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  • Oklahoma City is known for its steak, Bricktown, and oh yea, tornadoes and earthquakes. But do not let that scare you away! Every region has its own weather concerns, and OKC is no different. But as tornado season revs up, your Oklahoma City relocation company thinks you should know what to expect and how to prepare your family.

    The tornadoes began late last month in Moore and south Oklahoma City. The relatively weak tornadoes reached about 70 mph. Even so, the tornadoes hit without much warning, and city officials did not have much time to prepare. This means that when you hear of a thunderstorm warning in Oklahoma City, seek shelter and make sure your kids are safe, because you never know when a thunderstorm can shift into a tornado.

    Earthquakes, which have no particular season, also caused a bit of commotion earlier this month. Three small quakes shook Medford and Crescent. They reached 3.0, 3.3 and 3.4 on the Richter scale. No injuries or damages were reported, so your neighbors are fine! But the earthquakes served as a reminder to take cover when severe weather strikes.

    If you are new to Oklahoma City, do not be afraid of tornadoes or earthquakes. They are a natural part of the weather cycle out here in the Midwest. It is, however, important to be prepared. Your Oklahoma City movers want to make sure you have somewhere sturdy to seek shelter and you know where your children are at all times.

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    Nearby conveniences like transit, restaurants, and shopping are big draws for many people when deciding where to move. Because we know this is true, your Salt Lake City packing and moving company was excited to learn about the new plans for Station Center. What is Station Center, you may ask? According to Jason Mathis, executive director of Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance, it is a “big deal.”

    Salt Lake City planners are mapping out a mixed-use urban area for Station Center. It will include: retail stores, restaurants, bars, apartments, and commercial buildings. It is also very close to Salt Lake Central Station, which is a big draw. The downtown area is in the Depot District, and consists of the two city blocks between 200 South and 400 South, from 500 West to 600 West.

    The huge project will need some private investors, so the Salt Lake City’s Redevelopment Agency is courting prominent financiers. One drawback is the area’s homeless population and the homeless services in the neighborhood, but most private investors are not deterred, as the proximity to the transit hub is very appealing. The project is in the developmental stages, so completion is not expected for three to six years. Either way, everyone is excited about the buzz!

    Station Center is another sign of the city’s continued growth. If you are moving to Salt Lake City, be sure to keep an eye on Station Center’s development. Once completed, it is sure to be a wonderful place to grab dinner, go shopping, and explore.

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    Don’t live in Georgia? That’s okay, you can still win the GA lotto…apparently.

    An Alabama man recently purchased a $5 Georgia lottery instant ticket at a Marietta gas station. Little did he know that he would get lucky with his scratch-off.

    Matthew Spraggins, from Phoenix City, Alabama, bought his scratch-off at a Chevron station in Marietta and went back home to Alabama $450,000 richer.

    But Spraggins was not the only one to get lucky with the lotto in Georgia last month. Atlanta entrepreneur Michael Rutledge, also won $450,000 by playing the Georgia Lottery’s KENO game, which he bought at a Kroger in Atlanta. Rutledge explained that he used a personal combination of numbers and purchased a nine spot for 10 consecutive draws, selecting the multiplier option to increase his chances.

    If you are moving to Atlanta this month, you could get lucky with the lotto too. Check out the Smoke Rise Chevron at 288 Powers Ferry Road, in Marietta, or the Atlanta Kroger off Peachtree Road S.E. like Spraggins and Rutledge did.

    Atlanta movers want new residents to be winners, and for a small price, you could win big! Even if you are not moving to Georgia and are just passing through, a simple trip to the gas station could prove a trip worthwhile.

    Naples movers want you to know that if you are looking to move to the Southwest region of Florida, Naples real estate is hot and selling fast! Nationally, the economy is doing well, and it can be shown through the rise in real estate. Florida is a prime location for real estate and low mortgage rates right now, but Naples real estate is sizzling!

    The 2015 Annual Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR) Economic Summit was held at the Naples Grande Beach Resort earlier this month; where the committee reviews the state of the local housing market and how it is impacted by global, state, and regional influences. Over 400 were in attendance this year and, according to Vice President and Manager of the residential division of Naples-based Carroll and Carroll Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants Cindy Carroll, the summit revealed a stabilization of the real estate market across the board in Naples; even surpassing peak 2005 levels.

    “Neighborhoods broken down by ZIP codes seem to make a lot more sense than when it’s broken down by price range,” she said. “It’s about location, not price range, it’s how close you are to the beach, which drives your value.”

    Carrolls further went on to mention that condos have not had as much of a jump as single-family homes.

    John Tuccillo, the chief economist at Florida Realtors and the former chief economist at the National Association of Realtors explained that, “There is a very close correlation, between million-dollar-plus home sales in Florida and the Dow (Dow Jones Industrial Average), so it’s kind of an indicator or where home sales are going to do. In addition, transportation and infrastructure investments in Southwest Florida could help spur economic development, leading to a stronger local economy and higher home sale prices”, Tuccillo said.

    So if your family is looking to move to Naples, now is the perfect time to do so, and jump on the houses quick because they are selling exceptionally fast!

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    Are you moving to Baton Rouge and have children? Does your child love science and school? Even if they don’t, moving to Baton Rouge might help your child’s enthusiasm for education.
    This week, 18 students from the Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School in Baton Rouge, set up displays of their STEM projects for Senate and House chambers to see. The projects reflected upon the students’ enthusiasm for math, science, technology, and engineering.

    Teacher at Kenilworth Middle School, Kate Williams, explained how the opportunity for students to be able to showcase their projects to government officials, will help them learn more about the government and its proceedings. The children can show officials what they are learning, and the officials can show students what they are doing about local projects.

    The same group of students recently presented their projects at the Louisiana STEM Expo back in February. The Louisiana STEM Expo is an annual event where middle school students from public, private, charter, and even home-schooled, can share their science, math, and engineering projects. The 2015 expo’s theme was “Homegrown STEM in Louisiana”.

    If you are moving to Baton Rouge with children who are of middle school age, be sure to check out the Louisiana STEM Expo website to get some ideas for 2016!


    Moving to Salt Lake City and unsure if you should rent or buy? You are not alone. A recent study by the National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association, found that there has been a sharp uptick in rentals in Salt Lake City over the past few years.

    Salt Lake City’s population has been climbing due to its job growth and economy, and that means more young people are moving to the area. Once here, they are not opting for the traditional route of a house and a white picket fence. Instead, many are choosing to rent an apartment, as it offers more flexibility.

    Some say renting a home would make them feel trapped, because if the housing market or economy turns sour, selling is not an option. Others say they do not want to take the risk of being upside down in their mortgage. Whatever the case, Salt Lake City builders cannot keep up with the demand. The city typically adds about 1,400 new apartment units; but this year, builders expect to quadruple that number.

    The increase in apartments is great for Salt Lake City’s economy. It provides a number of jobs, and last year it added about $347 million to Utah’s state economy. The droves of people moving into these new units are spending their money in Salt Lake City’s stores and establishments, which also contributes to the local economy’s growth.

    If you are planning on moving to town, your Salt Lake City relocation company knows you picked a great time to do so. With the increase in apartments, jobs, and the overall development of the economy, you and your family will grow in our wonderful city!

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    As spring sprung in Atlanta, so did the amount of pollen in the air. Just two weeks ago, the number of particles of pollen per cubic meter of air read 178. Now, the count is near 2,000. Atlanta moving companies want to warn new residents who are looking to move to the area that the Atlanta air might make your allergies kick-in, so be prepared.

    Spokesman for Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, John Manasso, says that they do not exactly know what has caused the drastic increase of pollen in the air, but that the late snow in February could be a factor.

    According to, “Last year, the count stayed below 1,000 throughout March before peaking at 4,054 on April 11. In 2013, the count peaked at 8,024, also on April 11, but in 2012, the March 20 count of 9,367 was the high mark for the year as well as being the highest pollen count ever recorded in Atlanta. The previous high this year was 232 on March 11.”

    Despite the high pollen count, the air is supposed to clear up this month with the refreshing presence of rain.

    Pen Pals animal shelter is a non-profit animal shelter located at Dixon Correction Institute in Jackson, and it is run by “an animal-loving prison official and staffed by some exceptional inmates.”

    Spurred by curiosity, People magazine decided to take a visit this month, to see what all of the fuss was about.

    Pen Pals animal shelter was created to house homeless animals after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, when the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) needed to find a home for hundreds of animals; it also gives inmates something to care for and love. Inmates from Dixon Correctional Institute get to care and train the animals in the shelter seven days a week.

    “It’s probably the best thing that could have happened to me,” Wylie Vanscoter, 22, a lifelong animal lover and former drug addict convicted of armed robbery at 17 told People. “I kinda have found what I was supposed to do in life here.”

    Another inmate told People that the animals are much like frightened prisoners when they arrive, in an environment that they are not used to, and they care for them and strive to give them a better life.

    According to People, HSUS officials were so pleased with the work and care that the inmates at Dixon Correctional provided, that they granted $600,000 to the prison, in order to build a permanent facility back in 2010.

    Pen Pals is the only animal shelter in all of East Feliciana parish, and it includes: a medical clinic, and outdoor course, and has an incredible record of successfully placing cats and dogs in homes over the past four years.

    If you are moving to Louisiana, Baton Rouge movers urge families to check out the one-of-a-kind facility and adopt a new pet for your new home, helping assuage the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

    If you are moving to Fort Myers, Fort Myers movers want new residents to beware of which beach chairs you sit on! Yes, you heard that right. Apparently, some of the beach chairs are free for the public to use, while others are owned by vendors who expect you to pay to use their lounge chairs. Since when did laying on the beach have to cost you money? Well, that is exactly what Fort Myers residents are arguing about.

    As of right now, the rules for beach chair vendors are vague, but due to the rising issue of residents being kicked off of chairs and being told to move, the city is facing the challenge of having to draw a line in the sand – pun intended. Moreover, owners of the beach chairs are concerned about the new regulations.

    Owner of The Jungle, Chris Schaab, has 90 chairs which he rents for $5 a day. He explains how he is concerned that if the city implements too much regulation, he will lose money. He also says that the beach chairs are necessary for people in the area.

    “Everyone deserves a front row view whether they are bringing their own chair or renting from someone in the neighborhood,” said Schaab.

    However, although Schaab may be genuine with his beach chair rentals, other vendors are telling visitors to leave their part of the beach, not just their chairs, if they refuse to rent from them. The problem with this – the vendors do not own any section of the beach.

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    If you have recently moved to Oklahoma City with your family and are looking for somewhere fun to go with the kids, then the Oklahoma City Zoo is a great idea. As of late, the OKC Zoo has welcomed several new baby gorillas. Your Oklahoma City packing and moving company knows that your kids would love to see these new baby gorillas. They are being transitioned into the zoo’s main population, so your family will be able to enjoy them soon enough!

    The latest addition to the OKC Zoo’s gorilla troop was born late last month, to parents Emily and Togo. Emily is 29, and this was her fifth birth. Togo had another baby since arriving to the OKC Zoo in 2012, but the baby now lives at the Toledo Zoological Gardens. OKC Zoo zoologists are not sure of the new baby’s sex, so it is does not yet have a name. For now, Emily and her baby are bonding, and she has taken to her infant. Zoo keepers report that she is very attentive and caring.

    Other recent additions to the zoo’s gorilla troop include Kamina, who was born last August, but was moved to the Cincinnati Zoo after her mother did not take to caring for her. Liam was born in 2013, and he still resides at the OKC Zoo.

    The OKZ Zoo is the perfect family day destination for you and your kids, now that you have settled into your new home. Make a day of it, and be sure to visit Emily and her baby gorilla bundle of joy!

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