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  • Miami, FL – The Miami Dolphins on Thursday in partnership with All My Sons Moving & Storage, delivered three trucks of relief supplies for Hurricane Irma victims in Southwest Florida.

    The Miami Dolphins Foundation delivered water, baby supplies, baby food, paper good, food, clothing and hygiene kits to Lee County Electric Cooperative at the Immokalee Service Center and Cape Coral Hospital. Additionally, the Dolphins delivered pet supplies to the Humane Society of Naples. The delivery of the supplies has been graciously donated by All My Sons Moving & Storage.

     “As a longtime partner of the Miami Dolphins and committed member of the communities we serve, All My Sons Moving & Storage is proud to do whatever we can to help with this much-needed effort,” President of All My Sons Moving & Storage Mark Clair said. “We have locations throughout the country and have mobilized trucks to help deliver supplies and goods to those effected by these recent storms.”

    The Dolphins are committed to assisting those impact by the devastation of Hurricane Irma. The supply deliveries follow the Dolphins on Tuesday visiting the Red Cross Hurricane Irma shelter at the Miami-Dade County Expo Fair & Exposition, bringing players, cheerleaders, alumni, staff and their Special Teams powered by AARP Foundation volunteers to assist in relief efforts such as serving meals and distributing necessary items.

    Additionally, Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has made a $1 million pledge to both immediate and long-term recovery efforts in Florida. The Dolphins also have partnered with AARP Foundation on a dollar-for-dollar matching campaign to help raise money for those affected. All of the proceeds will go toward hurricane relief, especially those who are low-income and 50-plus.

     For more information on how to volunteer with relief efforts or to request help with a rebuilding project, visit To donate and learn more about the AARP Foundation Miami Dolphins Hurricane Irma Relief Fund,



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    Moving to Oklahoma City can seem overwhelming and stressful with the preparation and labor that it requires, however there are ways to quickly unpack your belongings so you can relax and enjoy your new home as soon as possible. Moving is an exciting change in your life and you don’t want extra clutter to drain you when you just embarked on a new beginning. All My Sons Moving & Storage shares with you these tips for how to quickly declutter after moving to Oklahoma City.

    Organization is Key

    Moving is a great opportunity to start fresh and take advantage of your new space. Since you already went through your old belongings that you didn’t want any more during packing, you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space in your new home. You can focus on quickly organizing your belongings into designated drawers and other spots. While you are unpacking, we recommend that you immediately get rid of all packing materials that will only make for clutter during this process. You can place all packing supplies that you will re-use in the future in a box for storage in your garage or a storage unit if you have one.

    Our packing services include unloading all your boxes into your new home and we suggest that you tackle one room at a time when you start to unpack. This will speed up the process and prevent clutter from accumulating in certain areas of your new home. Contact All My Sons today for more information on our packing services.


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    Summer is always the busiest time of year when it comes to moving. It’s slow season for a lot of businesses, kids are out of school, and houses are selling fast. The only downside to this busy season for moving is that it falls on the hottest time of year. If you’re considering moving to or from the Knoxville area, save yourself the hassle by hiring full packing services in Knoxville.

    Why use our services?

    You don’t have to bear the sweltering heat.

    Moving takes a lot of energy, and when you add the Knoxville summer heat the job becomes much harder. Instead of running the risk of dehydration and discomfort, use our full-service packers and movers – we’ll do everything for you. We’ll arrive at your house and packing then move all your belongings in no time, while you spend your hot summer day relaxing and cooling off by the pool.

    Give your family the summer break they deserve.

    Your kids have worked hard through the school year, don’t burden them with the endless tasks associated with a move. Let the family enjoy their summer break instead of turning these greatly anticipated months into constant work. Using full service movers in Knoxville means you get to spend more time relaxing, playing outside, taking day trips, or sleeping in.

    Moving during the summer can present unique challenges, but using a reputable company can help you avoid the trouble. Many people use moving services in the summer months to ease the stress of their move, so make sure you plan and call the Knoxville moving coordinators at All My Sons Moving & Storage.



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    It’s no secret that moving is frustrating, time consuming, and simply annoying. Most people just want things to be over with as soon as possible, which is why they turn to the best movers in Jacksonville, All My Sons Moving & Storage. However, besides getting your possessions from point A to point B, there’s another aspect to moving that must be considered. What to do with all the leftover packing products?

    In a perfect world, the moving boxes you purchased would magically disintegrate the day after you unpack and everything will be like new. That’s not how the real world works unfortunately. However, there are some other alternatives to take into consideration.



    Just as you were looking for packing products for your move to Jacksonville, others are too. Consider donating them to a collection center or listing them online through Craigslist or a similar site. Sometimes, movers in Jacksonville will accept used packing supplies, so ask your movers if they will take them off your hands once you settle in.


    If your neighborhood has a recycling service that comes around weekly, then recycle your cardboard moving boxes. Alternatively, check to see if there’s a recycling center nearby that will allow you to drop of your recyclable materials. This could also be a great way to get rid of other packing products such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, etc.


    You don’t necessarily have to get rid of your moving boxes after you’ve moved into your new home. Consider the different cardboard arts and crafts projects that you can create with them. This can be a great way to have some quality fun time with the kids.



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    So, you’ve decided to enlist the help of a Kansas City packing services company – which is something that’s new to you. You will soon discover just how easy moving can be and how much of a difference packing services can make to your overall packing experience. Once you choose packing, there’s no going back!

    But, as soon the as the packers begin to finish, you’re stuck with a sudden realization, “I have no idea how much to tip packers”. You are not alone!

    Tipping is always a difficult situation because it’s not easy knowing how much to tip, who to tip, and when it’s appropriate to tip. Plus, there are plenty of guides on how to tip Kansas City movers, but no information on how much to tip packers. Rather than go through the agony of trying to decide that for yourself, we have created this quick guide to ensure you avoid any faux pas.

    How Much to Tip Packers

    If you prefer the flat fee model, tip each packer $20 – $30 for the entire job, depending how much they are packing which is up to your discretion.

    If you prefer the adjustable rate tip method, then most would agree than 5% is a good standard; of which a portion of that goes to each mover.

    Who Should You Tip?

    Best practice is to tip each packer individually rather than tip the moving coordinator or foreman directly. Not only does it avoid any uncomfortableness between the packers, but it also allows you the opportunity to show your appreciation.

    When is The Best Time to Tip?

    Well it goes without saying that good service warrants a tip. Don’t tip for packing services if you don’t feel the service was good enough. No customers are ever expected to tip All My Sons Moving & Storage packers, so don’t feel obligated.

    As for timing, treat packing services like any other service and wait to tip until after the service is complete.


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    Employee relocation can be stressful and tricky for employees as well as employers. This process can feel rushed with a strict moving timeline. However, with the help of a professional packing service, your transition can seem smooth and stress-free. Having the proper packing supplies for a job relocation will ensure that you can get right back to work in no time. Learn how to properly pack your work items before your move below.

    Just like any other move, it’s essential that you plan ahead for what packing supplies you will need to complete the move. If you are given your employee relocation with little notice, we want to provide you with the proper supplies you will need to get the job done quick. You will need to purchase all different sized boxes to accommodate your different household items as well as your office items and various electronics you will be taking. Gather packaging tape, scissors, labels, and bubble wrap before you begin to pack. Add extra wrapping paper to your more fragile items and make sure you individually pack them in their respective boxes.

    With limited time, a professional corporate relocation company can get employee’s belongings packed, loaded, and delivered on time with maximum care. However, if you wish to make the move yourself, it’s important you dedicate all your time to properly packing your items to prevent any future damages.

    Contact our Raleigh movers today to learn more about our corporate relocation moving services to guarantee a successful moving outcome for everyone involved!


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    If you’re planning a long-distance move, there’s a good chance that you’re not particularly keen on driving your vehicle over hundreds or possibly thousands of miles. No one wants to add more mileage to their vehicle if they don’t have to, as well as the wear and tear that comes along with it. Fortunately, you can always turn to our Columbus automobile movers when you need to transport an automobile to your new home. There’s no need to hire a friend or a stranger to drive your car for you. We’ve got you covered.

    When to Turn to All My Sons Columbus Packing Services and Automobile Movers

    You’re probably wondering when to call us. The answer is as soon as you decide to move over a long-distance. Waiting until the last minute is never a good thing to do when it comes to planning any move. So, the sooner you book your auto transport services with All My Sons Moving & Storage, the sooner you can begin preparing your vehicle.

    What You Need to Do to Prepare for Columbus Automobile Movers

    Before turning your car over to the movers, you’ll need to do some prep work first. This includes:

    Cleaning your car and removing any personal items from the interior.

    Getting routine maintenance performed including tire rotation, battery check and oil change.

    Photograph your vehicle’s exterior and interior prior to moving for everyone’s safety.

    Updating your insurance if necessary, to include additional transportation coverage.

    After taking care of your pre-shipping responsibilities, you’ll be ready to go. All that’s left is to hand a copy of your key to one of our Columbus movers, and we’ll take care of the rest.





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    Now that you have completed your move to Salt Lake City and are officially living in your new home, the hard part is over! Now that it’s time to unpack, All My Sons Salt Lake City movers want to help you get settled into your new home with no stress. Moving to Salt Lake City can seem overwhelming, however we have the best tips for how you can unpack your belongings in an efficient manner for you to start enjoying your home.

    Inventory List of all Boxes

    During the packing process, you should’ve kept an inventory list of all your boxes and made note of the most important ones. Grab this list and now that you made the move into your new home, you should first unpack the necessary items that you will need to keep your house up and running. These boxes contain the essential items that you and your family will need during the first few nights. All boxes should be labeled to make your life a lot easier.

    One Room at a Time

    Once you have tackled the crucial boxes, it’s time to unpack items for your kitchen. Start to organize your appliances and your kitchen will be ready for full use. Our Salt Lake City movers suggest that you unpack one room at a time for the most efficient process. You can easily become overwhelmed with packing supplies spread across your house with no organization in place. Take it one room at a time and one box at a time. Your bathrooms and bedrooms should proceed your kitchen. Trust us – you’ll be relieved when these rooms are finished.


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    A lot of All My Sons Moving & Storage packers and movers are thanked for their hard work by the people they move. Although our movers in Memphis require no tipping, and no tipping is expected, some of our happy customers like to show their appreciation. Here are a few of the ways that our satisfied customers like to thank us for our moving and packing services.


    As we mentioned before, tipping is not expected nor required. Customers who tip our movers in Memphis tend to do so with a tipping method that has become standard for tipping moving companies.

    Tip between $20 and $40 for movers and between $10 and $20 for packers.

    Hand the tip to each individual Memphis mover or packers.

    Tip at the end of the service based on your overall satisfaction.

    For long distance moving, some customer prefer to give 3% – %5 to each mover and 5% for packing services. Choose the amount you’re most comfortable with because we’re sure the movers will be appreciative of any amount they receive.


    Instead of tipping, some movers in Memphis are offered lunch and cold drinks as a means to be thanked. Customers will usually ask what they prefer and order a lunch that’s easy to share for everyone. Though the typical moving lunch has always been pizza, but you can get creative.

    We only ask that you stick to cold, refreshing drinks and stay away from alcohol. Instead offer some lemonade, Gatorade, or even ice-cold water which is most welcome after a day providing top notch packing services.

    Just Say Thank You

    There’s no better way to thank movers in Memphis, or anywhere else for that matter, but simply saying “thank you”. We love to hear that our work was appreciated and that our clients are happy. Leave us a review and let the whole moving community know that we help you!


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    It’s time to get cozy! Moving into a smaller home is an opportunity to figure out what really matters to you. You can really take note of all the belongings that you thought you needed but didn’t and give back to others in the process. We’re of course talking about donating and selling the items you no longer need before the packing company arrives.

    Once you’ve decided what you want to take to your new home, it’s time to start packing. Learn how the professional packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage get the job done right.

    • Start with the Right Mindset

    What would you put into your new home if you had nothing? Start with the essentials and work your way to fully furnishing your new home. You can do this while you’re packing to make sure you are only packing what you think you really need when you arrive.

    Packing companies can help with this process so feel free to ask your movers for some packing advice!

    • Take Lots of Pictures

    Take pictures when you visit your new home. If you don’t have the chance to take pictures, use the pictures you have available.

    Use these pictures to plan where your furniture will go before you begin packing. Moving into a smaller home means saying good bye to furniture and appliances you don’t have space for anymore.

    • Pack Light

    It goes without saying but sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded: moving into a smaller home means packing less.

    • Organization is Your Friend

    The key to moving into a smaller home is to stay organized. You can keep a lot of your valuables, paperwork and linens if you know how to organize them properly. Invest in some crates and storage bins and use the space at the bottom of closets to store items you don’t want to part with.


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