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  • It is a lot trickier to find a job these days than it used to be. However; location is a huge factor in nearly every walk of life, and Portland is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for a new job. Portland is a beautiful city with lots of opportunity, as is the […]

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    There is roughly a week left for participants in the All My Sons jingle contest to wrap up production and submit their entries! The last few months have been very entertaining, there certainly are a lot of talented musicians out there, and your local movers here in Phoenix have enjoyed listening to all of your […]

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    Contrary to recent rumors suggesting that the much anticipated iPad2’s release date will be delayed, apparently we will be seeing the new Apple iPad2 in as soon as a week! Not much is widely known about the new specs, but the new iPad2 will surely be a crowd pleaser as it’s not Apple’s nature to […]

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    Prior to his tragic assassination in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was engaged in a tour through Texas which was to ultimately come to a close in Austin. Sadly the former president was shot multiple times and killed in the back of his limousine before the Texas trip was over. Recently, video footage of Kennedy’s […]

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    The cost of owning a motor vehicle has jumped considerable within the past decade or so. However; the Milwaukee area is actually among the least expensive cities for owning a car! This statistic is great for your Milwaukee professional movers here as we have moving trucks on the road every day. Several variables go into […]

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    If you rent an apartment, you probably paid an initial security deposit before you moved in. If you play your cards back, you’ll get that security deposit back one day; typically in the hundreds if not more, the safe return of your security deposit is pretty important, yes? If you want to get your deposit […]

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    If you haven’t heard the news, one of the candidates for Las Vegas mayor is the co-founder of the new-fangled ‘Tequila Party’ about which you may soon be hearing much. George Harris, ex-Republican operative and current owner of local Vegas restaurant, Alien Tequila Spirits Co. Some early critiquing suggests that Harris is focused primarily on […]

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    If you are looking to move to a new location in search of a job, Maryland is an excellent destination choice for you! Movers in Maryland are available to provide quick and efficient relocation services for your furniture and boxes, and Maryland has a lot to offer in the jobs department! Baltimore ranks within the […]

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    How many times have you found yourself taking a shower, fidgeting to no end with the hot and cold water trying to achieve that perfect temperature? We’ve all been there plenty of times; what a hassle! Showers, though intended for a means of cleanliness, are also supposed to be a relaxing exercise. If you have […]

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    Are you a patriotic Floridian? Then perhaps you took a trip down to the Key West to visit the historic “Little White House” today! What more of an appropriate destination on President’s Day! President Harry Truman spent nearly 6 months of his presidency in the lite version of the White House located in Key West. […]

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