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  • You’re planning a move to Hilton Head but there’s no way to get out of your busy schedule. Here are some tips to make your busy schedule move just a little bit easier.

    Start in advance so that you have enough time to tackle the move at a slow pace. The sooner you get your packing products and start packing, the better. Start with the items in your house that are never used and won’t have any effect on your day whether they’re packed or not.

    Although packing here and there may seem like a good idea, it’s only a good place to start. Look to put together a plan of the entire move and stick to it. The most efficient moves are always devised around a set plan.

    The most important aspect of doing a move around a busy schedule is hiring professional movers and packers. If you do have a consistently busy schedule, trying to pull off everything yourself may set you back from moving on the day you want to. The full-service movers at All My Sons have the packing products and services to complete any move efficiently around your schedule.

    Once the move is complete, don’t try to unpack in a day. Unpack your necessary, daily items and continue to unpack around your schedule. It’s your stuff- there’s no rush to get it all unpacked in a day if you simply do not have the time. Take your time when your unpacking, and properly store your packing products just in case you need to use them again.

    For more blogs, tips and packing services, visit our movers blog. If you have any questions and need to speak with a certified moving professional call us at 843-757-2100.


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    Finding quality packing products and packing supplies in Austin is going to be one of the first things you do when planning a move to your new home. The right tools will help you get the job done much faster and easier than utilizing the packing products that All My Sons Austin professional movers wouldn’t. Although, that does beg the question in itself about what packing supplies the pros use during a move. Not to worry, for anyone unaware of what to do and not to do, we’ve put together this helpful list of must-have packing supplies to purchase in Austin.


    Moving Boxes

    No going around it, you’re going to need high quality moving boxes. Plastic containers will always suffice and are ideal for eco-friendly moves. You’ll be needing small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, extra-large boxes and in some cases, specialty moving boxes. The size of your move will determine how many of each will be required.


    Other Packing Supplies

    Moving boxes will be the primary item you seek in your list of packing products, however there are many more. Consider purchasing:

    Tape (shipping tape, duct tape or strapping tape, masking tape)

    Scissors and/or Box cutters

    Sticker labels (Different colored labels are ideal)

    Sharpie permanent markers for labeling

    Insulation and protection (bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts)

    Hand truck or dolly

    Rope, twine, tie-downs and bungee cords to keep boxes and furniture in place

    Furniture blankets

    Felt moving pads (to protect floors from being scratched and scuffed)


    Other Essential Products

    Before moving into your new home in Austin, consider purchasing bleach and other cleaning products and give your new home a thorough cleaning before you move in. Your home will never be as empty as the day that you’re moving, so this is the perfect opportunity to sanitize it.



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    Hiring the right movers for your next move can be worrisome. It is important to follow these tips to assure you are hiring the correct movers for your big relocation.

    If your office needs relocation it is important to research commercial moving companies that can tailor a move around your needs. There are companies that say they can attend to the needs of those who need to locate an office, yet they don’t have the tools or experience to get it done right.

    Know when you’re talking to scammers. If a company is throwing numbers at you and hasn’t even been to your office, head for the hills and run. There is no way an individual can make an estimate over the phone. Additionally, if a packing company has no contact information it is highly recommended that you stay away. Plus, if you can’t find their office, would you really want to hire them anyway.

    Take it a step further and look at the reviews online. Not everyone has the best experience but the reviews will always shed light on the identity of a company.

    Visit the frequently asked questions page to get some insight about the procedures that commercial moving companies follow. What responsibilities will fall on you as the mover? What responsibilities fall on the commercial moving company throughout the packing process? You can find out a lot about a company before even speaking with a representative.

    If you have any questions regarding long-distance movers, or are looking for packing supplies and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 410-247-6611.


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    So, you just made a successful move to Atlanta- congrats! Our Atlanta movers are glad you are here. Whether you used our customizable packing services in Atlanta or packed on your own, you now have piles of moving supplies leftover from your Atlanta movers that you are not sure what to do with. Before you make a big trip to the recycling bin, make sure you consider selling your packing supplies!

    Boxcycle is a used boxes marketplace that allows users to sell their used or new packing supplies and boxes. Sellers can list packing paper sheets and rolls, cushion foam sheets and rolls, bubble wrap rolls, and both biodegradable and regular packing peanuts. These supplies must be listed in specific units. Sheets must be listed in pounds, rolls are listed in feet and packing peanuts in cubic feet. Make sure you know the size of the supplies, how tightly they are packed, what they weigh and the quantity that you have.

    It is a lot easier to sell used supplies in standard quantities. Selling in packs will lower commission costs from BoxCycle and be the most desirable for buyers. If you have specialty boxes from your Atlanta movers you can sell those as well, such as electronic boxes, file boxes, wine boxes, etc. Visit for more details.

    There are also plenty of creative ways to use the packing supplies you have left over from your packing services in Atlanta in your new home for organization, storage and produce freshness. And of course, if you want to recycle or give away the boxes, donate to a local charity who may be looking for moving supplies or storage boxes.



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    Packing up your home can invite many unexpected costs, whether from obtaining packing supplies or accidentally breaking items along the way. This makes sticking to your moving budget more difficult than you planned. Instead of breaking the bank for your move, try these alternatives to bubble wrap, courtesy of your Sarasota movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.


    Easiest alternatives to bubble wrap:

    Newspaper & Magazines

    Newspaper and magazines are easy and inexpensive ways alternatives when it comes to packing up fragile items. Use individual sheets to guard individual dishes, and bunch up extra sheets to fill spaces in boxes and protect your items from breaking.


    Wrapping Paper

    If you come across out of season or old wrapping paper that you don’t plan to use, use large pieces to wrap around glassware, and scrunch up large pieces to serve as an extra padding inside each box.


    Old clothes and bedding

    Before you toss or donate your old clothes or bed sets, use them to wrap your most fragile items. They’re great for guarding against dings and nicks during the moving process. Try fastening blankets around antiques or fragile items with belts and ropes.


    Resealable sandwich bags

    Like bubble wrap, these can be filled with air and placed as cushioning to protect your breakables. What’s better is that you can reuse them once your move is over.


    When you’re ready to get on the road and into your new home, call our moving coordinators at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Sarasota for a stress free moving process.


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    Weeks after Hurricane Irma made landfall on south Florida, many parts of the Florida Keys are still left in devastation. The category 4 storm hit the Florida Keys on September 10, destroying an estimated 25 percent of homes on the islands, leaving other parts with major flooding, damage, without electricity, and worst of all – a rising death toll.

    In an effort to help fellow Floridians, the moving professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage of Fort Lauderdale teamed up alongside the Florida Panthers, the Dan Marino Foundation, South Florida Ford Dealers, and other local businesses to bring relief to those who were most severely affected by the widespread disaster. Thousands of items were donated and the efforts were organized at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, the home of the Florida Panthers.

    On September 19, Florida Highway Patrol Officers and Sunrise Law Enforcement escorted 20 plus trucks, loaded with over 80 pallets of donations down to the keys, weighing in at an estimated 30,000 pounds of supplies. These pallets were full of items the Keys’ residents needed the most: nonperishable food, water, batteries, and other necessities donated by south Florida residents.

    The Fort Lauderdale moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, sent two of their moving trucks with a team of drivers to assist in hauling the 80 pallets down. They were able to make multiple stops throughout those areas most affected, including Big Pine Key, Cudjoe Key, and Key West, delivering supplies and offering assistance.

    This #FloridaStrong initiative showed how the south Florida communities came together in a time of disaster to help our fellow Floridians. All My Sons Moving & Storage is committed to assisting those impacted by Hurricane Irma.





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    Using storage during the moving process allows you to move more at your own pace. Instead of rushing to get everything packed up, moved, and unpacked, you can slowly transition items you don’t use often, or only use seasonally, to a storage facility, then transfer them to your house at a time that works better for you. If you’re moving to Salt Lake City or moving in the area, the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest climate controlled storage facilities to preserve your items. With climate controlled storage, you don’t have to worry about your items being threatened by high heat, low temperatures, warping, expansions, dust, pests, or other external factors that can ruin their value. Here’s why you should consider climate controlled storage in Salt Lake City:

    Your possessions have a high monetary or sentimental value

    Looking to store high value things like wine, computers, televisions, or other expensive items? What about items that mean the most to you, like photos and family heirlooms? Leaving them in too hot or too cold of conditions is the fastest way to ruin them. Climate controlled storage facilities can be set to accommodate and preserve your items. Remember, it costs less to store valuable items than it does to replace them.

    You’re not sure how long your moving process will take

    When you’re not sure how long your move will take, climate controlled storage facilities are great for hanging on to the things you might not need right away. In many situations, you don’t have much control over the timeliness of the process, due to external factors like jobs or leases. Don’t add another item to your list of things to stress about – when your items are in climate controlled storage it doesn’t matter how long the move takes – your items will be in the same condition you left them in.


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    Moving day is right around the corner. Unfortunately, the weatherman is calling for rain in the forecast on your big day. Now you must weatherproof packing products to be ready for moving in the rain. All My Sons Phoenix moving company is here to help.

    Grab a large supply of plastic bags in multiple sizes. These are ultra-helpful for rainy days, from makeshift ponchos to keep you dry as well as a poncho to keep your hanging clothes dry. Also, with smaller bags you can throw the items you are packing in them, tie them off, and place those filled bags in the boxes ready for any rainy-day move.

    For larger items like furniture, wood shelves and that mattress you love so much, we recommend shrink wrapping so you’re prepared for any torrential downpours. Investing in furniture covers as one of your weatherproof packing products is worth it to preserve that expensive furniture during a rainy-day move. Most of your cloth furnishings will have a tailored plastic covering that can preserve them and keep them from getting damaged. As for moving boxes: double up on packing tape. As good as it is, the extra tape will water proof the openings and help weatherproof packing products. Don’t be afraid to tape the edges of all your boxes as well. A little extra sturdiness to the boxes will only help if they get wet.

    Other items you must go the extra mile to protect are your electronics. Individually wrap electronics in plastic and secure with packing tape. Once secure, place electronics in a proper waterproofed container and securely close with packing tape. Depending on the significance of the weather, it is recommended to waterproof the box your electronics will be placed in even though you individually wrapped your electronical pieces.

    Labeling is a key factor for the avoidance of inclement weather damage. Largely and clearly label the pieces of furniture which cannot get wet. Make large labels that can clearly be read by your Phoenix moving company for “UNLOAD FIRST” or “CANNOT GET WET.” These are just some examples that can come in handy during the chaos that happens when everyone is running around and rushing to stay dry.

    Upon arrival at the new house, make use of your garage if you have one. Transport as much furniture and boxes from the truck to the garage in the shortest distance as possible. The large garage door opening is perfect for quick movements as you carry boxes through the rain, without the worry of fitting through a smaller door opening.

    For some added cover, if you have access to tents, tarps, or anything that can be used as high head cover, do yourself a favor and set it up. This will give you some relief from walking through puddles and bringing some of that rain water in the house. Also, moving on a dry surface reduces the chances of falling.

    If you must move through the rain and have no head cover at all, map out what you transfer from the truck to the house. Look for things that can get wet like plastic tubes or objects that won’t be a problem moving in the rain. Then when there is a break in the action or the droplets slow down, take full advantage of those items that cannot get wet.

    As the drops keep coming and the boxes steadily unload, assign someone as the dryer. Have them stand inside with some towels and wipe off your belongings that can’t stay wet for an extended period. You could also have rotations of this position so every gets a break and takes a fair share of the heavy lifting.

    Pro Tip: Remove items upon arrival. Too often, many people arrive at their new house and their first thought is to run inside without grabbing anything off the truck. It’s raining, make the most of your trips from the truck to the house.

    If bad weather is expected for the day of your move, one solution is to hire professional packers if you simply don’t have the time or products to properly weatherproof packing products yourself. Your Phoenix moving company has the packing products necessary to handle any type of move, including moves in inclement weather. Additionally, hiring professionals to properly pack everything won’t cost much more than buying all the packing products to ensure the safety of your belongings.

    For more blogs, tips and packing services, visit our movers blog. If you have any questions and need to speak with a certified moving professional call us today.



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    Considering moving to Memphis? The Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to tell you everything you need to know before making a move to Memphis.

    Hope you brought your dancing shoes, Memphis is home to Rock N Roll. While in Memphis you’ll get a full taste of the soul this historic music-town brings. For your entertainment that is different daily, Beale street is home to live blues and rock music at the local bars and restaurants that fill the streets.

    Love Broadway? You won’t have to leave your city to catch a good show. Memphis is home to the Orpheum Theatre. This historical Opera House has been around since 1890 and features some of the best shows in theatre every year.

    Have we mentioned the Barbeque? The Memphis movers and just about every person in Memphis can tell you how great the barbeque is. So, if you’re not looking for some of the best smoked-meats in the country, you’ve come to the wrong place. Just visit and you’ll find restaurants in Memphis listed on the list of the Top Ten Great BBQ Joints Across America.

    Sports bring everyone together. No matter what sport you love, there’s something for the entire family. Home to the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Redbirds, and for all the racing fans, home to the Memphis International Raceway.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to call your Memphis movers, or if you are looking for packing services and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 901-248-0548.


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    Finding moving companies in Tulsa to handle your move is going to be one of your top priorities before moving into your new home. Naturally a moving company like All My Sons Moving & Storage who has been offering full-moving and packing services in Tulsa for over 20 years is the ideal company to go. No other moving company carries the same reputation for providing quality moving and customer service. Still, it’s always a good idea to compare prices and services. To do so, it’s important to understand how to recognize a bad moving company in Tulsa.


    Do your homework on the moving companies in Tulsa that interest you

    Moving scams are an unfortunately common part of the industry and it’s something that inexperienced movers need to be aware of. Before hiring moving and packing services, do some research on different moving companies and read their history of customer complaints, name changes and licensures. Also, make sure the company has at least a satisfactory rating from the Better Business Bureau and no unresolved complaints on file.


    Ask for a written estimate

    All My Sons Moving & Storage and other reputable movers will provide a firm estimate after performing an inspection of the home and its contents. Tulsa movers need to know how much stuff you have, whether particularly heavy, valuable, or awkward pieces need to be moved, and if stairs or narrow doorways are involved at either end of the move, and many other details that will affect their costs. Moving companies that try to provide an estimate over the phone are a huge flag. These companies will often provide you a quote over the phone or online and then include hidden costs after services have already been booked.



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