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  • When preparing for a move, one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks you have to deal with is packing. Filled with frustration and a thing that will certainly stress you out, packing is one of the most challenging parts of the moving process. While hiring a packing company in Knoxville will resolve you of all the stress, you may want to declutter to keep costs down and efficient for your budget. All My Sons of Knoxville shares tips for decluttering before you begin packing your belongings for your move.

    1. Get your Decluttering Supplies Ready

    Similar to packing, you’ll need a few supplies when decluttering. Make sure that you have a few garbage bags and a permanent marker for labeling. Have a few cardboard boxes ready as well.

    2. Declutter Your Rooms One-by-One

    It does not make sense to go through each room sporadically. Make decluttering simple by going room by room. The easiest rooms to declutter are the bathroom, so start with those first.

    3. Take Photos

    Make sure that you take photos of all your belongings. Especially if you are going to donate or trash some of them, make sure to take photos of the items you hold sentimental value in.

    4. Keep a Positive Attitude!

    As a top packing company in Knoxville, All My Sons wants you to keep in mind to not hold onto nostalgia. Instead, keep thinking about all the positives that will come with your move and getting rid of the items you really don’t use.

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    If you are going to sell your home and want to get the best price, you should make sure to prepare it for selling. While some home sellers tend to overdo themselves and spend a fortune making their homes look great for selling, our Tulsa movers have some easy tricks for adding curb appeal to get your home ready to sell.

    1. Make Your Mailbox Shine

    A new mailbox can cost you around $20, but will add a lot more appeal to your home. Being one of the first items people see when coming to check out your house, a shiny mailbox will definitely increase the curb appeal of your home.

    2. Re-Paint Where Necessary

    Old paint can turn off a potential seller. To make your house look amazing, make sure that you re-paint wherever necessary. Usually, painting the front door and window frames, as well as the trims or shutters, should do the trick for the outside. On the inside, consider painting over any non-neutral color. If you have a pink girl’s room or blue boy’s room, consider repainting to a beige – same goes for the main rooms of the home. Colors that you may like are not necessarily attractive to others and can deter people from buying your home if they feel like the color has made the home look ugly.

    3. Purchase new Lamps

    Another easy trick for increasing curb-appeal is by installing new outdoor lights and lamps. Just make sure that the new fixtures have the same mounting system as your existing ones.

    4. Replace Your House Numbers

    Similarly to the mailbox, house numbers do stand out. With this in mind, make sure to spend a few bucks and get new house numbers. Be sure to match the numbers with the overall exterior of your home for the extra appeal.

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    Bubble wrap is one of the most easily recognizable packing products available on the market. Fun for all members of the family and people of all ages and sizes, bubble wrap ensures a fun time for the kids by popping some bubbles. Despite its popularity, a lot of people don’t actually know how to properly use bubble wrap. In order to reveal the true use of the popular packing product, Salt Lake City movers and packers have two things you should know about bubble wrap.

    1. The different Types of Bubble Wrap

    There are six prime different types of bubble wrap available. They include temperature controlled bubble wrap, FDA Grade bubble wrap, Anti-Static Bubble Wrap, Limited or Low Grade Bubble Wrap, General Bubble Wrap and High Grade Bubble Wrap. For the purposes of moving houses, high grade and general bubble wrap are two of the most common types of wrap available. Other types of bubble wrap are primarily used for a specific purpose, such as food packaging and more.

    2. The different sizes of Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap comes in all shapes and sizes, but for packing products and general use, there are a few prime size measurements for bubble wrap. Depending on the thickness there is a ?”, 3/16”, 5/16”, ½”, 1/16” sizes of bubble wrap diameter. Usually, the largest option you will find is with ½” thickness and is around ¼” in diameter. It is used for protection of medium-weight items. The most common size is 3/16” and Salt Lake City movers and packers use it for light to medium weight items.

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    There comes a time when homes become cluttered, junk stacks on top of junk and you just want to make room to breathe. It’s times like this when you just need to say, “OK! I’m having a garage sale!” Once you’ve resolved yourself to getting rid of excess belongings, you’re ready to take on the next step in clearing up your home. Our team of Denver Movers and Packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have compiled a systematic guide to show you how to prepare for a garage Sale.


    1. Group Together Items You Wish To Sell


    The first step to prepare for a garage sale is to determine what items are going to be sold. Gather anything and everything you don’t want and group them into categories. Set your desired price for each item and figure out the minimum amount of money you wish to sell it for in case someone wants to haggle.


    1. Get Essential Items For Hosting the Sale


    In order to prepare for a yard sale, it’s important to make sure that everything is organized and presented well. For this you’ll need tables, clothes hangers, chairs, packaging tape, scissors, plastic bags and signs. It also helps to have a cashbox, paper, and pen handy to track purchases.


    1. Prep Items That Are Going To Be Sold


    To ensure that your items sell for maximum value, take some time to give them a facelift. Polish wooden objects, wipe the dust off any glass and make repairs to any broken items. One fatal flaw that our Denver Movers and Packers see is people inviting potential customers to purchase less than desirable looking products.


    1. Spread The Word


    Make sure that the neighborhood is aware of your yard sale. Put up signs about 2 weeks in advance to attract more people. Posting ads online and on social channels also helps. Give potential customers an adequate amount of time to make themselves available for the yard sale.



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    There’s no better time to be a college student than the summertime. Relaxing under the hot sun, while enjoying your last bits of freedom before you graduate, the summer is a season filled with emotion and wonder. Before you call on our Kansas City packing service team to clear out your dorm, make sure you enjoy yourself with these inexpensive and fun summertime activities:

    Check out these summertime activities in Kansas City

    Go on a Day-Trip. Especially if you are living near a lake or campgrounds, plan a day trip to enjoy nature. Who’s to say that you have to go on a weeklong vacation to enjoy the hot summer sun and fresh air? Simply jump into your car, grab some friends, and go on an adventure!


    Have a Bonfire. You aren’t a college kid if you haven’t been to a bonfire party. In case you haven’t, make sure to have a bonfire with your friends on a little get together.


    Visit a National Park. This might not sound as a fun activity, but visiting a national park, a national zoo or even a museum, can be an educational and fun experience. Make sure to try it out this summer with a few of your friends.


    Attend a Summer Festival. Okay, you probably have this on your checklist already, but we have to say it! One of the best summertime activities for college students is attending a summer festival.


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    Spring is the best season to freshen up your home. With this in mind, the local movers at All My Sons decided to share with you a few tips on just how you can do that. Without further ado, here are the best tip for painting your San Antonio home this spring.

    1. Prepare the Essential Tools

    If you are going to paint your home, make sure that you have all the painting supplies you will need. This includes paint brushes of various sizes, as well as a paint roller and painter’s tape. Make sure to also prepare some drop cloths and old rags, so you can protect your furniture from spills. A ladder is also essential, and you might also want to have some spackle and caulk so that you can repair any holes or dents in your walls. The local San Antonio movers at All My Sons also recommend that you don’t forget your favorite Pandora station as well. Music will help make painting your home fun and make the time fly.

    2. Prepare Your Home for Painting

    Start off by wiping down with a duster everything you are going to paint, including the walls, the corners, the ceiling, and baseboards. Also, make sure to tape off your woodwork. After you are done, repair the nail holes and any other damages your wall might have with the spackle and caulk. The next step you should take is to lay down the tarps and cover the furniture in the room. Don’t forget to remove the electrical covers, light switches and similar items from your walls as well. Now you are ready to paint!

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    Now that your budget is in order, it is time to select the best packing supplies in Fort Myers.

    Packing Supplies

    Very often overlooked are the boxes in which you are using. We understand you have old boxes laying around that can be used, so why buy new ones? The answer is simple, new boxes are sturdy and can hold heavier items. They haven’t gone through any wear and tear and gives you one less thing to worry about. Additionally, get a new roll of the best quality, heavy-duty duct tape. The combination of new boxes and the heavy-duty tape will secure your items and help your move go smoother.

    There are some other packing supplies in Fort Myers that you will need for the more fragile items. Consider padded blankets and bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use extra padding because it will be your best friend in the end and can prevent your fragile possessions from any damage.

    Organize Your Documents

    Too often, customers are scrambling throughout boxes and other moving supplies in search of receipts. Before the move, use a bright colored binder or purchase one for all of your documents.

    Include in your binder:





    Any other documents regarding the move


    Pack a Snack

    You’re making a very big move, during the process you will be burning off a lot of energy. Bring a nutritious snack to ensure you are properly fueled and water to keep you hydrated.

    Snacks to consider:


    Nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, etc.)

    Candy Bars



    Snacks for your movers (they are handling your possessions, they need energy too)

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    Moving day, a day of excitement, stress and every emotion in between. Fortunately, our professionals here at All My Sons Moving & Storage have comprised a list of tips to make your move that much easier.

    Moving Budget

    This is a must before beginning any move. Stick to it; having the list and not using it can leave you open to unexpected financial problems once the move is complete. Some things to include in your budget:

    Consider Insurance

    -You’re moving your personal possessions. Alleviate stress by knowing your items are covered.

    Moving Company Costs

    -This can vary based on the service, how much inventory you have, the distance of the move, etc.

    Extra Costs

    -Consider your inventory, but look for special items like furniture, a piano and any other fragile large items. Also consider your costs for packing supplies in Fort Myers.

    Wiggle Room

    -It is important to leave yourself some extra cash. Often times, unexpected costs or events can occur. It is always better to have a little what if or just-in-case money for those unexpected moments. It also doesn’t hurt to have extra money if your wiggle room stash is not used.

    Create an Inventory List

    Many times, families moving have a very large inventory and don’t make a check list of all their items. Although the move may be successful, weeks later you’re scrambling once you’re unpacked and don’t know where the missing items are. With the help of your checklist and marking down everything that has been put in the moving trucks, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for your items, save valuable time and even prevent losing items.

    See part 2 for additional moving tips including packing supplies in Fort Myers, the perfect snacks and document organization brought to you by All My Sons Moving & Storage.

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    Millennials and Generation-Y teens have their own way of doing things. What’s more, having grown up eating and breathing information, they have acquired some unique and versatile tastes. Millennials love being around their own, building unique communities. Whether you are a millennial or a generation-Y teen moving to Franklin Park, or if you want to learn which neighborhood is best for your millennial moving to the area, here are the best neighborhoods in Franklin Park.
    West Loop

    West Loop is considered to be one of the best places for millennials. With a bunch of high schools, the place is filled with Generation-Y-ers. Popular with college kids, West Loop offers more than a few spots where millennials can hang out.
    Lake View

    Another popular neighborhood for both millennials and Generation-Y individuals is Lake View. With its picturesque views, number of thrift shops, and restaurants, it is perfect for college kids and high school students alike.


    A Franklin Park suburb, Schaumburg is the place where millennials reside. Found just a few miles from the O’Hare Airport, 25 miles from the city of Chicago, and with a few major highways being just a mile off, the suburb is known for its number of shopping malls, businesses, nature preserves, and more.


    Another popular suburb for millennials, Evanston is a popular suburb for college kids. One of the most diverse communities of the Franklin Park area, it certainly has everything a millennial would love after moving to the area.


    Even though it’s not the most popular neighborhood among millennials in Franklin Park, Andersonville is a great place for those who love to discover. It has some amazing spots, shops and restaurants every Millennial and Generation-Y-er would love.

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    Need a few extra boxes to finish packing your house up before a move? Reconsider before dropping extra dollars on supplies. Most people are unaware that packing products are all around you – you just need to know the right places to look!

    Where can you find packing products in Birmingham? Local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest you try out these spots:

    Your office

    Ask your boss if there are any extra boxes, tape, or bubble wrap that you can take home with you.


    Check the “For Sale” Section. Here you can typically find free moving supplies, or discounted supplies that people are trying to get rid of.

    Liquor stores

    Liquor stores are frequently disposing of cardboard boxes from weekly shipments. You’re almost guaranteed to find packing products here.

    Grocery stores

    Grocery stores receive shipments almost every day. The produce manager at any grocery store is likely to have plenty of unused boxes that would be perfect for packing and moving your house.

    Ask around the holidays

    If you’re moving around the holidays, keep in mind that this is a time of many deliveries to homes and businesses. Try asking for boxes and other packing supplies around this time. People might be more inclined to help you with a little holiday cheer.

    If you’re too busy to search for packing products in Birmingham, leave it to the moving professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our full service moving team has all the necessary materials to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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