenge. Consider choosing one of the packing services for businesses in Columbus instead.

    That will free employees up to concentrate on organizing important documents and tools while the Columbus moving company takes care of the rest.


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    Once you’ve decided to move, and closed on the perfect home, it’s time to start thinking about who is going to pack all your household belongings. If you’re like most people you’ve probably got plenty of things to do as it is – with work, school, and family matters, who has time to pack? This is when our Denver moving and packing company steps in to save the day.


    All My Sons Moving & Storage has over four generations in the moving industry. When you choose to let our professional packing service take over during your move, you are putting your items in the hands of highly trusted professionals. Professional movers are trained to handle your move and ensure the best outcome.


    A quality moving company will have you packed and moved so efficiently because of their strategic process in handling a move. The professionals will have your whole move scheduled out, including every detail in between – so you don’t have to stress about the small things.


    If you choose to pack yourself and do not pack correctly, you run the risk of damaging your valuables. Your belongings are less likely to be damaged if you put them in the hands of skilled professionals at our Denver moving and packing company. Our movers are trained in proven techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings.

    Good Service

    More than anything else, our customer service is unmatched. All My Sons has a commitment to excellent customer service and making sure your move to the Denver area is more pleasant than you could ever have imagined.


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    Moving is such an exciting time in your life, so you shouldn’t be stressed out or overwhelmed by all the packing that must get done. If you decide that you aren’t ready to start packing all by yourself, All My Sons’ Franklin Park moving company is ready to take over. We are a full-service moving company that offers a variety of packing options.

    All My Sons Franklin Park moving company offers packing services in Franklin Park to help make your move as smooth sailing as possible! We offer a few packing options: owner, partial and full packing services.

    If you choose to pack yourself, we offer the best packing products that are available for purchase. Our packing products will ensure that your belongings are packed safely when we come pick them up on moving day.

    Our partial packing service is a great option if you want to pack most of your belongings yourself, but want us to take care of your more difficult items. We quilt-pad all furniture, covering any exposing fabric, to make sure your furniture gets to your new house without any damages.

    If you want us to pack everything for you, we are more than happy to. We look forward to treating you and your belongings with the utmost care. Our movers have been trained in the best packing techniques, so you won’t have to worry about even lifting a box!

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